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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them" (Grey's Anatomy)

With that being said I'm thankful for...

life and just being able to live through every moment of it.

experiencing sadness, because without it I wouldn't know what happiness feels like

experiencing rejection, for without that experience I wouldn't know what acceptance feels like

being able to let someone cant get what's coming to you with your hand closed

God and all he has given me and what is yet to come..I'm glad that I can't see it cause I might not be able to wait for it :)

everyone who has come in and out of my life...if your meant to love me then you do and if you leave it's meant for you to leave

my family....I think and pray for them everyday they keep me grounded and focused

my Hun, he surprises me everyday and just when I think I know him he does something that throws me for a loop

the budding relationship that we have....I look forward to the journey

for my nephews and neices who are growing like's so hard to believe that the oldest one my toot will start Head Start in Aug...look out world.

friends from HS that I still converse with those girls now have families yet they still find the time to check up on me :) boy that was when I thought life was hard yea right LOL

each of you :) I pray that you and your are blessed and not stressed....


EDITED!!!! I decided to do TMI Tuesday thanks to Organized Noise

1. Leather, lace or silk?

Hmm I'd have to go with silk I love how it feels against my skin

2. Do you subscribe (or regularly buy) to any "dirty" magazines? Which ones?
Umm no now if you ask me do I look at porn that's another question LOL..I did however get a playgirl for my bday a year ago and I cracked up at the pics of the "real" men who thought they deserved to be models LOL

3. Have you ever had sex in water (tub/pool/lake/ocean)?
I'd done it in the shower that's water so that should count

4. The three words that best describe you in bed are hot, sweaty, and explorator (yes I made that up lol). Three words that best describe your most recent partner in bed are adventurous, hot, and wet.

5. Did you lose your virginity as an impetuous youth, "to prove that you loved" him/her, because of a romantic gesture, a newly wed or other (please describe because I can't think of what an "other" might be)?
Nope I lost it to a guy I had known for maybe a lil over 2 or so months who I still to this day see and have to stay away from cause he could get me into some trouble, trouble, trouble (we'll just say that the day after I lost it all my girls were like you look lie that's what they said lol)

Bonus (as in optional):

Name three words that:

a) get you excited: Come here girl (said in a sexy tone lol)

b) make you squirm: Ok your only gonna feel a pinch (as in needle)

c) make you laugh: Auntie I wuv you tooo

Ok I'm done now!!
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16 Comments: your grateful Wednesdays.
Ditto on the last line.

July 25, 2007  

MisUnderstood...You know how it goes down on Wed :) Have a great day chica!!

July 25, 2007  

I am thankful for the life God has mapped out for me. I am so blessed!

I love your thankful blogs.

July 25, 2007  

Diva..I keep forgetting to link you..I FINALLY DID IT LOL...I'm so thankful that God has a plan for each of us that we can't even begin to contemplate how big it is or will be...glad you like the blogs I enjoy writing them

July 25, 2007  

I'm diggin' this theme. :-)

Let's see...I'm thankful for my health, my strength and all of YOURS and everyone else's advice/comments on my daily posts --- [without them, I'd likely be a hair away from losing my daggone mind] LOL.

July 25, 2007  

Ok. You get cool points for quoting Grey's Anatomy. And as usual, you find a quote that makes me think.

Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in.

Deep stuff . . . I'm thankful for you always finding a quote that I need to read.

July 25, 2007  

MsBehaving...AWWW I'm glad you enjoyed it...hey I feel the same way cause Lord knows I'd be halfway out on the ledge LOL

Organized...Hey I do what I can do I love that show I'll be glad when it comes back on..I was gonna find a quote about being thankful but I saw that one and it made me think...I'm glad that I could make you think today!

July 25, 2007  

gratefulness is fab. and hurray for quoting greys!!

July 25, 2007  

You made me think earlier with your quote and now those 3 words that describe you in bed have me thinking again. ;-)

Thanks for participating in TMI Tuesday. Hope you do it again next week.

July 25, 2007  

i love your grateful list. why? because it reflects all the simple things, of which carry the most weight. in addition, you appreciate all the little things that many take for granted.

your TMI list is rather interesting young lady; rather interesting indeed.

July 25, 2007  

Children expressing their pure innocent love for you is the greatest!

July 25, 2007  

Yup. You have a lot to be thankful for. And so do I. Thanks for the reminder. Aaaand, you've inspired my post for tomorrow. I'm gonna link to you, if you don't mind...

PS - You were right about the blog title. So accurate...AND LOL@ explorator. ;o)

July 25, 2007  

tsk tsk tsk..that's all I have to say.

July 25, 2007  

OOOOHHH... TMI...TMI...LOL. sike... I'm feeling you on #1, 3, but DAG... I wish I could say that about my first...LOL. I really like reading these.

July 25, 2007  

"being able to let someone cant get what's coming to you with your hand closed"

say that girl! SAY. THAT!

July 25, 2007  

You have plenty to be thankful for, which another reason I love coming to your blog as well but ummm yeah how are u going to go from thankful to freaky *lol*

@ Honey

What can I say? I'm nuts lol

Girl you know those kids will be with their Daddy *lol* I'm straight sneaking out the house in the morning *lol*

July 26, 2007  

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