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Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.... It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow."

I was out sick yesterday so I do apologize for the lateness of this post.

I'm forever thankful for...

being allowed to wake up this morning...I could have still been sick

recognizing that my body just can't accept some foods like it use to

being able to go to an event this weekend that I get to be jazzy at. Hun has plans so once again I'm entertaining myself :)

today being Thursday

seeing Constant and not feeling the least bit guilty as he wished that things were diff between us.

being able to surprise Hun yesterday by being at the house when he got off work...he didnt' jump up and down but I know he was surprised

the chance to sleep in this weekend..WOOHOOO

the experience of having a weave in my hair...umm this aint for Honey and this mess will probably come out this weekend. My head is itching and I can't stand not being able to get to the spot that's itching LOL

just being able to live matter what comes my way :)

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well...I'm gonna be entertaining myself this weekend too...

sad thing is I'm so excited to see rush hour 3...and everyone keeps looking at me like a dork...and I don't know why, but I just really want to see that movie for some reason.

August 09, 2007  

Brwn...LOL I'm not mad though I get to go shopping for a dress and be jazzy so booo to him. I kinda wanna see it but I might go to a matinee just in case it sucks monkey balls

August 09, 2007  

awwwwwww @ the hair! Girl I knoooooooooow the feeling. I can't do weaves either. Are you patting your weave like Beyonce said do? hehehe

Glad you are feeling better!

August 09, 2007  

I feel you on the weaves Honey. I got one once and absolutely HATED it. my LA peoples tell me that it was done wrong though. while I AM against them, i think i might have to break down and get one for the cruise i'm going on in january. boo.

Glad you're up and out!

August 09, 2007  

OD....LOL yes I am pattin it so hard my freakin head is hurtin LOL..weave aint for Honey LOL

JAC...I know my roomie did a wonderful job I think my head just can't get with all that extra hair LOL

August 09, 2007  

That last one is probably the most important one.

And of course, you continue to amaze me with the quotes you selected.

August 09, 2007  

Girl hair pins work wonders for getting in between the weave to itch that spot but ummm you ain't hear that from me LOL.

GASP @ your already wanting to take it out!!! -- BUT IT LOOKS SO NICE....

August 09, 2007  

I was checkin ya page all day yesterday like "where she at? hmpf!" I take allll that back being that you were at home sick. My bad! Aww @ that weave. Tryna be cute aint easy LOL!

August 09, 2007  

Wonderful thoughts honey-libra, and ain't nothing like getting all dressed up, feeling and looking good, whew, a definite confidence booster, have fun and strut your stuff!

August 09, 2007  

Organized...I do what I can :)

MsBehaving..LOL I know but dang on it I cant take it I've been patting my head so hard I feel like I'm in the Beyonce video

Durty..see there you go LOl ready to be mean lol

Miz...I know I'm soo excited and I get to buy a new dress LOL

August 09, 2007  

thankful for another day of lil'sarccastik making me laugh....

August 09, 2007  

sarccastik...that's always something to be thankful for :) I'm glad your back mannnn!!!

August 09, 2007  

Weave, weave, weave, I will never forget an itch like that. lol

Your body definately changes (everything)as you get older in life...cant wait to see what you say when you hit 30. lol

August 09, 2007  

Mis..what you trying to do curse me LOL...girl that grease wont no joke...or maybe it was the beef that did me in LOL

August 09, 2007  

still being here...just still being here! and for my faith...without it right now i would lose my mind

August 09, 2007  

I am thankful for the smile I have thingking of you banging your head to get the itch....ROFL

August 09, 2007 know I love that right there :)

Lady...How mean LOL but I'm thankful I could make you laugh.

August 09, 2007  

I remember my hot fun in the summertime hair weaves. I'm glad those days are gone. lol

August 09, 2007  

OMG! Is this like your shortest post EVAR?!?! ROFL!

Have a great weekend Scrumptious.

August 09, 2007  

girl I know you better take that weave out! u surely don't need it although I'm sure it's cute as hell

enjoy ur weekend!!

August 09, 2007  

ArGal....Girl I am soo glad I took that mess out LOL

SG..yes I think it is sir LOL..have a wonderful weekend too :)

Tenacious..Girl I took that mess out yesterday as soon as I got in the door LOL..cute but it had to come out..have a great weekend.

August 10, 2007  

hey, I thought this was on Wednesday's? but I love them everyday. That LAST ONE...GIRL, GIRL, GIRL. I've got soooo much going on now it's crazy, but this morning I just had to say, "Thank You Jesus" for every and all things...where would I be without Him - I'd be a mess!

August 10, 2007  

Girl it's the little things to be thankful for. Wonderful list. (Be jazzy girl!)

Feel you on the weave. I had two tracks on each side once for fullness. I nearly tore that mess out of my head. So I can only imagine a head full.

My ponytail supplement, Princess (yes, she has a name), is a keeper though! LOL. For those mornings when my hair goes haywire and I'm trying desperately to just look presentable...

August 10, 2007  

Praise Him! WoW, I'm feeling your introspection

August 10, 2007  

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