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Monday, July 16, 2007

There's more than meets the eye

So in another life instead of coming back as Mystiq or Storm I wanna come back as a man....a man robot LOL. I wanna be Optimus...I am soooo in love with Transformers I'll probably go see it again this weekend lol. Man all that I ask is that they make it in 3D now....I would so be in love with it more.

The weekend was nice surprisingly I'm not too sleepy but I am looking forward to Friday..yes already I know..ah well. It's nice outside but I wanna be at home, not even in my bed just at home :)

Friday: I was at work a tad late so I didn't get home till a lil before 8pm I think. Hun came over cause we were getting up the next morning to head to Charlotte to meet up with some of the fam and what not. We didnt do much ate some dinner and then we were in the bed.

Saturday: I got up first at about 2:45am, showered and changed my clothes, woke him up and headed to pick my cuz and her hun up from MD. Got there and she didnt' answer her phone or the door...I'm like great this is why I call before I come. Which I had but my aunt told me to go ahead over there she'd be up...I'm like aight but of course I'm agitated cause I like to be ready to roll out when I'm ready to roll out. So I'm ringing the doorbell and calling and calling and ringing the doorbell and she is not answering. Finally my aunt is like go around to the back to her entrance of the house (my aunt doesn't live with her my aunt is her stepmother that lives in NC, my cuz lives with her aunt...not my aunts sister lol get it..good). So anywho she FINALLY comes to the door after yelling who is banging at my door lol...when she realized it was me she was like ohhhh my God my alarm didn't go off and woke her hun up, got dressed and we were on our way after realizing that I had left an amusement park ticket at home, however it was on the way home so it didn't cut too much into our time. Got the ticket and headed was an aight drive but that dang on Interstate 80 is LOOOONNNGGG. I had to stop and let someone else drive cause I was too tired..Hun drove and we got to the park a lil before noon.

He met my mom and dad couldn't come cause he had lots of work to do, so we'll probably go down in a couple of weeks so that he can meet him. My mom liked him although she didn't talk to him too much she said she liked him so far and my aunt was talking his head off about n&**&@ these days spitting poverty and sin out of their you know whats LOL...she trys to scare folks but she's a sweetie. So all in all it was a good trip. However I've noticed that I get these vibes about folks and I let that blind me from perhaps seeing past that....example: My cuz said she was paying for gas since I was driving down there and she didn't have to pay for her and her hun's tickets cause my other aunt and lil cousin weren't going...and since my dad wasn't going I bought my ticket and my hun paid for the food that we ate at the park which you know is an arm and a leg lol. So anyway during our time at that park (which by the way hun paid for parking cause I left my card at home and he wasn't expecting to pay for that) I came to believe that my cuz's bf didn't have any money which is aight cause times are hard. But when we are on the way home (we lef the park at about almost 5pm) hun pays for gas(once we got up this way meaning Northern VA) cause my cuz said she didnt' have any money..I'm like aight we fam I'll get it but then I realized I left my card at home so I asked Hun to cover it..which he did. But as I'm getting out the car her hun is like you can take $5 out of this, it was a $20. I'm like umm nah (Hun had already given me a $20) we good lol and all along I'm thinkin you didn't have no money, did she know you had that or what but it's whatever we fam and I keep it moving. On the way she asks me to make a stop down the's the liquor store...her hun goes in and gets some malt liquor from what Hun says he saw lol I didnt' see it so I dont know....but I'm like you didnt pay for food at the park but you buying alcohol WOW....some folks, I tell anyway after dropping them off me and hun headed back to my house and were passed at, it was around 1am.

Sunday: Hun woke up and was gone by 1130am cause he had to head to the bank. I woke up ate a bagel and was passed out till about 2pm LOL. I was toooo tired and my body hurt like I had been running a marathon with a sumo wrestler on my back. Talked to hun throughout the day, watched the roomie do some hair then headed to see Transformers...which once again I LOVED!!!!! After that of course went to bed.....looking forward to Friday as we speak lol. On top of that this girl at work just told me about this theater in Greenbelt MD has movies for $5 before I will def be out there come this weekend lol

I want a robot in disguise!!!!

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LOL @ buying booze instead of food. I guess some people have different priorities, lol. I'm glad you all had a good weekend!

July 16, 2007  

Tasha...umm yea I didn't know about all that so I didn't even say nothing to Hun cause I didn't want to make it a big thing when it's not that serious.

July 16, 2007  

Girl that liquor was obviously ALL the food he needed! LOL

My son turned 7 on Saturday so he and his dad went to see the Transformers and then ran around trying to find a toys-r-us that had em' in stock because my boy wanted an optimus prime so bad!!

