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Friday, July 20, 2007


I do not need you checkin up on me

I do not need you sending emails about me leaving when you clearly came to my desk after I thought there was nothing to do

I dont need you standing over my desk asking me how long is it going to take me to do something for a lunch meeting...BOO it's 9am WOW

Clearly I know my job and I dont need your assistance..if I didnt' then I'm sure that I would have be fired

Why are you even here staring at me like a dear in headlights

I come in early and you have a problem when I leave 5 to 10 min before I usually do..WOW get over it man

I clearly have been working here longer than you and yes you might be an attorney but I know what i'm doing....please believe that

I mean do you think I'm crazy..why do you need to come to my desk and tell me that you just sent me an email...UMM WOW I think I can read

If you're going to come to my desk and you see my head is down dont just stand there say something...cause you're gonna scare the pee out of me or either I'll see you there out of the corner of my eye and see how long your going to stand there until you say something...great.

Man it's Friday and you acting like it's know my facial expressions have a mind of their own on Friday....I can't help it that what you're saying doesn't make any sense I mean what do I look like I speak Alien..great.

How hard is it for you to make a copy..I mean come on.

Why does your office look like Fred Sanfords junk house..come on man

On top of that your hand writing looks like chicken toe scratch my nephew might be able to write better than that on a bad day

Just cause someone comments on my hair doesn't mean you have to as well...and why must you always ask how long did that take..I mean how long does it take for you to get yourself together in the morniing..clearly not long enough cuase every morning you come in here looking like you got hit by a bus and a amtrak train at that same time...WOW

On top of that did the squirrels do your hair or the rats..either way it's not a good look

Umm boo no one asked for your help and if you dont get your leper hands out of here infecting the world with your wheat allergy (which I think is a lie but that's just me)

If your Dr. says its inyour head it probably is....enough about that

You always intergect yourself in our conversations we are NOT talking to you...I mean how hard is that to understand..and then you make it hard to ignore you cause you call our name out all loud..for petes sake.

If you see me with headphones on dont linger either speak louder or wait till I look like i'm listening...great

Have a great weekend!!!

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geesh.. my facial expressions cant be controlled on mondays! lol. hopefully ur day gets better and u have a good weekend as well :-)

July 20, 2007  

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breath girl it's almost over.

July 20, 2007  

LMBAO! U go from I adore You Wednesday to Get the Eff out my Face Friday! I love it! You cracks me up fa sure!!!

July 20, 2007  

So much for continuing all of the positive energy of the last post.

July 20, 2007  

you need your own office with a door that people have to knock on.

July 20, 2007  

whooo saaaaaaaa. you can make it. It is almost over.

July 20, 2007  

TTD...I tell ya man people's kids that's all I can say

Miunderstood..I know that's what I'm trying to do LOL

Durtymo...LOL I do what I gotta do to keep it real LOL's continuing just not at work LOL

GC..thank you someone else realizes this as well haha

Deep..I'm breathing and countingit aint working but I've eaten now so it might be better now

July 20, 2007  

Tell 'em why you mad son!!!! HAHHAHAHA!!!

July 20, 2007  


thanks for a much needed laugh!

tpp bad you cant say this out loud!

July 20, 2007  

You rock! Make your own damned copies indeed... ;)

July 20, 2007  

Aww shit...somebody done got on Honey's bad side!

July 20, 2007  

Too funny! Sometimes you gotta get 'me off you.

July 21, 2007  

People need to get a grip.

July 21, 2007  

wow!! tell em why you mad son! one of my coworkers used to always say this when i used to get riled up: breathe in jesus, breathe out peace. the first time i heard it i just couldn't stop laughing b/c it was so unexpected. good thing to remember.

another coworker gem: don't let these people rent space in your mind.

LIVE IT, LOVE IT HONEY!! (did you notice the extra fashion i've added back into the blog? thanks for calling it to my attn!)

July 22, 2007  

girl you had me rolling with this post.

July 22, 2007  

damn work scenarios that ring TOO true for TOO many of us!!!!

July 22, 2007  

And today it starts over. Just remeber to count to 10 and breathe.

July 23, 2007  

Well, it's monday now. I'm late reading this, but it's funny just the same.

July 23, 2007  

Now that's what's up!!! Definitely feeling that! Love it!

July 31, 2007  

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