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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Transit Thursday

As you know I commute to DC from Northern VA every morning and if I move out to Woodbridge lets just say my commute will be worse than it is now. As I stand at the bus stop, sit on the bus, walk to metro, ride the metro, walk down the street and come in to work I see a boat of things that I can only shake my head at or wonder what in the blue piss was that person thinking when they got up this morning.

To the lady on the blue line to Largo....if you DO NOT know how to operate that Jeep stroller please leave it at home. You should have practiced with it, ran all up and through your neighborhood before you proceeded to try it out on the train this morning. You know you were in the way there is no need to smile and act as if you're sorry..on top of that where was the kid that belonged in the stroller I didn't see him or her. If you were going to pick them up you should have left the stroller in the box till you got there or better yet got a stroller once you got them.

Mr. Frank (yea I read your name tag) I didn't look at you funny when you accidently hit me with your Express paper so why look at me funny when the train bobs and weaves and I accidently hit you in the leg with my hand...I mean I didn't hit you that hard to begin with..great

Mayum having a frog in your throat is one thing but to have hairball in it is another..please stay away from your cat

I have my MP3 player on for a reason....I'll smile but that does not mean I want to start a conversation with you

Ok so my music might be a tad loud but I'm not talking about killin so let me listen to Katherine McPhee in peace please....I did turn it down a little

The next time Billy feels the need to jump and down and scream you need to slap his tail in the face..I bet that will shut him up. Better yet try punchin him in the throat lol...sike nah but for real dont speak to him a voice that even I would laugh at.....make him believe it...on top of that stop lookin around like you dont hear him....cause we all do

It's early in the morning folks....we know you are tourists and this is your vacation but for some of us it's a regular work day....WALK ON THE LEFT STAND ON THE RIGHT

When I say excuse me, dont take your time moving over, apparently I'm in a hurry so move you and your family over NOW

Ms. Lady on the bus....why are you screaming in the phone...have you never talked on a cell phone before did you know that you can turn the volume up or turn your voice down. When everyone on the bus turns around and looks at you as you yell in the phone about your parking that means that you need to lower it. Once again its early and we DO NOT want to hear you and your conversation

So you might be new to this whole riding the train thing or you might be a tourist BUT why are you wrapped around the pole like the train is about to crash and that will save your life....IT AINT

Everyone knows that the train does hold the doors open just cause you are standing in front of you and screaming F*&^. I mean if your that late boo boo you need to get to the train station a little earlier.

If I chuckle to myself or bop my head to whatever I'm listening to...that doesn't mean I want you to stare at me.

Why is Sarah Jane and Billy Ray staring at me like they have never seen someone of the darker persuasion......please educate your children so they will stop lookin at me like I got a arm growing out of my head. THANKS

I know your midsection is numb cause your skirt is TOOOOO TIGHT!! Why would you want to go to work like that

Ummm WHYYYY oh WHYYY do your feet look like you been crushing bolders with em and you got the nerve to have on some flip flops that dont even fit your feet.

Boo it is 845 in the dang on morning...WHY in the BLUE DEVILS WATER are you MUSTY......WOW!!!!

I mean we're all trying to get to work and we might use the escalator that is suppose to be used for going down to go up (since it's not moving apparently) but why not be nice and move over so in case someone wants to come down they can...freakin losers!!!

Why are you flying past me to go up the same escalator I'm going up like they just said they giving free metro rides for the rest of the year to the first person in work clothes that gets out the station.

If you are 7 feet tall and I bump your knee as I'm standing...I can't help ya...stand up (then again maybe not a good idea) or sit in the seats beside those....

What would possess you to think that you look jazzy in that......hopefully you got some shoes in that big ole tote bag

That booger or whatever you wanna say your digging for is not coming out no time soon..get a tissue please..and keep your hands away from the handle

If you dont cover your dang on mouth when you sneeze that snot juice into the atmosphere I will personally slap you with my Express newspaper

It's official if I see one more tummy or should I say side roll of a Valley Girl that doesn't have the body of a Valley Girl it's gonna be a mess....Boo your shirt is too small I know you have to lay down to put it on

I am going to work, I have my MP3 player on...I am not going to stop to talk to you as you unload the water....maybe when I get off LOL

How can you walk in those shoes I know your baby toes is hurting

Cute that you wanna be all up in the koolaid and you think you know the flavor but unless I am leading myself into a war situation stay out of my converstaion..THANKS

Hun says I talk about folks..I say I'm just pointing out the obvious...GREAT

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posted by Ms.Honey at 5:53 AM


LOL! Hilarious, I HATE tourist when I'm on the way to work, at work on my break and leaving work, ARGHHH!! Yes. We know this is your first time here, but move the fugg outta my way and sight see from over there, not directly in the middle of the walkway!! Geesh...

