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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cause I'm on...

..wipe me down....

For some odd reason I have no clue as to what that means but I do remember BLK Butterfly saying what it means I just forgot but I crack up whenever I hear that....shoulders, chest, knees shoes..or whatever he says LOL...just wipe him down!! LOL

So on to the vacation update. Wednesday of last week I was kinda sad cause I didn't know what I was going to do for my almost week off, since I wasn't going to the DR with the girls. Me and Hun had decided to head to the parents house and hang out on Saturday but I would be home alone all weekend so of course I was trying to think of some other stuff to do. I'm at work and I get a phone call from R saying that him and some folks are going to SC and did I want to go...hmmm interesting enough. They aren't leaving till Thursday morning so I could go, the only thing is I would have to drop my sis and nephew off in Hampton right after I got off work Wed night. Lots of driving and then I would still have to come back and pack and drop roomie and the buddy off at the airport. So I went back and forth trying to decide if I was going to go, called the girls and asked them what should I do. Had to enlist the advice from the girls since R is someone who I use to mess with, but of course he wasn't the only one I knew going on the trip. But I did feel weird, and of course I had to ask Hun and see how he make a long story short...I went :)

I got off work, went home, drove to Hampton and dropped the sis and nephews off, got back to NOVA around 1am or so and while I was gone I had roomie to pack my clothes or at least pick some stuff out so that I could throw it in the suitcase. So I'm packing and showering trying to prepare myself to leave. I bum around and then take the girls to the airport, go back home, take a lil nap and then head to R's house in MD so that we can leave by 8am. While on the way there my oil light comes on, I say to myself Hmm why is this on I just got a oil change not even a month ago. So I pay it no mind sayin that I will worry about it when I get back in town on Monday. R has to drop his car off at his parents house and we have to trade in the rental truck for another one since it's messed up and in the process of us driving to his parents house my car cuts off as I'm following him down the street....I step on the gas hard enough to manuever my car to a parking lot, call him and tell him what happened, start the car back up and head to his parents house. My car cuts off like 2 more times. Finally we pop the hood and there is NO OIL in my tank. I mean none, not even on the dipstick, I call the service place, tell them what's good and to make a long story short they towed my car while I was in route to SC. My car has engine damage and they are replacing the engine since it was their fault for not putting the cap back on correctly..great.

We get to SC amid all the confusion, not leaving this area till about 10 so we were both a lil peeved off, but we were good. He's a blast to be around and I'm glad we're still friends.

So you wanna know what I did all weekend...I'm gonna be real candid since this is my spot and I say what I want. I got drunk, took in a lil herbal goods and was just nice the whole weekend LOL. So unlike the regular real Honey, but I mean hey I'm on vacation and I wanted to chillax and that's just what I did.

Some of them folks down there were a mess, I mean a HOT MESS!!! One chic we were with had on a bathing suit and she was like 350 and she wore heels..what kind of mess is that. I know her feet were hurting who does that LOL.. of course all the guys were liking her hanging out and then we went to grab some food after and she had to walk in Fuddruckers like that I was embarassed for her, but I guess she didn't care.

Being away from the hussle of what's going on and Hun getting a house, worrying about grad school and working I just needed to get away and clear the head. I will admit that hanging with drama free R was refreshing. I mean we laughed and joked the whole time, it was real chill. On top of that he's older so his whole mind set is different. It was weird being around him for that long since I use to only see him after he got off his second job which was like 1am or on the weekends. His tail can dress!!!! Man one night we went out he had on the Prada jacket (it reminds me of Pharell) and the prada shades along with the Prada cologne...straight killin em! I tell ya. He is truly a different breed of man and I found that out over the weekend. We were both like dang I never realized how cool you were and on top of that we both just had a blast being on vacation together.

I did tell Hun what I did, I was a good girl, that's all I can say about that. Me and R were talking yesterday when Hun came over I think he was jealous, but I mean hey I can't do nothing about what you do. I mean when and if we move in together things are gonna change and I will admit that hanging with R had me thinking that. I talked to Hun about it but I mean hey nothing can be done now the contract has already been put on the place...great. I've always said that when I have a feeling about something I need to act on it and when I told him that of course he was like well how come you didnt' say something sooner...I was like cause I just got the feeling...great. So we're not at odds with one another, I'm just tired of thinking about it. Plus it probably doesn't help that I'm not feeling too good. Sinuses or whatever is going on in my head is not a good look right now (R got a cold and I think he gave it to me). I just wanna go to bed! I'm glad tomorrow is Friday so that I can sleep the weekend away and do some laundry.

