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Friday, August 03, 2007

Dont count your chickens before they hatch....

...but what if you count the eggs does that count, cause that's where they come from...hmmm interesting thought on a Friday afternoon (I mean morning see I need to go home I'm delirious lol).....and you know how I'm feeling right now :) Rather wonderful might I add LOL...that sounded so corny...but yes it's Friday, payday, and as soon as I put the down payment on my tuition plan (hey a sister does what she has to do can't afford to pay that all at one time i know you know what I mean) I will officially be enrolled in my paralegal courses which start Aug 22nd WOOOHOOOO.

For the record I didn't know it was gonna be this didn't look this long when I was typing it you might wanna read it during lunch..unless your like me and dont do work on a Friday till after lunch LOL (what can I say I'm long winded at time...I love to talk lol)

I'm hitting this weight loss thing running I just bought a weight watches magazine and it's not a game no more...I've been missing the gym and my body is kickin my tail for it. I feel like an old lady now when I go up and down the escalator not a good look. On top of that I see it in my face and since I lost weight last year I've always told myself I never wanna see that on me again...once again not a good look. So off I go back to the gym, back to writing down what I eat, back to paying more attention to what I'm putting in my body....on top of that I read some where that if you start early getting in shape once you have children it's not that hard to lose the baby weight..and you know I love the kids...dont wanna look like I'm pregnant when AJ and Jus are in elementary school LOL

Umm about this lady I saw on the metro whose toenails were longer than her fingernails WOW...and her polish wasn't even was faded great. I'm sorry I shouldn't talk about folks but I couldn't help's like my eyes immediately notice things like this follywaggery. You know like the puzzles what's wrong or what's missing in this pic...that's how I am all day everyday and dont think that means that I'm jazzy 24/7 NOPE I have my days too and if your a close friend or family member you better tell me I look a hot mess LOL...or I will fuss at you later for letting friends dress drunk.

Remind me not to drink during the week....saving it for Friday night when I dont have to get up for work the next morning or do anything that requires me to get up before noon LOL. Last night me and roomie headed to Bar Nun in DC (on U street) to hang out with my favorite DJ. We get there and no one is there..we ask him if it's always like that he says it's sometimey which is fine tonight cause we didn't pay (I told him I never pay he was like what's that mean I said that means that if they say free b4 11..I'm there at 930 LOL..dont play I will hold the door open for the workers HAHAHAHA) So we partying he got us a few drinks and all me and roomie could do was crack up at the atrocitys that we saw through out the night. One guy kept throwing up the diamond like he was a Kappa and this is VERY stereotypical but I have only seen a handful of ugly Kappas....and if he was a Kappa then he would have fit into that group (I can be stereotypical at times..I will admit this...I've been to meeting so save the commentary LOL, but my stereotypes stop at men being in frats) Which brings me to another point why was I watching the slowly dying show that is House of Payne and there was a scene in there where they had some guys who were members of a frat called OAK...and they were supposedly as someone who has family and friends in organizations of the like I was disappointed that Tyler didn't put more thought into the madeup routine that he had these fellas do..needlesstosay them yelling we are the mighty OAKS as they proceed to do some cheer routine that I learned when I was 5 had me cracking up what others where thinking as they watched this train wreck (the show has it's funny moments but Tyler could do better...I thought) So back to what I was saying about Bar Nun...which by the way only has one bathroom that men and women are to use...great LOL. So fat boy (his belly stuck out more than his man boobs did) kept doing that...some man had on a tight short sleeve Brasil (and that's how it was spelled) shirt tucked into his pants with some slip on sandals that were too big for him...and some chic had on a cut lil baby doll dress with a belt on...that was backwards and didn't go with the dress. Great. I had on some jeans a black blazer and black pumps..roomie had on a white shirt with black and red writing on it with red we werent' lookin a mess just in case you were all we could do was crack up everytime oh boy threw up the diamond LOL and he even went so far as to dance on the floor..poppin his booty on some girl he was grinding on, the roomie and DJ were DYING LAUGHING. We're going to hang out with him again tonight at Fusion which is the old Juste Lounge...gotta love hanging out with folks who always make ya laugh.

Hun called the other day said he was gonna come over so we could go to the gym but I wanted to go to the track and walk/run/light jog LOL and I know he would leave me so I told him to go to the gym and just come over after..he opts to go to the gym near his house which is fine with me...but tell me this when you decide it..not after I get home and wondering what the heck your he called yesterday and was like what's up..I'm like nothing...what you do all day...umm I was at work..after that...nothing walked around the neighborhood....oh was work..same ole same ole....silence...silence....ummm are we gonna sit and listen to each other want me to call you tomorrow....yea that sounds like a plan cool beans (you know that was me lol)..aight bye..bye.....great. So I haven't seen him since Sunday and I'm ok with first I wasn't but hey we'll be living together one day and I wont be able to get away from him LOL. I know he will probably wanna hang out tonight....and me assuming that he is working on music (since that's what he said is gonna be occuring the next couple of weeks, they are working on a mixtape) I've opted to do me for that time frame :) and I am being a good girl so dont worry....however I did see a yummy piece of man hunk on the metro he smiled I smiled and kept it moving...I can look and touch (no more than once though shake hands that is) I just can't take it home LOL

