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Thursday, June 07, 2007


I could be in a sucky mood right now but I'm not and I'm and Hun got into it and on top of all that I didnt get into the Grad program that I applied for. The only thing that's making me not throw myself into rush hour traffic is that it's a competitive program and I did have a plan B, which is start going for my paralegal certificate..and what's for me is for me. Apparently I'm not ready for Grad School just yet :)

So I always wondered how to post videos and I figured it out..I know it was simple but I mean I thought it was hard LOL. Anywho...anyone that knows me that I like lots of music..I can listen to TI, James Brown, Celine Deion and move it on to Martina in the spirit of me listening to my MP3 player this morning as I came in early and got some work done I figured I'd post some of my favorites of the day :) Maybe this will be come a regular post you know my video of the day post...hmm let me meditate on that LOL


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"And you know that all things work together for good for them that love God and are the called according to His purpose"

Hun we can't always see the end (seldom in fact) and the path doesn't always take us where WE think we want to go, but if you trust in the Lord, He will direct your path (prov 5:6) and it will be all good!

That's probably more encouragement than a star like you needs. You're pretty positive, so any that's left over, tuck it away and pull it out on another day.


June 07, 2007  

You will get yours in due time. Sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted it. But you are a superstar in our eyes! HOLLA!

June 07, 2007  

SG...You were right on time with that and please believe that I can use all that your passing on :) You can never have enough positive folks in your life so keep it coming

MrsTJ...I know but I had just gotten hype about going LOL...I'm glad I have a plan B though so I can keep it moving...dont want to be idle...AWWW I'm a got me cheesin LOL

June 07, 2007  

you know what, you are phenomenal. And what is for you is for you.

Now I love the carrie underwood video. You know I can so relate to that one.

June 07, 2007  

Deep...Well when you have phenomenal folks in your life you can only be that (and yes you are one of them!!) Before the summer is over I'm coming for a visit LOL...Joe did a rendition of that song on I like his too

June 07, 2007  

Excellent! Make up sex is in the works!

My opinion, like you really asked for it, is to not do videos every week. It's personally annoying.

June 07, 2007  

Lady...LOL you are crazy. You're right I didn't ask for it but that doesn't mean that I wont take it into consideration LOL..then again it would time consuming trying to decide what video to post for the day and it wont' be as many as today I just liked these would only be 1

June 07, 2007  

Sorry you didn't get into the grad school program.

June 07, 2007  

u didnt get what you wanted, but God will give you what you need. Matt 6:25 will ease your worries.

stay up sweet one cause you're a strong sista and you're surrounded by good peeps.

thanks for the music clips.

June 07, 2007  

That sucks about grad school, but something else will pop up for you.

I love Tamia!

June 07, 2007  

I love the song, Me by Tamia. Powerful song.

June 07, 2007  

I LOVE how you're dealing with those situations...WONDERFUL and it's ALWAYS good to have that back-up plan. It took me a long to to figure out how to do the video thing to.

All in all...God's timing is the best and I'm glad you know that.

June 07, 2007  

well i am truly happy that you are maintaining...what is for you will be for keep it all in prayer and it will work out how its supposed to...

June 07, 2007  

head up chica! not allowing yourself to become down is half the battle!

June 07, 2007  

oh, i'm sorry to hear about the grad school thing. but, glad that you have a Plan B and that you're in such positive spirits. plus, i don't wanna have to see on the news about some woman in D.C. throwing herself into traffic! you're too good for all of that. :-)

June 07, 2007  

Aww...I'm sorry you didn't get into that grad program!

Don't go play in traffic honey, it will get better. ;-)

June 08, 2007  

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