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Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's my name...

So I'm at work, it's Thursday (WOOHOO) which means tomorrow is Friday and I get to sleep late on Saturday and I'm soo excited. Listening to MSN Pandora Radio (which is free so if you need something to listen to all you gotta do is enter an email address and you can listen for free) and Brian McKnight's what's my name is on...I love me some Brian..he is one person that I can say I have LOVED everyone of his CD's. I mean ALLL of them and even if I didnt' like every single song on the CD I could listen to it all the way through. Something about him just makes me want to light some candles, cuddle up in the bathtub, and sip on some wine or water on the rocks LOL...aight anywho.

This got me to thinking about talking during sex. You know what I mean ohh yea this is sooo good, right there.....oh my god this is soo good LOL.

What cracks me up is that Hun never really talks and I tend to. That's how I know that what I'm getting is good cause I like to talk, moan or whatever you wanna call it. I asked him why he never really said anything his response was that it feels weird...well as time has passed during the almost year that we've known one another (WOW it's almost been a year) I've noticed that occassionally he will talk.

The other night while in the midst of it he says whose is it...of course not to break the motion in the ocean I respond with what I know he wants to hear LOL it's yours hahahahahaha why did I bust out laughing while I was typing that Ok ok let me stop. So anyway even though I said that while we're still doing the do, I'm thinking I wonder what he would have done if I said it's mine mannn lol..I take it to the doctor, I clean her up, I make sure she is presentable not you LOL. On top of that what if I said it's Jake's haha he pets her, he gives her want she wants you know takes her shopping or whatever LOL.....on top of that why ask whose is it...I never did understand that. I mean because you think it's yours are you gonna do more or do something different....probably not so why ask whose is it. On top of that sometimes I laugh while particiapting..not because I think he's horrible or not but most of the time cause either his facial expressions make me laugh or it's just that good that I laugh..well not really laugh just chuckle.....

On top of that I've come to realize that I love listening to music while handling my business...something about it just turns me on even more....just like taking a shower with my Hun....something about how the water hits him makes me want to dang on jump his bones...the horrible part is in our bedroom (lol well when i move it it will be ours) we only have a stand up shower so it's kinda funny LOL..anywho I love the soapy action and all that...sometimes I wonder if he thinks I'm too sexual LOL....cause I can get a lil carried away I mean not doing it outside or nothing (although I have had sex in public before) and I would do it in my back yard if I had a fence up at night....I mean what can I say I'm an explorator....if a guy didn't need a break afterwards I could probably go all night with just taking a couple of breaks in between of course LOL..cause a sista's legs will begin to give out hahahah

But what I do like with Hun is that he takes the time to make sure I'm ok....I have a pillow beneath my head LOL, my head isn't hitting the wall and when I ask him to do it the way I like it he if he saying that it's his makes him feel better and gets the job done I'll say it's his LOL

What's the craziest thing you've heard while having sex?

posted by Ms.Honey at 6:58 AM


Girl, that male ego is something. lol Gotta tell them what they want to hear.

July 26, 2007  

Diva...LOL you know it.

July 26, 2007  

ok so what if you man says tell them who's it is - lol im like who is them ?

July 26, 2007  


Ok that was gonna be my comment. How bout that bullshy azz "whose is it?" question. Im like mine??? da hell? One of my homie's also said that she thinks talkin durin sex is wierd. Im like if you're not talkin what are you doing? I mean i got too much shyt goin on in my head so to sit there in silence while im gettin pummeled is so not cute! Im like talk or do something otherwise imma be doin bills, makin a list to return phone calls, at the mall.. lol! all while u thinkin u doin something..pls k!

July 26, 2007  

JustMe...HEYYY CHICA!! I've missed you where in the devil have you been. I'd be wondering who them was too LOL

Durtymo...I have to talk like you said if we not talking then what the heck are we doing lol..watchin TV

July 26, 2007  

LMAO….Girl…I don’t know…(I’m in Hun’s corner on this one)—as I too am not that big on making small talk while in the act of-- I mean handle ya damn bidness and if you still got some shyt to say/ask after the fact then get at me but um…not so much during.

That’s NOT to say I’ve never done it and I’m no stranger to the words ”whose is it” LOL but I gotta say the most annoying thing I ever heard while getting’ it in is “Say my name”

For what fool??? Don’tchu already know what it is.

Nah bruh…it ain’t even going down like that.

July 26, 2007  

Don't talk to me (this is not the time to have a conversation), talk at me. If it feels good, let me know. I'm like a radio station, I take request. If you want me to do something different, let me know. Change positions, let me know. Customer satisfaction is job 1 and silence is a major turn off.

I'm with you Honey . . . I like having music playing as well.

July 26, 2007  

I agree with organized noise. Complete silence is a turn off. I need some talking. Lol @ him asking who's it is. Why do they always do that?

July 26, 2007  

I need some talking to not a conversation but a little "oh it feels good", "ride that". You get my drift. LOL

I like music to be playing too.

July 26, 2007  

Organized..that's how I am I talk at you not to you I dont ask what bills need to be paid but I let ya know that your doing a good job LOL

MizzJJ..I have no clue LOL it took all I could not to laugh LOL..I know whose it is and if you dont then we have a problem.