June 21, 2007  

Sha...I KNOW!! I'm glad someone else knows what I'm talking about lol

June 21, 2007  

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS BLOG! (IT MADE ME LAUGH) **THUMBS UP** =)

June 21, 2007  

LilMs...LOL glad I could make ya laugh :)

June 21, 2007  

tooooo much. I was lol. really loud.

you are right. you are just pointing out the obvious.

June 21, 2007  

LMAO @ just pointing out the obvious. This was too damn funny. The girl with the too tight skirt, OMG LMAOOOO!!

June 21, 2007  

Ewww..I hate when people don't cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. That's so inconsiderate.

Ummm I may be of those tourists. LOL I love sight seeing.

This post was funny, lady!

June 21, 2007  

Deep..Hey I do what I can to help the masses :)

Tasha..I know you know what I'm talking about living around this area during this time of year girl it looked like she had 3 stomachs...just NASTY

TSG...yes it was sooo nasty!! I mean it's cool to be a tourist but the first time you get on the metro here you should know the rules..if not dont visit lol sike let me stop..i do too but I try not to be in someone's way while I'm doing it...glad you liked the post :)

June 21, 2007  

*mental note* Blue Devils Water *end mental note*

Observing....riiiiiiight. I'm with Hun! LOL

June 21, 2007  

Lady..LOL that just came out dont even ask me where I got that from haha. I am observing just like when I mention something about someone I'm just conversting not talking about them LOL..BOOOO to you and HIM lol

But I still love both of ya!!

June 21, 2007  

its is only obvious to the acute mind hon - well put

June 21, 2007  

LMAO...LMAO...& LMAO some mo'

That was hilarious.

I needed that one----LOLOLOLOLOL

June 21, 2007  

Torrance...Thank you :) I do what I can

MsBehaving...See I knew that this was a good one :)

June 21, 2007  

LOL...GIRL, I HATE PUBLIC eye's, ear's and brain bleed daily from the forced

June 21, 2007  

Living in NY, well, i'll say you must be patient to put up with bull crap on the train and I feel you.
It's been a while since I stopped by, hope all is well with you Miss HL

June 21, 2007  

oh i talks about folks! and its ok....why was i reading this LMAO!!!! off the hook, esp about Billy and the lady in the phone...i am telling you the Metro allows for some GREAT stories, esp in the summer time...

just like this morning, i have on some black slacks and a top...YES I have a nice big butt...but don't holla "juicy coming your way" and when i walk past the guys are like which one, "her right there in the black pants..." and now i have to shake my head at you because its totally rediculous!

I am tellin you...

June 21, 2007  

oh, girl, i do the same thing! and yes, it is just observing and noting what's plain as day. ;-)

thanks for the laugh!

June 21, 2007  

I am still laughing at you telling some parent to punch their child in the throat. LOL. I needed that laugh.

June 21, 2007  

u not talking about people just keep it what............


June 21, 2007  

This shit was hysterical.

Did you read tha man's name tag and call him Frank?


And what is a "Jeep Stroller"?

Nevermind, I don't even wanna know.


June 21, 2007  

bwaaaaaaa!!!!!! hilarious. that was me with the stroller. my bad. LOL

June 22, 2007  

You ain't say in the BLUE DEVILS WATER DID YOU?? shut up!!! lmao!!

well Imma go play in the clear blue water of the caribbean ma!!! Smuah see ya when I get back LOL

June 22, 2007  

you are killllllllllin me w/this!! and she said what in the blue piss. omg! too freakin funny. i love people's subway stories. the walk on left, stand on right thing always pisses me off on the moving trams at the airport. hey kids, there are lots of signs now MOVE. for some reason its esp. bad in detroit.

June 22, 2007  

Dude was musty? Wow! At 845? Dang. Maybe his soap went on strike.

June 22, 2007  

LOL- too funny.

June 24, 2007  

I actually own a t-shirt that says walk on your left stand on your right. LOL! Thanks for reminding me. Next time I ride the train I'm wearing it! ROFL!

June 25, 2007  

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