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Monday, July 30, 2007

How did you know...

This weekend was pretty chill for once not too much excitement I was in woodbridge all weekend (that's where Hun's new house is). Friday I got off work to a rainy commute home in which I realized that I needed to put money on my smart trip card. Great then i realized that I get smart benefits on wed...wonderful so I only have to put on enough money to cover me till wed morning..wonderful. So I get home, walk in the door head up the stairs to pack my weekend bag....turn on the light and nothing.....I go to the bathroom..turn on the light and nothing....great the power is out. First I'm like I know I paid the bill, then I'm like I wonder if the neighbors power is out. I go ahead and pack a bag..leaving my room looking as if a level 10 hurricane/tsunami ran through it. Roomie later texts me and lets me know that the power is in fact went off before she left so she left LOL

I head up the road trying to make sure I remembered to put my cell phone charger in my bad..proceed up 95 well down cause I'm going south but you get what I'm saying and hit some traffic (errr the mixing bowl near springfield is suppose to help with all this, personally I think it's still horrible) so I get off at the Backlick exit and head up route 1 to which I run into traffic again where it meets I hop back on 95 and no traffic well a little but alot I'm like what the heck is going on between backlick and the woodbridge exit..nonsense that's what it is..probably someone pulled over and folks being nosey I tell ya. So anyway I get to the house and Hun is wrapping up some stuff and we head to Outback to get some food....laughing and talking. I've become pretty open with him and I'm like ya know I can honestly say that I look forward to marrying you and having your children..he looks at me, smiles and says I am too. Then I say I know your baby's head will be big so I'm not looking forward to that LOL....he says no you got a big head look at your nephew LOL..great. We sit down and while eating our food this lady walks by with this biggggg ring on her ring finger..I'm like babe umm that's huge..he says BALLLIINNN and I'm like can I have something that big LOL. Of course he busts out we get home after having a great dinner..I had some wings (i dont do steak too much) and he had steak....we had some drinks.....and we watch a lil tv....head to take a shower and while lathering up (man I love that shower lol) he says I was gonna tell you the other day but your black so I'm not gonna tell you (that's his excuse for me acting crazy lol..and when I say your black too he says no I'm puerto rican...yea right lol) anywho I say what tell me.....he says nah I'm not telling you so I'm like fine....of course that aint work and 2 sec later I'm like tell me plllleeeassseee LOL...he's like aight. SILENCE......and I'm like come on man what LOL....scared and wondering what the heck he has to tell me and he says I love you. SILENCE....I smile....."What"......I love you. AWWWW Babe, you do, awwwww (of course I'm on the verge of tears dont ask me why lol then again I know why cause those are some serious words lol) yes I do...i was gonna tell you the other day but I just didn't. AWWW I love you too babe....and the rest that night is TMI LOL.

The whole weekend I'm like aww he loves me, I wonder when he does he know?

I began to think about the first time I knew I loved him....hmm to be honest I can't pinpoint a moment....I just sorta knew and it just sorta came out. There were culminating events....him hugging me as he talks on the phone, him changing my tire instead of letting me call Triple A, going with me to the museum even though he hates stuff like do I know I love him.....hmm I'd have to say I just do lol....I get all touchy feely around him, I wanna be in the same room with him even if we're not talking, I melt when he kisses me....he makes me want to stay focused and make millions LOL (sike Im jokin), but seriously the man is focused and he stays on the grind...sometimes I get sad cause I cant' see him but the funny part is the first thing that pops into my head whenI think that is that song when I hustle by huey and lloyd...yea it's a weird song to think of but we all hustle whether it be legally or do what you gotta do to feed yourself and your family. We were talking about our past relationships and he mentioned that he could have gotten some girls pregnant (an ex and a white girl..I said that cause the white girl wasn't his girl..not that it makes a difference so dont say that I'm racist lol I'm just sayin lol great) and I was like well what if I said that what would you do...he says well we'd just have to prepare to have a baby your different it might not have been planned but we're together and we're gonna have a family.

