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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transit Tuesday

What is the point of having your hair razor cut..I mean the top is short the back looks like a squirrel hacked at it...I just dont get it...and you kinda remind me of paris hilton..and that's not HOT lol

Ok so I like to catch some Z's on the train in the morning but how come everytime I open my eyes your staring at me...I mean I wasn't snoring so what the ham sandwich are you lookin at.

For the record someone and I'm not saying it's you..smelled like dookie...I mean what is that about

Long sleeves and not I repeat DO NOT go together..can you pick a season

Why the heck are you listening to get low LOL I haven't heard that song in forever I was waiting for you to bust out in the infamous white girl sway and we all know what that looks like...dont get it twisted I do know some white girls that can dance but I also know some that sway lol

I mean i'm jammin listening to my music reading my paper why are you lookin over my shoulder get your own express they pass them out all morning and you can get one from the yellow container on the side of the street

Why are you letting susie jean walk down the escalator by herself she's holding up traffic

Aight DO NOT stand in front of the escalator during rush hour home will get your feelings hurt

WALK ON THE LEFT STAND ON THE many freakin times do I have to say that

Jesse Mae dont ask your kids if it's ok that you dont watch TV when you get home..tell them fools...and when one of them said no you tried to act like you were being authorotative (spell check lol) boo you weren't. Then you yell excuse me getting off boo you ain't gotta do all that..we can tell your a tourist when you do that...just say excuse me and keep it moving

So I know that when I get excited about having a day off I might illuminate some illustious color but why are you staring at me while I'm trying to park my car...Boo you bout to get your legs taken off

Hmm that fedex man was kinda cute...can I get a hook up on sending out some packages LOL

Why are you screaming in the phone apparently Diana can't hear you....

Just because she sits down beside you doesn't mean she wants to hear your corny jokes and neither do I ....CAN IT!!!

Of course I see lots more but those are some of the things that stood out to me between last nights commute and this morning. I might blog tomorrow but being that it's a holiday I might just be sleep LOL. I dont have to be back to work till Monday so you know I'm bout to act a fool all up and through Northern VA LOL (that's my new phrase all up and through here)..feel free to cite me on it :) I wish I were gonna head to Miami but I might head to Atlantic City but I wont know till maybe thurs or so......which is fine with me.

Hun is fine...I guess...we sorta got into it. He said I was selfish and stubborn (all of which I know to a certain degree) I just didnt like how he carried some things....I'm trying so hard to understand that it's about work and if you love something then you work for it...but at the same token each person has to give and apparently I'm seemingly the problem child in this relationship so maybe I'm messing up his life.....I dont know....who knows....

We're suppose to hook up tonight after I get off....we'll see what gets talked about and what gets ignored but this can't go on for too much longer cuase he's continually pushing me away when I'm trying to make it work..I can't do it alone....and being alone is way better than being with someone who you feel doesn't want what you want out of a relationship...I'm not saying that we're done I'm just saying that last night while we were on the phone I began to tear up and I dont often do that (out of anger that is and partial sadness) all the yelling reminded me of dealing with Red...which I despised. I always told myself that I never wanted to be with someone who made me want to hang up on them...and Red was that person and now Hun is beginning to be it. I feel like he doesn't care, he says I'm being a baby. I expect him to stop what hes doing when I'm ready to hang out and that's not true. Then again maybe it is and why would you want to be with someone like that.....

It was deja vu all over again..all I kept thinking about was how Red tried to be controlling and yelling makin me feel like what I was feeling was stupid and that I was being a big baby...which is how I felt with Hun last night..and I didn't like it....all I can do is speak on it and see what occurs I can't do anymore. I'm not gonna do anymore....I dont wanna do anymore....I understand men have a way of doing things but you can't honestly tell me that you expect me to be fine with sitting up in the house and never really hanging out with you....yea should know me wayyy better than that....

Some things got to change and maybe the things that need to change are things about that's a hard thing to acknowledge.

