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Monday, July 02, 2007

I will admit...

...that I'm stubborn

...that I can be selfish at times

...that I want at least a day of your time

....that I can be hard to deal with

but I mean dang!! I know patience is a virtue, but homie lover friend I was too done. All I kept thinking in my head was my Big Sis said that I shouldn't expect the negative and a good friend of mine said that I have to learn to compromise.

I have to learn to pick and choose my battles.....but this one I am gonna have to fight cause I'm not living like this

I wish it were tuesday already cause I dont have to be back to work till MONDAY!!

I WILL BE catching up on my talk shows LOL

The weekend was nice...the hair color turned out HOTTT and now I have curls :)

The wedding was sooo pretty. I loved the colors and it was nice seeing her after all this time..she said that I've grown up I could say that same about her LOL...although she is older than me

HMMMM what am I gonna do this weekend....sleep I know that much. Then again Hun says I sleep too much (I was bored at the house so I slept)

Me sleeping too much is a whole nother story...ah well

Living with him is gonna take lots of PATIENCE!!

Why am I loving the remixes to songs more than the original..example Umbrella I just love Chris Brown and her together

On top of that I am kinda feelin the please dont go remix ...IT'S THE TGT REMIXXXX LOL

If he thinks I'm gonna call him to apologize he got a nother thought coming..not this time buddy!

What's the point of living with someone and your still alone I might as well live alone...

I love this song called What happened by this chic named Algebra..they play it on WBLS every day (you can listen to WBLS online)...on top of that I get to listen to Wendy she is too funny (she comes on at 2pm)

I'm glad that I still have the option to leave and go home cause that's exactly what I did yesterday :)

I will admit that sometimes I do things to see your reaction....I mark it away for future references

I wanna get in the pool....or the ocean water which ever one comes first

I love my new digital camera....I finally uploaded the pics to facebook

Of course I'll have lots more!!

Hopefully I wont have lots to do..sad I know I'm at work and I dont wanna do work..great

I need to clean my room

Kelly Rowland and TI's (or is it TIP) cd's are on AOL..go check em out if you need something to listen to :)

I missed the Strawberry letter..DARN

Why have I been getting the baby urge lately...EKKKKKK dont give it to it LOL

I saw someone yesterday that I use to deal with (I use to call him Hustler) he's younger than me 21 to be exact...we chatted he bought me some ice cream...said that I looked as good as he remembered....and then I began to remember (um um um what that man can do with some ice) and I had to run in the other direction.....

for some odd reason the pic I posted isn't showing up so shoot me an email and I'll send it to ya (it's showing up when I preview but not when I look at the blog hmmm)....ok nevermind I got it lol

I probably have lots more to say but I'll leave it at that.....

posted by Ms.Honey at 6:21 AM


I've been sleeping a lot too lately, esp. this weekend! Must be the weather.

Put some pix up of the hair chick! I wanna see!

Imma read your other post b4 I ask any mo' questions.

July 02, 2007  

Hey Honey *waves*

Post up some pics of the new hair color!!

And I KNOW you're not thinking of getting in the pool...not after you've gotten the hair done, are u mad woman?!

I'm just as stubborn, selfish and hard to deal with as well...they don't call me tenacious for nothing ;-)

I spent my weekend sleeping, i'm such a loser

baby urge huh? Will I have inspect u for the infamous baby bump?

July 02, 2007  

Lady...I need to sleep so I dont kirk out on him

Tenacious..HEYYY GURRLLL. I will :) Umm no that's why I said EKKK LOL..I might have to inspect you lol

July 02, 2007  

I need sleep myself.

I want to see the pics too.

It will be ok. I know it will.

July 02, 2007  

I sleep a lot too. I know the feeling of living together but being alone all to well, but it gets better!!

I wanna see pics!!

July 02, 2007  

Deep...I'll have to email all of them to you when I get home I forgot to bring my camera to work lol

Tasha...I felt like I was being petty but I dont know mannn lol

July 02, 2007  

BABY URGE?!?!?!? Watch out deh nah!

July 02, 2007  

I was thinking the same as G...Baby urge AND you sleepin a lot??? Ahem...sounds like more than an

I cracked up at the Iceman aka the Hustler! Definitely stay away from that dude!