He was on the phone yesterday and I overheard him asking one of his friends how long his brother had been with his girl (he's getting married apparently) and I dont know what he said but Huns response was hmm I'm gonna have to drag it out longer than that LOL...lets hope it wasnt that long or he's gonna get his feelings hurt's funny cause we get into tifts, we go our seperate ways and then we'll talk later and be fine..example yesterday after I had cooked dinner I was tasting the chicken (baked) to see how it tasted cause I cooked it in a bag in the oven....and I bit down on my tongue and I'm about to cry cause I have no tolerance for pain (I dont know how I'm gonna birth children lol...slap that needle in me NOW forget how I'm dialated just do it NOW) he's like awwww woman up and I'm like be quiet and ok I was over doing it but I can't help it I tend to be that way, I can help it but I like over doing it lol Im a baby what can I say and finally I guess it got too much for him and he was like shut the F up.....SILENCE......SILENCE....I'm staring at him, he's staring at me..I wanna say something..I wanna bust out crying cause his tone wasn't playful....I fix my food and stomp upstairs...screaming in my head I hate him, he sucks, I'm going home. I eat my food telling myself over and over in my head that I dont want him to come upstairs while all along hoping that he does....I hear him come back into the kitchen (he was in the basement, which is his studio) and I'm like dont come up here dont come up here....please come up here please come up here lol....he goes back downstairs...I dose off and hear him come into the room..I sense him staring at me..I slowly open my eyes and he's leanin over me....."Im sorry" forgive me....were you sleep....ok, alright, no i wasn't sleep. He kisses me asks me if I wanna watch a movie....I say no he asks me if i wanna talk to him...i say no i still wanna be alone. He goes downstairs..I watch a lil more TV and dose off again and then I go downstairs...I'm ready to talk....he gives me a hug pulls me onto his lap and says that he didnt mean to say it like that...I was overdoing it..i said ok. He says you dont think you had any part in it...umm no I smile. I was the one who bit my tongue I was the one that was hurt and he was like you were also the one overdoing it..I mean we could have taken you to the hospital if it hurt that bad..i said I was bleeding and he said ok well you wanna go to the emergency room...ok I'll admit i overdid it...great. I went back upstairs and proceeded to watch the rest of the movie I was watching.

He annoys me yes...I annoy him I know lol....but I love him just the same. I asked him again when did he know that he loved me and he says I dont know I didnt keep track of it.....but it doesn't matter when he knew all that matters is that he does :) Maybe one day he will tell me he says I'm trying to transform him but he's transforming on his own and I find it rather nice.

How did you know........

Random Thought: Who cares why Usher didnt' get married..I dont he not payin for future wedding..then again i wonder what was going through his head when he decided to call it off hmmmm to be a fly on that wall!

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Nothing like a nice love story. I think what is so great about you guys is the fact that you recognize that you aren't perfect individually or together. Plus I love the fact that y'all are able to work out your differences and not let them drag out. Awww *sigh*

I knew that I loved him when I was 15 and he use to cheat off my paper in Calculus class *sigh*. It's 18 years later and we are FINALLY a couple...

July 30, 2007  

Soooooo wasn't ready for the mush this morning!

So I assume that this was his first time saying it to you. Awwwwwww!

*raises the black power fist*

Keep on keeping on.

July 30, 2007  

Durty...AWWWW cheating turns to love LOL...sike I'm jokin I love LOVE I tell ya

Lady..I'm sorry LOL. I'll try to be mean first then mushy just for you..yep it was the first time that's why it kinda caught me by surprise. LOL you crazy girl

July 30, 2007  

Aw .. that was cute. You guys are too adorable.

I haven't hit that "love" feeling with old dude yet.. I'm still in "like".

Couples are going to argue.. it's how you get over that hump is what matters.

Get it girl!

July 30, 2007  

Thee....I thought it was kinda cute LOL. Like is a good thing at least it's not a I hate you but I'm dealing with you feeling LOL

July 30, 2007  

I was all set to put on the tims then he says those three words. awwwwwwwww.

Then I was ready to put the tims back on then he said I am sorry.

You too are so cute. But I feel my haterade kicking in so I am going to leave before I let it come out. lol

July 30, 2007  

That was so sweet. I love love stories.

July 30, 2007  

AWWWWWW! What a cute love story!!! You guys are too adorable.

Girl, arguements happen, but as long as you're able to communicate and get it straight, that's all that matters.

