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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just wanted to let you know

How much I adore you.

How much you make me smile.

How even though I might be mad at you I realize that I wouldn't want to be without you.

That I think of you every day, even when I'm not with're with me.

That the days seem longer when I don't see you.

How I'm content being alone but I'd much rather be in your company.

That sometimes when a song comes on I smile cause I think of you.

That even though we're together you've still let me be matter how hard that might be for you lol

How I pray each day for you and I.

How I pray that I learn to embrace what I'm experiencing and not sabatoge it with feelings of doubt and misunderstanding.

That you make me laugh cause you're just so silly

That sometimes we need space from one another and I'm fine with that

That I really do love you....and that I'm so in love with you

How I hope that our children have your's one of the things that I love about you

That sometimes I dont want to do anything but just lay with you

How special you are to me

How your smile makes me smile

That sometimes I do wake up before you and I touch your look so peaceful

That I love waking up next to you and falling asleep against your chest

That I'm so thankful for you.................

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Sounds like a "woman" in love. Treasure it:)

July 18, 2007  

this was nice. I am not hating. too sweet.

July 18, 2007  

Hope you emailed him a copy or something. If not, chop chop! LOL

July 18, 2007  


Deep...So swee it will give ya cavities lol

Lady..No I didn't I tell him lol

July 18, 2007  

That was nice --- I'm sure Hun would be happy to know these things. :-)

Translation: TELL HIM GIRL!!!

July 18, 2007  

That was beautiful. Make sure you let him read that.

July 18, 2007  

i absolutely love this honey

July 18, 2007  

MsBehaving...I will, I will lol

Tasha...Ok so since everyone keeps saying it I just might have too lol

JAC..AWWW thank you

July 18, 2007  


July 18, 2007  

He should see this...really!

July 18, 2007  

I agree. Share this with whom ever it is refering to.

July 18, 2007  

absolutely beautiful...i must admit that it fills my heart with joy to read this...i actually had a "moment" this morning just thinking about some things between us, and how is really my friend! its a beautiful thing! I am so happy for you...

July 18, 2007  

Diva...Thank you

Royce..I guess I'll have to share it with him

Fergie...LOL I will do that

July 18, 2007  

I hope "Hun" realizes how much you love him. Do you know what guys would give to have a women feel this way about them?

July 18, 2007  

That is sooo beautiful.

July 18, 2007  


by the way yo uhave been tagged!!!

I'm glad to see you FINALLY SO HAPPY!

July 18, 2007  



July 18, 2007  

Wow, how beautiful and sweet!!!!!!

July 18, 2007  

yeah, I have to agree with the rest..this was'll have him smiling with that...all day.

July 19, 2007  

Aww! how cute is that?! sounds like a woman in love to me...Bless you both!

July 19, 2007  

Oh...that was so beautiful...flaws an d all, he's so blessed to have you.

July 19, 2007  

*bigggggggggg sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

July 19, 2007  

Awwwwwwwwwww. You make me want that feeling again.

July 19, 2007  


This is so cute!!

July 19, 2007  

You know there is a lot of involved and complicated talk about love out there these days (amd I'm certainly responsible for my share of it LOL), but I think all that is said can be brought down to what you've written here. It's crisp, clean, soft and warm...and beautiful.

Enjoy life my friend.

July 21, 2007  

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