We were conversing about what we're gonna do for our one year in Feb..I wanna go somewhere Hawaii preferably he partially agrees I dont think he cares..I just like to book stuff like that in advance so it will be cheaper so I'm letting it marinate and then come Oct I'm gonna attack again LOL...that's how I do with him....I mentioned that I wanted a new mattress he immediately said no why my mattress is fine (I have a full he has a queen of course we're using his bed in the bedroom) about 3 or more weeks ago I say babe dont you think we need a new mattress....he says hmmm yea your right we do..we'll look at one when it's closer time for you to move in LOL Great. See attack..chill....marinate....pounch..that's how I gotta be.

Dont know what I'm wearing tonight.....however my hair is about to embark on a while new journey I'm not telling..I'll just post pics on Monday...I'm excited....feeling like I just need to do something different.....

Hmmm what else..I think that's it. Back to work or whatever I call what I'm doing at my desk today...cause it's Friday and you know how I do on Fridays LOL

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ROTFLMAO.. lawd begeesus.. lmao

Umm a lot of weight will drop off if you stop drinking!!! :) but I won't lecture you :)

when u coming back to class?

Oh and umm the randomness of the chick with the claws for toenails.. I'M DONE!!!

see you soon!

August 03, 2007  

BK...Hey I do what I can...I dont even drink alot MOM LOL..sike nah I feel ya thought I've been doing real good on drinking more water though so I'm proud of myself for that. I'm coming back soon if I didn't have a wedding to go to on Sat I'm come then LOL..on top of that you need to send me your schedule..great :)

August 03, 2007  

You are way too funny! Seriously! My question is wtf are we even at work today? Dayumit! OK so THAT'S what I'm feeling like.. geesh!

August 03, 2007  

Durty...I'm glad someone else thinks that the work week should be Tues-Thurs LOL..whose smart idea was it to make it from Mon-Fri dang on kids.

August 03, 2007  

It's Friday and I'm not doing a damn thing today. They been working me hard all week. I need a break.

I try to drink more water but for some reason I can't. *shrugging shoulders*

August 03, 2007  

TSG...I can't say the same my bosses were gone mon-wed (2 of them) and the other two just got back today but they are gone again next week from mon-thur..woohoo LOL..I have to make myself drink water by only buying that and keeping a water bottle near my bed.

August 03, 2007  

I didn't work Monday thru Thursday so today I am trying to do a little something (barely)

LOL @ the attack tactic

you are a mess!

August 03, 2007  

Ewwww@ the toenail lady

Your method of attack is great. If it works keep it up! LOL

I am so curious about what you did/are going to do with your hair!

YAY@ paralegal school

August 03, 2007  

Nodding my head @ BK's comment. Yeah girl...alcohol is not your figure friendly friend!

Good luck with school...I'm sure you're going to do just great!

Had to crack up at the "yummy piece of man hunk" comment. So you!

August 03, 2007  

TMI...awww booo to you

Lady...I know that's what I said...just nasty..I'm soo excited about school starting LOL

OD...I know I know which is why I dont indulge in it too often..hey he was LOL

August 03, 2007  

Do yo fingers cramp up? LOL LOL As a drinker - I ain't even ready to relate to that whole if I stop drinking my belly fat will go away - I'll just have a tequila sunrise with a relacore chaser and call it a day!

Have a good weekend and I look forward to seeing the new hair. There's a "I'm growing my relaxer out" revolution going on in my neck of the woods - more for me!


August 03, 2007  

Hey HOney-Libra,

Just wanted to wish you a great weekend girl! Have fun! Nice post!

August 03, 2007  

LOL. Girl don't you dare change a thing bout your longwindedness LOL.

I love coming by here and reading your posts. YOU ARE TOO DAGGONE FUNNY!!!

Hope you have a great weekend. Oh and get a sip in for me @ the club!!

August 03, 2007  

You are a very strong woman. You actually admitted that you still watch "House Of Payne". Wow

August 03, 2007  

"I will hold the door open for the workers" ---- hilarious!

now, i'm not in a sorority and so i obviously can't relate to the excitment, but i never understood why ppl who are grown and well out of college feel the need to put their signs up at the damn club. i could see if they're at a conclave or something, but not in the general public... ok, i feel better now that i've gotten that out my system. lol...

have a great weekend!

August 04, 2007  

I am just curious to know how you let your toenails become longer than your fingernails. Thats way too much.

I am also mad you got a plan to get Hun to do stuff. I hope all women aint like that. I am in trouble.

August 05, 2007  

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