I'm kinda like you, I don't really remember when I got that 'love' feeling. All I know is that it's the best feeling, especially knowing that they feel the same way back.

July 30, 2007  

Deep...LOL I know right see I'm glad I can call someone LOL

Diva...I do too :)

Tasha...LOL you and yours are cute as well...I know I know I was about to bust him in the head though lol

July 30, 2007  

What's up with withholding information. As I proved on Friday, there's no such thing as TMI. ;-) Seriously, you and "Hun" are too much. Next time you pull something like that I hope he presents you with an Oscar for your overdramatic performance. :-)

July 30, 2007  

Organized...I know I can overly dramatic he pays me no attention then I overdo it still LOL..what can I say I'm sure our kids will be like him LOL..

July 30, 2007  

Girl I couldn't read no further that the shower scene...I am so happy for you..he said it...yes!!!

Okay I lied I kept will have ur spats. Poor baby how's ur boo-boo?

July 30, 2007  

You two have definitely grown together in the 7 weeks I have been gone!! I am happy!! I love seeing people in love!

July 30, 2007  

Awww....How sweet is that??

Okay...It's official: You and Hun are getting the couple of the year award (hands down) :-)

July 30, 2007  

I always get this emotionally thrill when I visit your blog, always a good post

July 30, 2007  

I love your posts. Their always long as hell, but I will completely stop doing what I'm doing...drinking tea, hot chocolate, etc. to read them all the way through.

Loved reading about you and "hun" and him telling you he loved you in the shower...sweeeeeeeeeeet! A man that can apologize even sweeter. You lucky woman you!

July 30, 2007  

AWWW..I remember the first time my man said I love you. It caught me off guard. I just smiled.

Such a nice story.

July 30, 2007  

OOOOOHHHH...THAT'S SOOOO PRECIOUS. I came her and started read this about two hours and kept getting interupted by WORK (what's wrong with these people-so selfish), but I'm glad I finished, girl, I know you were done-just ready to melt. Does he know about your page?

July 30, 2007  

JMW...nope and i plan on keeping it that way I like having something to myself LOL

July 30, 2007  

what a moment. treasure it lady! congratulations.

July 30, 2007  

Gosh, ya'll sound just like me and Hef!! (my bf) I annoy him, he annoys me, then we right back to loving each other like aint a damn thing happening! Not to mention the 'rough' talk, then the 'I'm sorry' later on *!

July 30, 2007  

ain't nothing like romanticism in the shower...maybe it's the water coupled with the lather that brings out the "love jones" in people...! i'm just glad he didn't get your hair wet! hahahahah

July 30, 2007  

Awwwww... the love bug bites again! Bishop and I were talking the other day and he said, "Mo, you know I love you, right?" **sigh** still gets me like the first time!
But on the real: your posts are long as HELL!!!!!

July 31, 2007  

the question is...can you keep a secret...?

July 31, 2007  

Great story and you're really reminding me of me.. don't come up here,please come up.. lol. seriously.. I think that way all the time.. I'm glad everything worked out.. My mother told me on my wedding day, 1 min before my father walked me down the isle, she took my cheeks and said, "You know honey, you don't have to go through with this" I knew that, but silently went ahead.. needless to say, I wish I would have turned around and run.. Divorce isn't that fun of a time :o)

July 31, 2007  

So, who told who first? I knew it was love when the condom got lost inside me and he slid me to the end of the bed, got down on his knees and started finger-fishing inside me for the missing protection. He didn't flinch or look overly grossed out. Also, this was the only guy I have ever kissed early in the morning - before- brushing my teeth. From time to time, I let the husband taste the tongue in the wee hours of the morning, but it's very rare. I have bodily fluid and cleanliness issues. Sue me.

You are great at getting people to confess all things love. I think it stems from your obvious innocence and sweet spirited presence. *gushes*

July 31, 2007  

maybe he was seein the same girl as some one else...ha! Im such a jerk!

July 31, 2007  

awe...that is so sweet...I wish I could have that love feeling with someone...

well I glad you're on cloud nine these days with him.

August 01, 2007  

this is totally wonderful!

how did i know? i like i know more and more every day...

August 02, 2007  

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