My car is ready, they put the new engine in and I can pick it up today. I should go after work but Hun acted like he couldn't come get me from my house so I'll have to see if roomie can take me over there or whatever.

So all in all I had a blast and R wants to hang out again on a weekend trip...HMMMM I know I know I have to be a good girl...but once a good girls gone bad she's gone forever......

While I was gone why did Constant call me trying to apologize for how he "did" me when he came through. I told him to save it, actions speak louder than words and he was clear on how he felt, I'm not mad, I'm thankful. I'm good without all that drama, talking about that was out of character and I'm like well it seems like you're out of your skin all the time when do I know it's you Im talking to and not some alien...great. Save it. Talking about he trying to see what's up with you ain't. You just sorry that I'm not around anymore to call you and be there like I've always been I'm no longer your eh eh eh eh... LOL

Happy Belated BK..sorry I missed the festivities, but I'll make it up to you :)


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la primera!

sounds like your weekend was a blast in spite of the initial drama. good for you girl! we all need to let the bad girl out sometimes. my weekend was cool, but more active than i planned. your friend is a cutie *wink*

hope you feel better hun!

May 31, 2007  

It was indeed a blast...I didn't want to come back LOL. Yes he is a cutie LOL I have to be good LOL...I took some more meds we'll see if they work

May 31, 2007  

A cutie he is....foine I must add..give him a big daaaayum too..whew....
I wouldnt have been able to control to hear you had a good time...with R.
You always keep a "Pick my mouth up of the floor" type of guy:)

Amen to the umbrella,ella,ella

May 31, 2007  

Misunderstood...LOL. I must admit that I did call him sexy a few times LOL you silly.

May 31, 2007  

Stay away from R.

Straight chill weekend, that's what's up.

June 01, 2007  

Lady....whyyyyyyy LOL. Yes it was indeed a nice weekend.

June 01, 2007  

Definitely a cutie. Props for being a good girl! Just don't let him screw up the good thing you've got going--I've still got battle scars from allowing something like that to happen. So glad you had a great time though!

June 01, 2007  

Tasha...Yes it was hard though and my brain is all jacked up..I need some time and space to deal with it all...

June 01, 2007  

I'm super late--eh it happens.


gosh he is cute tho...whats one more trip--NO STAY AWAY..

Damn it I'm conflicted. lol.

June 01, 2007  

Leave R where he's at! lol

Glad you had a good time tho.

I thought Constant got the message the last time. He just won't give up. lol

June 01, 2007  

you know how to enjoy yourself

Congratulations on your brand-new damage-free engine

June 01, 2007  

"once a good girls gone bad, she's gone forever" Hmmm . . . you might have picked the wrong Jay-Z quote. How about this one: "Have an affair. Act like an adult for once.". Anyway, glad you had a good weekend. Hope this weekend is just as enjoyable.

June 01, 2007  

glad to here that is all good this weekend.... LOL

June 01, 2007  

Ok I know I've been M.I.A. for a minute...but whose moving in with who?!?! and who is the cutie in the picture?!?! I feel like I am missing out on some essential details here so gets to explaining LOL!!

June 01, 2007  

why did i crack up at "wipe me down"? girl, that song has been in my head for the past week! :-)

well, sounds like you had a good time down South. oh, i'm already missing the South! :-( oh, and i agree w/ ladynay... stay away from R, chica. you don't wanna mess up the good thing you got going.

June 02, 2007  

Welcome back! I changed websites and sent the folks in my member list an email on where to find's login only access so if you don't remember your login info, go ahead and email me and I'll hook you up.

Anyway, girl how come your car didn't have any oil? That sounds like a headache for real...

June 03, 2007  

Whew.. I'm waiting for the unedited version.. over a passion tea lemonade maybe?

June 06, 2007  

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