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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm still here.

It's been almost a week since I've posted, not really that I meant it to be that way as you all know life tends to have a mind of it's own.

Things are going ok, if I talk to you on somewhat a regular basis you know that I'm not going to the DR and I dont' wanna talk about it LOL. So I'll be going to some beach just not that beach great. I was gonna come into work instead of keeping those days off but I decided that I need it and I'm gonna do what I want with those days even if it's just sitting at home in my pjs' watching Maury.

The weekend was cool...ended up in Bmore Friday night to party with TTD and GTL. I tell ya homie can drink LOL, she was DONE!! The spot was nice and on top of that the drinks weren't watered down and if I didn't have to drive and be to a meeting at 10am I would have been done too, next time I'm gonna get there early so I can partake in some free drinkage LOL. They had free food so I was good LOL. On top of that TTD was on the mike off and on all night it was too hilarious and GTL is deadly with the camera haha. But tell me why some girls were dancing on each other...I mean it's cool to joke around but to dance on one another in order to grab attention I mean what kind of attention do you think you're gonna get....unless your down with that, if that's the case do what you do. Me and roomie were just laughing at them. Since we had to drive back to VA and get up in the morning...we left to head back home. Stopped off and got a burger from checkers and proceeded to be a fat girl...yea I know BK I'm bad LOL. But it was sooooooooooooooooo good LOL.

Got up the next morning to go to a Black Alumni Meeting at Mason. It was a really nice turn out and I won a trip to the Jamaica and all I have to pay for is my flight to Ft. Lauderdale and the port taxes...wooohooo. When one door closes another one opens :) Didn't get out of the meeting till a lil later in the afternoon hung out with the roomie and hit up the stores..went home and cleaned my room folded some laundry. Fell asleep and the Hun came over.

Sunday we woke up and headed to his house after I showered and put some clothes on. His dad was having a cook out in MD so once he got dressed and what not we headed out there. His family is cool, makes me wonder what he's gonna say when he meets the minister LOL..that's what he calls my mom haha. We hung out all day, went to his house and bummed around till we were both knocked out, and I got up Monday and drove home to hang out with my mom for the day...since I had the day off. I couldn't hang out with her on Sunday since she was out of town and it would have been too much for me to drive from up here to SC and then back from SC up here in less than 24 I took her to breakfast and to run her errands.

So as you can see nothing much going on...still looking for's getting a little better. One that we saw a couple of weeks ago is now sold, I told Hun that just means that it wasn't for us. We can just keep looking, no rush in finding somewhere to live. On top of that we were riding through a neighborhood yesterday and we were looking this house and this guy thought hun was staring at him...we drive by the place after we made a uturn and he's like what the F you lookin at as we're driving past his house....Hun starts to park the car and I'm like dont..who knows what he's got and all that. He's like well why he wait till I drove by to say all that, talking about he gonna send some folks through there to break his jaw. I was like umm great it takes a bigger man not to say anything at all..and he was like well he should have known there wont' nothing to be lookin at if I'm with my girl...I mean if I was with some dudes he probably wouldn't have said nothing, but i'm with you and he wanted to feel big...great. I tell ya some men just can't leave that you stare at me we gonna fight mentality in elementary school.

It's tuesday, my monday so umm yea LOL. I'm ready for Friday. Here's a pic of me and Hun at the cookout. One of his uncles said we look alike LOL

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AWWWWWWWWWWWW. Take that time off and come to the A. We have a river. you can think its the beach. lol.

you and the Hun are cute together.

I am glad things are good.

May 15, 2007 that is a good idea LOL...I might have to do that...aww thanks..things are as good as they can be right now LOL

May 15, 2007  

I hate when men act like that. Sometime that attitude rubs off. LOL! He is a cutie pie. Holla!

May 15, 2007  

well i am going to the A from July 1st throught the think about it...

looks like you had a cool weekend...HE did the same thing last week, about to curse the lady out because she stopped to curse out the pedestrian and I almost ran into the back of her...too funny...i was like "babe don't, not that deep" (oh yea we are talking again...aint that some shyt) anywho...

ya'll do look jive alike...but so do a lot of

May 15, 2007  

MRS.TJ...where have you been mayum LOL or am i being a bad blogger friend since I haven't stopped by LOL

TC...We were thinking of going for the 4th of July I def might have to meditate now LOL. Yes why did I say that too I was like babe no LOL, stop LOL..great. Hmm let me find out :) I guess we sorta a way

May 15, 2007  

Wow we get visuals!! Ya'll do favor one another :) Aww Sooky Sooky Nah - bbq's and meeting the peeps - this is getting GOOD!

May 15, 2007  

Dem locks are growing :-D

You guys do look like yall could be blood, better do a family tree soon! LOL

May 15, 2007  

Pam...LOL I figured I'd hook ya'll up HAHA..yea I had a blast and it is getting quite good lol

Lady..I know aren't they my two pony tails in the front are getting a lil longer...umm we already had that discussion he isn't in any form or fashion related to me LOL

May 15, 2007  

Aww you two are so cute! It's definitely a man thing to act like that and stop the car to beef with someone, lol.

I'm happy that you won that trip to Jamaica!

May 15, 2007  

you two do look alike.

you won a trip to jamaica!!!? now THAT would have been the highlight of MY weekend! congrats.

May 15, 2007  

super cute pic!

and congrats on jamaica, that trip should give you plenty of time to catch up on the drinking you didn't get to do this weekend :)

May 15, 2007  

i saw the pics of the 2 girls dancing w/ each other.. i asked gtl what were they doing? he had to tell me.. LOL. i just shooked my head

awwwwwwww.. u and the hun looked so cute together!!

May 15, 2007  

you guys look so serious in that but it is still cute.

May 15, 2007  

Tasha..I wonder why LOL..I was like umm babe stop thanks LOL...aww thanks

JAC...LOL, I will admit we look a lil alike but dang LOL, yea it was my highlight I just have to find out when we are going

Leela..thanks and thanks on that I soo needed a vacation.

TTD...I know I was like umm what the heck LOL..aww thanks :)

Brwn...LOL I know I was trying to smile but he always looks so I was trying to match that but still smile

May 15, 2007  

I love your life. Be happy friend!

May 15, 2007  

I go through the same thing with my man. I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell him "it's alright, chill out".

You and hun do favor.

May 15, 2007  

SG...I do love my life as well LOL and I am happy :)

TSG..I don't know what it is about them that makes them feel that they gotta set someone straight LOL...another vote for us looking alike LOL....then agin my mom and dad favor lol

May 15, 2007  

i think there's a theory that as spouses grow older together, they look more and more alike. so, perhaps you and Hun are getting started on that early! :-)

that male ego thing is a sight to behold. it's like, uhm, yeah, handle that...

yay for the trip to Jamaica!

May 16, 2007  

awww cute pic

May 16, 2007  

wHY U HOlding him like that..he look he cant breathe

May 17, 2007  

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