Low and behold after going to nine different stores, he finally found it (the last one).

He came home so excited that I wanna go see the movie myself now.

Glad to hear you had a great weekend. Don't worry...before you know it Friday will be here again! :-)

July 16, 2007  

I still haven't seen Transformers. Hopefully I'll see it this weekend b/c I really want to see it.

$5 worth of gas isn't going to do a damn thing.

July 16, 2007  

I am going to see transformers myself. I am so excited.

July 16, 2007  

people will be know! glad to here that mommy liked him...and if i don't see that movie soon imma just bust...

July 16, 2007  

Just when I thought I had a great weekend, I come and read this. Sounds like fun was had by all.

All this talk about Transformers has peaked my couriousity. I might just have to go and see it.

July 16, 2007  

MsBehaving...I want one now just for the heck of it..clearly he didnt want to eat he just wanted to drink lol and I know that $5 wasn't going to do nothing but I was like you been holding on to that for a min man might as well keep it lol

Deep...I love that movie LOL

TC..yes they will but I guess some folks dont care about eating lol...I'm glad she liked him too

Organized...YES!!! You should but someone else that I know who saw it didnt like it as much as I did so to each his own lol

July 16, 2007  

Ok..I hate when people don't kick in when they are supposed to esp. when you are expecting them too. UGH! Then dude had the audacity to purchase alcohol! Wow...

July 16, 2007  

Omptimus Prime is HOTT but not as Hott as my Boo BumbleBee. I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!! Most people dont remember but in the original cartoon, Bumblebee was presented as kind of the whimpy one. He was the one autobot that had emotions and feelings closest to that of a human. People saw that as weak but even back then he was my favorite. And then when he got his new body (which by the way is a pretty Hott Camaro) I was like...DAYUM!!! LOL!! I cant wait to see it again too (I went yesterday afternoon as well).

As for your cuz and her "hun"....ummmmmmm one word "Trifling" sounds like they got a free ride, free access to the park, and free food! As a man, her dude should have felt like a gump having not contributed at all...but on the flip, you're hun should be real proud...he held his wifey down (you) and even carried the weight of another man and his responsibilities without complaining at all...DAYUM Yo sounds like you got a good one!

July 16, 2007  

I meant Optimus LOL!

July 16, 2007  

Diva....Umm yes that's what I was thinking but I left it alone

Royce....I know BumbleBee had me crackin up with the songs :) I never got into the cartoon cause ya know I was into my lil pony lol but I wish I had gotten into it. Yes he did get a free everything..Hun even paid for parking I felt so bad for him..I tell ya and I knew what you meant lol I love me some Optimus!!!

July 16, 2007  

I can not wait to see the Transformers. I am gonna go check it out this week!

Lol @ all the booze.

July 16, 2007  

I am sticking to my guns and waiting for it in the buck fiddy! LOL

No comment on dude, just trife, he would NOT be invited on any more road trips!

July 16, 2007  

Transformers was off the chain. I remember watching the cartoons when I was but a lad. So how was the amusement park?

Oh and I hate for people to not be on time too. When I'm ready to move, I'm ready to move!

July 16, 2007  

MizzJJ....Yes go SEE IT NOW!! LOL I was blown at that ah well

Lady...AHHHH boo you can go to a matinee lol yea I was like dang boo to you

Sojourner...YES I didn't get into it but now I wish I had lol...I'm ready to go when I'm ready to go

July 16, 2007  

I'm sooo glad the movie was great, now I will definately go see it. I luuuuuuuvvvvvvveeed the Transformers and Inspector Gadget. Had to see it in the morning before school. This thing with you and Hun has went far enuff young lady!!!! lol

July 16, 2007  

man booze v. food is such the college conundrum. i would eat in the cafe on the regular so i could drink. what's his excuse? mad abt it. trife. you said charlotte!! you know that's my hometown!! :) love it!!!

July 16, 2007  

MisUnderstood...I am so in love with that movie lol....umm what are you talking about lol it is going just as it should LOL

Jameil...Yea I was like umm great LOL...I didnt' know beans

July 16, 2007 sound just like me with the booze :)

Loved Transformers. Did u see Harry Potter yet? He could soo get it on the invisible cloak LMAO

Glad u had a great weekend. We're gonna kick it one of these days I promise

BTW...check out my blog, tag ur it!!

July 16, 2007  

Now see, y'all are gonna make me break my hiatus and go see a movie. Hi Honey, i'm here! Nice Spot!

July 16, 2007  

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