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Friday, June 29, 2007

Running Late....

that's what I was doing this morning. I set my alarm for 650 and rolled over and when I turned towards it again it was 748...umm yea great....hopefully that isn't what the rest of my day is going to be like. But so far so good..I'm feeling rather jazzy in my brown and orange...and my hair is all done (in bantu knots), plus I dyed it last night so it's a nice red color. I have to go to a wedding tomorrow and I wanted the head fresh

I was going to leave to go to the 757 after work but I'm tired (no wonder I overslept this morning) so I'm go to the new townhouse (since I'm not moving in till later I'm not going over there everyday) I'm gonna probably cook if he hasn't already and go on to sleep and leave in the morning to head down to the wedding.

I'm not really tired just yet but I'm much rather be sleeping.

Thanks lady for mentioning that my hair is cute..but why do "they" always ask if it took a long time..I mean how long does it take to twist hair LOL..great

On top of that everything with her turns from a 2 second convo to an hour long convo and I ain't got the time right now..great.

I can't wait to take pics of my nephews with my new camera..I'm bout to be deadly with that thang lol

Umm only R. Kelly can make songs like I wish, I believe I can fly and then sing a song about tossing someones salad or doing her and her girl (sometimes doubling up aint all that nice lol)

Huns homeboy is thinking about asking his girl to marry him...I was laughing at what Hun told him (they got together in May and hun and I met in Oct) all I got to say is I'm not dating you for 45 know after about the first year or so if you can deal with me..great

He's calling it our house LOL..cute

Going over there during the week after work and falling asleep only to have to get up and drive back home and go back to sleep (in order to beat traffic) is killin my sleep I'm only gonna go over there on the weekends unless I have the day off (so yea next week i'll be over there from tues to probably sat)

Sometimes I get smart and I dont mean to....I'm sorry

I like Tanks cd but perhaps background singing is for some folks

I wonder if Al is really gay..would Star settle with that just to put up a front...if she does I'm keeping her in my prayers

I have a lot to learn

We got into a lil tiff earlier this week about buying pots and pans with no tops LOL...I think I was just irritated cause I had been at work all day....cause it wasn't that serious

Next weekend I'll probably handle decorating the bathrooms since we have yet to do that....great

Personally I think Kim Porter needs to leave Diddy but who am I's cheaper to keep her I guess.

Eddie you ARE THE FATHER!!!! AHHHH LOL. Why was I cracking up at that I can see Maury now....if he wasn't we would help you find the father no matter how long it takes....I'll be catching up on that show next week on my days off :)

WHYYYY is this couple taking my second mommie (my roommates mommie) to court...Judge Joe Brown no less...trying to say that when she catered their wedding there wasn't any leftovers left...umm BOO-BOO it's not her fault that you didn't regulate that mess.....I told roomie to tell her we can be witnesses so we can get a trip to LA LOL

Sometime around then we'll probably move the living room furniture in....but I have to get covers for the couch...I got the furniture from my parents and it's a nice set but I dont like the pattern so I'm getting black covers for it...and i'm gonna get some throw pillows and all that for it

MAN why was I cracking up at Wendy Williams the other day....she is too funny. Telling folks to shut up and hanging up on them LOL...too funny

I pray that my lil girl looks just like me lol well maybe not just like she can have Huns smile...I love his smile lol

He cares more than he lets on but hurt keeps him from speaking on it....

Hmmm a wedding that means my mind is gonna be on love all weekend and my sis are going I'll post pics on monday now that I have a digital :)

Man if you ever listen to Steve Harvey in the morning you should also go to his website and read the strawberry letter...the one on the website today is INSANE!!!

I know this is all over the place but I'm writing...listening to the radio and reading

Have a great weekend....enjoy it....cause I know I wil :)

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Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you, enjoy!!

June 29, 2007  

Did you see those pics of P.Diddy over at C+D?? Kim is such a fool. If Essence dares to put their asses back on the cover of anything ever again I will riot. No word of a lie.

Ugh...Eddie. Somewhere Johnny Gill is wishing it was his baby. I kid, I kid.

June 29, 2007  

Tasha....You too!!!

MizzJJ...YES!! That's the first place I go after i check my work email..sad I know LOL...Girl I tell ya that KIM that's all I got to say...she might know and is just actin blind or doesn't care cause her kids will be taken care of :) You are crazy for that Johnny comment lol

June 29, 2007  

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I love this blog world. It's funny how we all are randomly thinking about some of the same things. I just did a post about Kim and Diddy. Check it out...

June 29, 2007  

Fergie....LOL I'm gonna have to go check it out..i was like lookin at that pic of Diddy and that other chic wondering what Kim thought all about it.

June 29, 2007  

I love that your posts are SO random. They make for such fun reads as one never knows what you might touch on next. :-D

Hope you have a great time at the wedding!

Enjoy the weekend girl!!!

June 29, 2007  

GIRL... you just be putting TOO much out there for me...LOL, I can't comment on all that'd take allll day, but boy do I want to.

the hair sounds REALLY cute and LOL at 'they'...because if it's not's like "now is that all yours"

girl, i know that's right on waiting forever to decide it's forever when you've known from the begining.

ONLY R. KELLY and you know the REAL bad thing...we'll like all the stuff equally...LOL. what a shame.


Ok...i'm done!

June 29, 2007  

Ms...Hey I do what I can I can't control the randomness in my head LOL Enjoy the weekend!!!!

JMW...LOL hey I do what I can :)

June 29, 2007  

Girl, that Strawberry letter on Steve Harvey is always a trip! People tell ALL their business! I love when he cracks the code!

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend!

June 29, 2007  

I was watching something last night that was talking about R Kelly and his music. R Kelly showed it's not what you say but how you say it. Like getting naked in the kitchen next to the butter roll. Only R Kelly! Somehow he makes it work.

I still haven't gotten my digital camera.

Have a good weekend.

June 29, 2007  

Paul...YES!! They crack me up in the morning..Have a great weekend!!

TSG...Pretty much you are right about that. HAHAHA...butter and hot sex just seem to go together betta get one GURRRL LOL Have a great weekend too

June 29, 2007  

yes, the Strawberry Letters are always crazy! i haven't been able to listen to Steve Harvey in like 2 months. hopefully i'll get to listen again soon.

lmao @ "Eddie, you are the father!" you're silly...

ah, yes, the questions "they" ask. after i got my hair twisted last weekend, i prepared myself for the questions on the way back from the salon. *sigh* just think of it as a teachable moment!

have a good weekend!

June 29, 2007  

stopping by to say hello! have a great weekend :)

June 29, 2007  

i'm going to the 757 for a wedding soon, too, can't wait!! I think Kim Porter should've left Diddy before she popped out babies 2 and 3 for him. chile please. you crazy if you think i'm popping out all your kids and just chillin eatin it up. HA!!! and not in the funny way.

wendy is a mess. cracks me up. can't wait to go read the strawberry label. everybody knew eddie was the father including eddie.

yo.. this lady at work i want to throw myself off a bridge every time i get her started on a convo. i'm always like WHY DID I DO THAT!? 15 mins later...

i just hate discussing my hair in general. rkelly makes me vomit. did i cover everything? lol

July 01, 2007  

Ooooh I love randomness!

Are you for real about Judge Joe Brown? Leftovers??? SON.

July 01, 2007  

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