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hey girl!

why did i immediately have to cover my mouth to stop laughing about the train antics? you'd be great at doing commentaries *lol*

yeah, what's with asking your kids shit instead of telling them? i aint the one

aint seen a cute delivery guy in a minute

if you head to AC...hit me up, i'm not to far me for my #

change can be good as long as you're doing it for all the RIGHT reasons.

have a great day/weekend.

July 03, 2007  

Ok, I'm dying with the mess on the train. The names?! LMAO...Jessie Mae!! LOL. Tourist season here is the WORST. God forbid you sit in front of the Metro station map. *sigh*

I know how you feel dealing with Hun. It's hard sometimes to recognize when things are issues or mess of our own doing. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves just to find a way out because moving on together is just that scary. Give it to God, things will work out the way they're supposed to.

July 03, 2007  

BluJ..LOL Hey I do what I can I will def hit you up. We shall see about the change thing

Tasha..I just made them up of course they didn't have badges on it and YES why do they stare when you sit in front of the metro map LOL...I hope and pray that I'm not sabatoging it :/

July 03, 2007  

We have this cute DHL guy...

As for you and your Hun...I know how you feel, I'm that way too and I use to feel like maybe I should change but I've also learn that somethings are a part of me, even the not so great parts, hopefully you two can come to a compromise and meet in the middle to work it out together...I say just be honest with how you feel and if he respect it then he'll come around,...I've pissed off a few guys with my honesty lately and I thought they would never talk to me again, but they haven't left yet.

July 03, 2007  

funny. you see some crazy stuff

You are in my thoughts little one.

July 03, 2007  

definitely feel you on the Metro...gurrrl the stories

when i become a mommy, and I will someday, i aint asking you JACK, its "when you get home, don't think about turning on the tv, get a book and chill OUT..." period!

oh the balance act of love, i am personally NOT in the right mind frame or space...I'll just say I can totally relate and for you to definitely communicate your feelings!


July 03, 2007  

Brwn...I just hate to be mean that's all

Deep...I do in fact see some crazy stuff, I'm glad you're keeping me in your thoughts

TC...MAN oh how I love the metro. Boo I will not ask my kids to do it and that's it...hopefully I'll be communicating well tonight..if not oh well

July 03, 2007  

Wow...sounds like you two need to have a REAL sit down. It's never good when you look at the current guy and start seeing qualities that made you leave the last guy. Particularly when these are qualities that are just coming out of left field, but talk to him. If you have to cry through it...then do that, but let him know that you are the same chicka that he fell in love with...why are you suddenly "being a big baby" now? Ya know?!

On a lighter note...we stand on the right and walk up the escalator on the left. People will knock you down if you break the flow!

lmao@Get don't even wanna see all the semi old stuff on my ipod!

July 03, 2007  

They were staring at your every time you opened your eyes cuz your outfit was most likely very jazzy and your hair is that FIRE!

I can't give relationship advice but talking/crying it out can't hurt.

If you want to hit me up you know where to find me.

July 03, 2007  

LOL @ transit Tuesday. Girl you are too much :-D

Try sitting down with hun to have a serious talk about what it is you expect fromt he relationship--and find out what it is he expects as well.

Communication is a powerful thing once two people are willing to give it a their all.

Hopefully your tough time will pass and you and hun will work things out.

Enjoy your holiday/time off from work :-)

July 03, 2007  

but like your mom said, sometimes its not all about you.

WALK ON THE LEFT STAND ON THE RIGHT!!! phew. i just had to get that out too girl!!

July 05, 2007  

The first part of that post was hilarious. You hava a special way of putting things. If they (the people on the bus/train) could see what you wrote......Ha! they would straighten up their acts. I can relate to everything that you were talking about. Sometimes it seems like people try their best to be their worst on public transportation. And oh my lawd, the smells!!!!

As for the second part of you post, well I'm sorry to hear that. Unfrotunately... I can also relate to that heartache. Men just don't get us. I really don't know what else to say. Just know that you are not the only one who goes this bull shit with men. I used to call my ex "can't-get-right". This was before I turned him into my "cut-buddy".

Great post though.


July 06, 2007  

LOL @ the train experiences. I miss riding the Metro. LOL

July 07, 2007  

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