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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


"Throw out an alarming alarm clock. If the ring is loud and strident, you're waking up to instant stress. You shouldn't be bullied out of bed, just reminded that it's time to start your day." (Sharon Gold)

Interesting quote...very true I think cause Hun seems to turn into a mad man when his alarm goes time we were sleeping peacefully and BAMN it goes off and I get popped across the face as he jumps out the bed as if someone just touched his butt hole LOL. I dont know why he jumps up each time his alarm rings as if ATF is banging on the door..he can't help it, I've learned this and I crack up everytime he does it. Sometimes it scares me cause he wakes me up and I think something is wrong. I'm gonna film him one day then again that might be hard cause I'm usually knocked out till he jumps up LOL

I've been to the bathroom like 5 times already..great in fact but umm sometimes I wish I had a toilet at my desk so I wouldnt have to walk so far to the bathroom.

I watched a clip from the interview that Nicole Richie did on 20/20. I can honestly say that I pray she is fine now....pregnancy does that to some folks..makes em turn their lives around..others I can't say that same for. She looks good and happy..seriously...hopefully she and the father know how blessed she is to be able to have stopped this cycle of drug usage and insanity that has plagued her...even if it's just because of the child....

Ok boo so your not my man how about you stop trying to figure out why I didn't answer your text messages this weekend...ya I know how to charge my phone but I wasn't home from sat to sun so I didn't have it with me..what do you care anyway.

Clearly you find me attractive and I'm flattered but dont keep asking when am I coming to visit you...never. I'm gonna keep making up reasons that I'm not coming cause clearly you could care less that I have a man....and stop sayin I respect that cause CLEARLY you dont. WOW

Umm why stay with your girl when she breaks up with you whenever she feels like it and then you take her back cause she wants to be with you..what does that say about your corny tail.

I tried to be as nice as possible when I told you that you had put on weight short of calling you the pillsbury dough boy. I mean dang man if you gonna be big make it look nice, your clothes falling off of you and you eating like a fat boy lickin your fingers and food all around your mouth is not sexxy.

I know that a surprise is's killin me that I dont know what it is. I sooo wanna tell roomie that I know about the email. But she's only gonna play it off..which means that I'll have to forget about it...but you know I cant do that

I talked to my nephew on the phone yesterday and he said you silly auntie I said you dont even know how to spell silly so prompted by my mom he spelled it then said see LOL. I said grandma helped you LOL...I love that little boy I cant believe he is gonna be in Head Start soon...I know I'm gonna cry LOL

I cracked up at Hun yesterday cause he was being a fat boy trying to eat another bowl of ice cream and I started talking to his tummy (as if it were my kid) I think he started to get mad LOL..I was like Ahmari said stop trying to make him fat..then I was like hi Ahmari it's mommie how you doing in there LOL..he was like aight man stop

I cut myself on a nail that was sticking out of my headboard while umm involving myself in some adult behavior...needlesstosay my writst now looks like I tried to commit suicide cause I have a bandaid on it LOL...this lady at work looked at me and said are you ok....LOL hell yeah I'm ok hahaha...mad that it cut my activity short cause I didnt want to bleed all over the bed

I'm on a hunt on craigslist for a new dresser and a desk...and a dining room table for the new house...great. I think I've found some I've been emailing them to Hun to see what he thinks..we shall see

Hmm what am I gonna do for Labor Day...probably not much since I'll probably be moving furniture and unpacking..great. I've moved every year since I graduated from college and this time will be the last time until I move out of the state hopefully in about 3-5 years.

I'm excited that school starts in a couple of weeks...I'm looking forward to doing homework again..I know I'm a nerd LOL

What makes you think that blowing your nose at your desk allll LOUD is ok....shouldnt you have commen sense enough to know how nasty that sounds to everyone. You dont know if folks are on the phone and your just doing that all loud..nasty tail. On top of that I saw those white socks you had on yesterday with the those black loafers that flop off your feet like flip flops...WOW is all I could say LOL.

Stop staring in my mouth when I'm not talking to you. You interjecting yourself into the convo is not gonna make me talk to you, I'm just gonna ignore you like my mom use to do me and my sisters....I tell ya

I wanna go to Kings Dominon..I think the fam is going in Sept with my dads job...I'll have to check into that.

Please Friday hurry up!!!


1. What is the worst/corniest pick up line someone has used on you and/or you used?
I wanna see how that feels backed up on me (in reference to my butt LOL..great) I dont use pick up lines other than telling someone that I find them attactive

2. Have you ever gone out on a date with someone and went home with someone else? Explain.
LOL. Now that I think about it yes. Me and roomie headed down to Adams Morgan about a year or so ago on Halloween to hang out wth this guy from her job and his cousin..a double date of sorts if you will. So we hit the lounge up, grab some food and what not. Homie was getting on my nerves and he didnt have any lips (I love lips) so I was really attracted to him although he was nice...he kept leaving and coming back and I was trying to dance and he didnt' dance with I saw this cutie..we started talking and dances most of the night. When it came time to go home the guys we came with where like so what we doing and roomie were like oh we're gonna hang out with them...see you later LOL..too funny. Guess he figured he could ignore me and still go home with me...NOT.

