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Monday, July 23, 2007

Change is Weird...sometimes

So this weekend was pretty of my homies is getting into modeling so me and the roomie went with her and another one of our newest gal pals to Bmore on Saturday for a shoot..roomie was the hair person and I was the fashion person....probably because I have every color shoe and accessory under the sun I dont even do my own hair so great LOL

The weather was nice and we were done around 4ish, got some food and headed home. Me and the roomie headed to Loehmans (which is my new favorite store LOL) to find something to wear that night....we were only gonna be in there about 30min but umm by the time we got home it was 8 o'clock and we were headed to H2O so we said earlier that we were gonna leave the house at 830..yea right LOL...anyone that knows me and knows my roomie know we can do it but that night it just wasn't we didnt' leave till a lil after 9. R called and said he was working OT that night and if we wanted to stop by to say after we saw that the line was TOOOOO long and we wouldn't be getting in for free lol (cause that's how we like to party) we decided to head to LOVE which is right down the street from him we stop through there to see his new office and what not..he introduces us to his boss and some of his this is the funny part. R calls me sunshine...he says that with me there is no drama and he's right we agree to disagree and we have fun..we go days without talking to one another and we're fine...he assumes I've had a BF out of all this time we've known each other and apparently this works for him LOL he knows that I have someone now and we still hang out. So anywho we get to his job and he introduces me and roomie and everyone is like oh hey..pause...this is sunshine which one is sunshine...he points to me and they are like heyyyy sunshine lol im like oh goodness what has he said about me..the ladies are like yea that's her she's pretty, yea they are 10 years apart..on and on while I'm like cheesin and tryin not to give him evil eyes LOL..roomie is crackin up....and they are like we told him he needed to get it together age aint nothing but a we drive off after sayin bye and i'm like what did you say and he's like nothing I just talk about how I care about you and we have fun but I'm scared of getting hurt...all of this as I'm making plans to create a life with Hun....greeaaattt. So we take him to his bike and we head to LOVE and roomie is like what are you gonna do..I said what you mean..she was like clearly he has feelings for you.....he told everyone at his job about you...I'm like boo I'm gonna be with Hun and what will be will be....I'm just gonna have to limit or rather stop my time with R cause if things continue as they have been someone and that someone might be me is gonna get hurt. School starts in a month so great..I'll have something to distract me.

On top of that things with Hun have been getting too hilarious. Yesterday we hung out at his moms bf's house for dinner and we were taking pics with my camera and his moms bf was like awww look at young love..wait another 2 years ya'll gonna be like get out my face LOL. So we got bored and I had my MP3 player in my purse so we started watching ATL he had one headphone and I had the other it was too cute...we were all huddled together and then these folks started blarring some Keith Sweat so we couldnt watch anymore...I'm dancing and singing and he's like no please stop LOL....too funny. We ate dinner then headed home, got there and watched a lil TV, cuddled and what not..he's so funny cause I see how he's changing as time progresses..before I couldn't even get him to try nothing new but yesterday he suggested we try something...I told him I'll pass because first I didnt' want him to do it wrong and second I think we should try it a diff way before we tried it the way he wanted to do it...cause I know it's weird for him (and I'm not gonna put on blast what he wanted to do...then again I can if I want it was a 69 LOL) I forget that I can say what I want this my dang on blog LOL. So anywho I was like nah we'll head into that slowly cause although I love that downtown visitation time I didnt' want him to do it wrong and scar me for life LOL. But when we first met I couldn't even bring that up or rather I didnt' want to even bring that up....I said aww babe thank you for wanting to explore......he's so sweet. Now sometimes when we hug I catch him smiling and I ask him what and he'll be like nothing just know that it's a good smile...that's my hun I tell ya. Its sad but I wish I could mesh him and R together LOL. Cause I'd do it in a heart beat. On top of that we were playin around and I was like you dont love me and he said just cause I dont say it doesnt' mean i dont...with the most serious look on his face...that shut me up lol

I'm tired as usual on a monday....I found out late last week that my best friend's (since kindergarten) mom has cancer in her breast. It's not the "normal" kind it ususally forms in the cartilage of your leg or something so they are going to operate first taking one of her I told her to let me know when it was and I'd come home to watch my goddaughter and stay with her. She's always been the more independent one of us simply cause she is the only child and lives with her grandparents and when I didnt' want someone watching over me like my parents I'd go to her house cause there I could do what I want..and she views my mom as sorta her she's taking it hard....her mom is taking it hard and I told her that as her Bestest and her sister she needs to keep me informed so that I can be there for she starts another semester as NSU in Aug and that's a yea just when you think you have it hard you realize that someone else has it harder.

My nephew is too hilarious I talked to him the other day and I promise I felt like I was interrupting him cause his new word is nothing but he was sayin it like aww come on auntie get off the phone LOL. His brother who is like 3months weighs according to my parents scale like 15 pds I said girl what the piss are you feeding him LOL. My mom says he has big legs like me..great LOL. I love my hunnies I need to go home to see them...I'm glad that I get to be this close to them but at the same time sometimes I feel like I'm so far cause I get sooo tired of driving LOL..I wish I had a driver or a plane that would be great.

Here's to hoping that the day goes by fast......

Randomness: Why did Kells make a remix to same girl and the girl is TPains wife...nonsense I tell ya!!

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IT definitely seems like it could be a dangerous situation with R. Be very caeful with that girl. Hun seems like her really loves you! AAAWWWWWW.. black love! I love it!.

July 23, 2007  

Diva..I know which is why I'm steering clear of it all lol...he's coming along its funny to me how he's changing.