Nice pic!

July 02, 2007  

SG....I am wathing out..I got all EYES OPEN!!

OD...UMM it's just an urge LOL...dont even speak on that LOL yes I need to stay away from him LOL...

July 02, 2007  

ohhhh-weeeee on the baby urge...hum!! !

July 02, 2007  

ohhh... you look so cute in that pic...yellow loos great on you. Is your hair locked or just twisted?

July 02, 2007  

@ Honey

I'm just thick around the waist not pregnant :)

Please tell me that's not the actual lyrics LOLOLOLOL

Gas on E but he's buying dranks huh? Well...come to think of it...drink are less expensive than gas nowadays

*googles Wipe Me Down*

July 02, 2007  

the hair looks GREAT! Love the color...we should hook up this weekend since we have the same work schedule...wooohoooooo!

and YES love does take a lot of patience, he gets on my friggin nerves and I am not calling to apologize either! HELLO!

July 02, 2007  

I need an email tonight of pics please. I love the one you just put up. your hair looks great.

July 02, 2007  

love your hair color. it looks really good on you. im in the mood for a hair change, though dyeing it isn't really an option for me. may but it a little.

sorry, i haven't been by much. had a lot going. i've only posted like 2x in two weeks *sigh*

just wanted to stop by and let you know i still think about you and am interested in what's going on in your world.

July 02, 2007  

How dare you add to your post making me read it ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!! Imma beat you woman! LOL

Again, nice color...really!

July 02, 2007  

i like the red.. it's really cute on you :-)

i think the selfishness is a libra trait :-)

1 remix that i could do w/o is ne-yo & mjb.. i love them both but that song makes no sense!

i need to clean my room too.. it's a HOT mess!

July 02, 2007  

JustMe...It's loced almost been two years (i think lol)

T..yes those are the words LOL...Man I love that part how you got no gas but you buyin folks drinks LOL

TC..I know being stubborn is bad but hey I'm makin a point LOL we def should get up...Friday..sound good :) know you gots em when I get home :)

BluJ...Hey we all get caught up in life if we didnt it wouldnt be life :) Glad your ok sis :)

Lady...Sorry LOL I just had more to say LOL

TTD..thanks chica!! I think so too we cant help it yea I like that song too and mine is a HOTTT mess as well..glad i'm not the only one :)

July 02, 2007  

Loving the hair color & the locks.

LOL @ "I saw someone yesterday that I use to deal with (I use to call him Hustler) he's younger than me 21 to be exact...we chatted he bought me some ice cream...said that I looked as good as he remembered....and then I began to remember (um um um what that man can do with some ice) and I had to run in the other direction....."

Girl you did the right thang :-D

July 02, 2007  

Ms...GURRLLL if I had stuck around there would have been trouble trouble trouble LOL

July 02, 2007  

Have you been having dreams about fish? I can't wait to see the pictures of Baby-Libra next year.

July 02, 2007  

I love when you put down all your random thoughts. I like that pic too girl.

July 02, 2007  

Freaky...BOY STOP LOL no pics I'm waiting to see the Baby Freaky line up lol

Diva...I was gonna do a real post then it just came out like that..aww thanks :)

July 02, 2007  

ooohhh, i like the color! makes me want to color my (again) when it's time to take the twists down.

i feel you on the first few lines of your post. i hope things start working out for the better very soon.

i slept so much this weekend, it was ridiculous. like me, i'm sure you need the rest. either that or you're pregnant. LOL! just kidding about the last part. ;-)

July 02, 2007  

BlkB...GIRLLL you were about to get virtually fussed out LOL..dont even think about that being pregnant part...hopefully things do change we shall see...I did some sleep though..I say color away it makes the summer sun seem so much brighter

July 02, 2007  

I listen to WBLS at work all day (well, at least until 2pm. Wendy does nothing for me).

I like the remix to Umbrella (you can be my Cinderella ella ella a), but have you heard the remix to "Do You" by Ne-Yo f/ Mary J. Blige?

July 02, 2007  

Organized...yep I sure have and I like that one too :)

July 03, 2007  

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