TSG...LOL ride that hahaha too funny

July 26, 2007  

i'm supposed to be paying attention during my mtg. and this post had me fighting to keep a straight face!

aahhh the "whose is it?" question. like you, i wanna say, it's mine, negro! i mean, whose else would it be. lol... but, you know, you gotta say what they want to hear.

one time i was giving this dude some "head therapy" and he had the nerve to ask, is it big? i'm not big on lying, but i had to that time! lol...

July 26, 2007  

Gosh, we would be here all day if I ran down my

July 26, 2007  

BlkB...LOL I can just imagine you in your meeting with that oh my goodness look on your face..he should have known better not to even ask that LOL might get his feeligs hurt LOL

Sha...LOL hey I got time hahaha

July 26, 2007  

why did I have to just skim most of that post--people are at work--you cannot be getting us all distracted thinking about men and things like that.

I'm sure you heard the rumors about Brian McKnight. Think they're true?

July 26, 2007  

I love men who talk, moan and express themselves during sex. THAT IS THE BIGGEST TURN ON EVER!!!

But for some reason, I've never laughed during the act of sex. I think I'm too intense during that moment. I might laugh afterwards though.


I had one guy say to me during sex "your pussy is the perfect size for my dick."


July 26, 2007  

I am with Organized Noise, don't talk to at me.

I love someone to say my name during the act. It just does something to me.

I can't think of any crazy at the moment :-(

July 26, 2007  

The craziest "things" I've heard were:
Tell me about you having sex with ANOTHER guy,(while he and I were in the act)he said that turns him on..

Did you c*m yet, 2 seconds after he stuck his miniature cocktail(pardon the pun) sausage in.


July 26, 2007  

This post made me crack the hell up laughin!

The craziest thing I heard was not words but a sound. It was a mixture of a howl and a groan. All I could do was laugh....he did as well, cause it just sounded wierd. He can't say that he didn't have great orgasm though. lol

July 26, 2007  

I love, love, LOVE when a man talks at me when we're having sex. Especially when he's telling me what to do... whew! **clutching my pearls** I just can't do complete silence... it's an invitation for my mind to wander!

July 27, 2007  

@ msrebecca . . . I know some guys who like to ask that question BEFORE sex (some kind of weird turnon. Motivates them to try to do it better than the guy she's talking about), but DURING?!?!?!?! I have to just scratch my head at that one.

July 27, 2007  

Hmm, I loooove when a man talks at me too. And not in a very gentle soothing way either. I like when he's a little rude and *slightly* foreful. Ummm...okay, TMI...I'm leaving now LOL.

July 27, 2007  

LOL I agree with Sha Boogie I could be here all day...

C.I loves music during too!!! Loves for *That Dude* to whisper in my ear too....YOWSER!


July 27, 2007  

lmao@some of these responses..

"dont talk to me"??? lmao
dude wanting to know about sex with someone else???? wth??
"did you cum yet???" ugh!

I love dirty talk...but it has to be done right and some men just don't have it, so for those guys, its probably best to not say much. But a guy that says sound whatsoever...hmmmm, I'd just wonder about that.

For me...if it's REALLY good, I swear I become multi-lingual and just start speaking different languages. I can't control it. lol!

July 27, 2007  

lmao @ durtymo

i used to didn't like "convo" during sex.. but now i love it! i dunno.. i dont think i ever heard anything crazy during sex.. some dudes really did think it was there's though.. i had to just be quiet to not hurt their feelings by saying MINE NIGGA! LOL.. but of course now, i always tell GTL it's his :-)

July 27, 2007  

Ok, I'm a Brian fanatic myself, and I just posted about him yesterday as well, lol.


July 27, 2007  

ahahahah...girl that's probably the only time I DON'T talk...I'm a listerner...hahah! I'd have to be kinda saused up in order to talk, but you KNOW they like to hear's good for their ego, unless you say..."It's yours TONIGHT daddy"...hahaha!

This one guy started calling me a B-I-T-C-H during and I wasn't feeling that at, like "ok buddy, relax"..hahah!

July 27, 2007  

lmao@JMW...smh too.. what the hell was he thinnnnnnnnnking?!

July 27, 2007  

Ya'll are too crazy..I should say something crazy the next time I'm partaking in the act and see what Hun says LOL...I'll keep ya posted LOL..then again if you dont hear from me you can assume that he's thrown me into rush hour traffic LOL...i kid of course

July 27, 2007  

*Writing down the name of that radio station website* because either that or your imagination did a number on this post. I was tickled pink the entire way through.

Oh, and "Make dat pu%%y talk, baby" is what I hear of late.


July 27, 2007  

Pro..AHHHHH LOL why am I in TEARS!!! What does it say to him LOL ok ok I kid lol

July 27, 2007  

Lmao@ male ego!
I needed a laff

July 27, 2007  

I had a guy say "I love you"..but it we weren't that close to each was I know I'm good in bed..but wow...

but I'm like you..I could go on forever but haven't found a guy who could keep up.

July 29, 2007  

Can I Eff you in the Ass!

Talk about nails on the chalkboard!

August 01, 2007  

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