July 23, 2007  

Hey Honey Libra. I peek in from time to time, but I wrote a post about change as well and I can totally feel where you're coming from.

Change is weird, and sometimes scary but it's also exciting. I love it. (BTW, I smiled reading about Hun's progress!)

Nice post.

July 23, 2007  

MsLee...Aww thanks for stopping by and peeking in on me..I smile when I think of it too on top of that it's a tad scary

July 23, 2007  

Fasinating weekend!! Happy Monday. Oh yeah I hate the whole Same Girl song video and all...Pure foolishness

July 23, 2007  

As usual, you had a lot going on this weekend. Sounds like it was all fun.

As far as "Huns" request. When you said no, he should have broken into a verse of Keith Sweats "There You Go Tellin' Me No Again". Would have been perfect.

July 23, 2007  

If your friend ever needs a lingerie consultant, I'm available.

Boo @ turning down the request. Although it is one of the most ill conceived positions ever invented.

July 23, 2007  

girl.. LMAO.. I'm not saying nothing.. nope I'm not.. *xxx over my mouth*

July 23, 2007  

Hold up...Y.O.U D.I.D W.H.A.T????!!!!

Girl what in the sam hell were you thinkin??!! LOL.

Okay...nuff said.

July 23, 2007  

Fergie...I find it foolish too on top of that he's coming out with more trapped inthe closet stuff..just great (said sarcastically)

Organized...LOL you're silly

Freaky..UMM NO thank you sir LOL

BK...I mean I didn't want him damaging me down there LOL

MsBehaving...LOL I know I know but I mean he has never done it before I mean can we slowly test the waters LOL

July 23, 2007  

I thought you did your own hair


July 23, 2007  

Kells knows how to make a $1.00 out of .15 cents

July 23, 2007  

GC...girl no LOL I only color it dont be sad I'm not lol

Nitty...he does that I tell ya but come on dragging it out so it doesn't make sense is what kills it

July 23, 2007  

When's the wedding and am I invited?

That's all I wanna know.

July 23, 2007  

avoid all clear and present danger. but isn't it always the case that when you're in a relationship that's when folk show up?! *smh*

your time at Hun, mum's bf's house *that was a* sounds like a blast.

sorry about your friend's mother and i send prayers and well wishes her way.

nephew is hilarious; too grown.

stay up and stay well.

lmao@ "what the piss?"

July 24, 2007  

Um, I'm sorry, but he's never done WHAT before? And yes, that is QUITE an awkward position, I must say. **ahem** enough of that.
Now... cartilage in the leg? Confused. Very.

July 24, 2007  

NO need to repeat what I stated when yall went to the beach.

You and hun are still cute.

Sorry to hear bout the cancer. It's no joke.

I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel you on the family. I like 'em close, but not too close! LOL

July 24, 2007  

Mistress...You know you are LOL and you can bring HIM :)

BluJ...I'm avoiding it or at least trying to LOL...I say what the piss alot LOL

XFactor...Yea he's never done that before LOL..yea apparently the cancer usually forms from cartilage and sometimes in the leg or something like that but she got it in her breast. I'm confused as well so dont quote me on nothing

Lady..I know I know, I remember. That's my're right it's no joke which is why I'm doing my best to be there when she needs me and even when she doesn' is too funny

July 24, 2007  

totally glad that you realzie you can't be dealing with you said in the end it would be YOU hurt! that's cute that he was willing to try, points for the hun! Cancer is a serious thang, i tell you...I'll definitely keep her in my prayers!

July 24, 2007  

AWWW...Honey I better be passing out programs or something at the wedding :)

You know I want to roast on R. Kelly's video so bad but the jokes write itself sometimes. I have to turn everytime that video comes on b/c I can't stop from laughing

and ummm now the girl is T-Pain's wife...judging by Mr. Spider Monkey himself...can I really be surprised she's stepping out on him?

and wait I thought in the video the girl was twins...errrg R Kelly works my nerves...knowing damn well he don't mess with chicks that's of legal age. Quit Playing Robert lol

July 24, 2007  

TC...Yea sad but true about R that is. I gave him lots of points for wanting to try Im sure he didnt believe me though

Tenacious...You know I got you..I'll let you check if folks got gifts or not LOL..I know you'll be ON IT! Kells is confused it still doesn't make sense to me cuase if they are twins they shouldnt' be driving the same car and have the same tattoo and be married to at it's best.

July 24, 2007  

i missed u sat.. but hopefully u had good times at love..

lol @ tenacious.. but she aint lying.. r. kelly is really creative but sometimes he definitely goes OVERBOARD!!!

July 24, 2007  

You've been tagged Princess! (Check out my blog for details)

July 24, 2007  

*runs in*


*runs out*

July 24, 2007  

Somebody married T-Pain?!? Ew. He is so nasty. He looks like he smells like cheese.

Lol @ tenacious.

July 24, 2007 are indeed a fool chica LOL

MizJJ...Umm yea and from what he says she loves how he sings cause he's comin home to her..great LOL...I'm mad she called him a spider monkey LOl I thought they were kinda cute and he isn't so we have to think of something else to call him LOL

July 24, 2007  

bmorebaplife...I posted in your comments since I did this one already :)

July 24, 2007  

BOY, nobody has weekends like GIRL, yeah if you're feeling R stay away...DANGER, DANGER! Dag, what went wrong with you two anyway?

July 24, 2007  

Girl you need to write a book with weekends like that.

July 25, 2007  

watz up are u t-pain's wife

August 05, 2007  

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