3. What is the worst thing (spread a rumor, hook up with their SO, etc...) that you did to a friend? Did they do anything to deserve it?
I've never done anything like that to a an enemy LOL

4. What is your favorite sex scene in a regular movie (not porn)? Why?
I love the scene in Their Eyes were watching God when they are making love after running away together but I love the line where he says since you said that I'm with ya in your nighttime thoughts I want to be with you in your daytime thoughts too (meaning that he just didnt want her to think that he was after he for know bootycall status)

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? What would you change on your SO?
Hmm I'd just loose weight but I'm working on that now....funny cause he's losing weight too but I wouldnt change anything since we've been together we've evolved together and I kind alike that

Bonus (as in optional): What countries, other than your own, have you had sex in? Was it someone on the trip with you? Someone from that country?
Umm no other countries that's on my TO DO list (literally LOL) hopefully before I have children)

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Nothing like having a strong man to jump up out his sleep like a superhero to save the day from that ALARM too cute

What did you have to drink today tomake you have to go to the loo so much? Hmmmm

A nail...when was your last tetanus shot young lady?

August 07, 2007  

MisUnderstood....I know right I be like dang man I have to wear protective gear to sleep LOL...water I tell ya that junk ir runnin through me like a river haha..umm I think high school maybe I need to go get another one.

August 07, 2007  

Yaay for CL!! That place is like crack..I bought my couch, tv stand and kitchen table from there. And I'm looking for a floor lamp now. New furniture be damned!

August 07, 2007  

Why do you always put me on blast on your blog? And in two different posts That was just a warm up pick up line and I stop asking you're going to come see me. :o( [Crawls under a rock.]

August 07, 2007  

Good answers. I'll post mine tonight.

August 07, 2007  

I had to crack up at you this line "he jumps out the bed like someone just touched his booty hole"...lmao.

The way you word stuff is just crazy!

Hmmmmm going to the bathroom too much...could mean THE BABY is sitting on your bladder. lol

August 07, 2007


August 07, 2007  

Sha..I have to wait till he sees what I saw so I can email them to get some of that stuff LOL

Freaky..I mean hey what can I say you did it to yourself

Organized..I was waiting to see what you wrote

OD...LOL I can't help it, it just comes out..NOOOOO NOOO baby LOL

DC...Hey I do what I can LOL

August 07, 2007  

Your butt is something else Honey!!

August 07, 2007  

Hun jumped like someone touched his booty hole? That was too hilarious! You do have a way with words HL!

Oh I'm gonna suggest you pound that nail in. I hate for you to cum and go at the same time ! LOL

August 07, 2007  

yeah, my niece will start kindergarden soon...and I'm gonna cry...she is all grown up now, as for the new hair style...I like it..

um cutting ur wrist doing adult things....that is why I anti head boards..I think I hurt myself more with one around and I make to much noise enough don't need to add to it with the likes of head boards

August 07, 2007  

Yaz..hey it is what it is LOL

SG...LOL you are too crazy come and go WOW too funny

Brwn...Aww glad you like it, hahaa I know he keeps sayin we dont need one and i keep sayin we do..i guess he has more evidence to support his want lol

August 07, 2007  

I've heard so much about craigslist but when I go look for something around my area nothing is available. Guess people in this backward ass state doesn't know about craigslist.

My favorite sex scene in a movie is Jason's Lyric when they are in the store and Allen Payne has Jada's back all up on the cash register working her out. LOL

August 07, 2007  

TSG....OHHHH yea or when they were in the field everytime I see him on House of Payne I think of that but he's slackin in this show ah well...I can flashback lol..I need to get that on DVD

August 07, 2007  

hey gurl, just dropping by! So how u doin? lol!
Fav sex scene - Love and Basketball, when Sanaa and Omar finally get it on to the tune of "This Womens Worth" by Maxwell!

August 07, 2007  

I like searching Craigslist just for the "best of" entries they have. You find the craziest letters on there that will have you cracking up laughing!

August 07, 2007  

You gonna have to start wearing a helmet to bed! Don't want Hun knocking you out!

You leave doughboy alone! LOL

Ummmm I would ask how you got cut that looks like a suicide cut while being grown, but I am at work and I don't need to be thinking about grown things. ;-P

August 08, 2007  

My favorite visual sex scene: Jason's Lyric; Auditory: Trick's song, Tonight, featuring Trina. My mind races faster than my heart when I hear those lyrics about a steaming phuck session. I digress. *Sounding and feeling randy*

August 08, 2007  

LOL @ getting popped in the face when Hun wakes up. This whole post just had me rollin!

August 08, 2007  

I read you everyday I'm now reading your old post, do you know what happened to The Mistress? I was reading her blog everyday too.

August 08, 2007  

You have to be careful with him wacking you when he wakes up, you don't want to end up with a black eye.. missing tooth etc.. I normally wake up just before the alarm like my body is programmed.. it's crazy.. even on the weekends.. I want to sleep in but can't..! "sigh"

August 08, 2007  

"I'm excited that school starts in a couple of weeks...I'm looking forward to doing homework again..I know I'm a nerd LOL"

Well damn, wanna knock out mine too?! :)

August 08, 2007  

LOL. Girl that was FUNNY....funny...FuNnY!!!

August 08, 2007  

Them nails are dangerous!!! Lol

Reading about your nephew makes me miss my nieces.

August 08, 2007  

that was tooooooo funny. the jumping up is hilarious! i think i prefer that to being the living dead. my old roomie would sleep through her blaring alarm and amazingly loud radio for 20 minutes. not move. i mean that is amazing. like for no reason. and a bit scary. you do know you could die in a fire right? yeah...

lmao @the bandaid on the wrist!!! don't do it honey!!!

August 08, 2007 of your readers is asking about me in the comments. I have no clue who it is but blog is now very private and invite only. Had to close up shop due to lurkers pissing me off and me wanting to be more candid. Do I know you? Maybe I'll send you an invite if I know who you are...

Anyway girl who is the guy you are addressing within this post? have some serious words for his ass.

Meow! :-)

August 08, 2007  

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