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Friday, August 10, 2007

I need to hit the studio up..I GOT BARS!!!

posted by Ms.Honey at 8:37 AM


I can't watch the video but what's up with that hat? LOL

August 10, 2007  

Lady..LOL girl it's too hilarious.

August 10, 2007  

Giiiiirrrrrlll, I was scared to press play after I saw this kneegrow (yes I spelled it wrong, lol) with that Chef Boyardee hat with glitter and ish on his head.

No he didn't put an african twist on that A Bay Bay song! lol lol

August 10, 2007  

Gotta agree with Ar soon as I saw ole dude's mug I just knew this was Not Safe For Work!!

Reminds me of one of the fat boyz.

August 10, 2007  

You have to love youtube. What other forum could we see the utter flagship of culture - the need for assimilation and the scream for conformity even while you are trying to be different

August 10, 2007  

That aint right!

August 11, 2007  

da hell???????

August 27, 2007  

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