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Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Thoughts...

I'm ready to go home...better yet I'm ready for Friday

I have to go look at Carla's Hotties..cause these men sound fine on the radio..great

Somethings are just beyond my control I mean dang dont get mad at me....then again get mad cause that just shows how much you trust what I say

I mean WOW why must we discuss all of this it is what it is and that's that....

I was so ready to hang up on him on Saturday and I haven't felt like that in a while

Can't help it that I made plans when you acted like you didnt want to do anything...that's what you get for taking so long.

I had to take that mess out of my head....I can breathe!!!! My head feels so much lighter woooooosaahhhhh

Man those horoscopes this morning were too of them was like why your 2 year old got a fingerwaved wig LOL then of course they kept cracking jokes talking about the little girl be wearing her grandmothers wigs LOL

Which lead me to think about how fingerwaves are coming back (I saw two or three girls with those WOW...just dont keep them in too long so that they look like finger prints)

I was in CVS the other day and I saw this stuff called Astroglide why did I bust out laughing. It sounds like a vehicle from like the Jetsons or something but it's nothing like it fact the name fits what its for now that I think about it LOL

Me and roomie had a blast at the all white affair..I will admit I have to get use to go-go but it's something about black folks and not fighting that I get excited about LOL

On the other hand....I mean ok we all dont have all white...but come on man dont come in fatigue capri pants there is nothing white about that.

And another thing...ok the jacket without a bra is cute sometimes but not when your stomach looks like you're 6 months pregnant and your belly is pierced and it's sticking so far out that you could cut me with your belly ring WOW

What is the point of a boot sandal...AHAHAHAHHA. Me and roomie were like does she have boots on and she turns around and BAMN it's a sandal....umm great. And the point of her pigtails was.........yea I dont know either LOL

Me and the roomie were crackin up at R cause he was so glad he didnt wear his Prada shoes..cause it seemed like every dude in there had some variation of them on...I mean what were they on sale or something. I never understand how someone could spend that much money on some shoes..not I said Honey..not I

This time next week I'll be getting ready for class..WOOHOOO. I'm such a geek I can't wait to go get some notebooks and new pens LOL. Great Plus I get to leave work 3 days a week and when I have no work to do at work I can always bring my homework in

I have nothing to hide from Hun, I told him about me and roomie going with R to the All White Affair...he doesnt like to go to stuff like that..I mean what can I do..nothing..he works on music I do what I do..that's all to it

My best male friend told me that he still had feelings for me and they have gotten stronger. Ummm supposedly he had a dream where he kissed me and told me he loved me and I said it's about this dream also were fish and some other animals LOL. I told him when you dream about fish your or someone you know is you know he asked me did I have something to tell him...UMM NO least I dont think I do no sign of that LOL. He asked me what I thought the dream meant I said its a dream it's just that he goes on to say he thought it meant something..I guess once he figured I wasn't gonna go into it (I've told him a long time ago we're friends I think of him as my best friend) he said well I respect that and I always have, I think of you as my best friend so lets leave it at that...great. I dont want to loose my friend because of a dream.

I haven't told Hun, he laughs whenever he thinks of me having a guy best Rod has always been there for me and we dont even see one another all the time...maybe once a year...that man I tell ya he is too funny

I got my drink and my two step is in my head LOL..great

I saw a pic of R all dressed me and roomie were like he cleans up pretty nice, then again he looked rather nice at the affair

Come on FRIDAY!!!!!!

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the drug store can be VERY educational. I once saw these things that looked like those little breath strips--only they were spermicide. WOW. It's good to spend time in the drugstore. Not everything gets advertised on TV.

August 13, 2007  

GC..I know I was like WOW LOl astroglide alrighty then..fasinated me lol

August 13, 2007  

I didn't understand how come I was first, but then I realized, my blog stroll's a little early today!

As for the blazer, bra, pigtails combo. Going out can be quite amusing. And sometimes, you haven't even gotten inside yet before the show begins.

Alls I wanna know is did you get jazzy?! (Love that, may I borrow?)

August 13, 2007  

Ha! Wasn't first after all! LOL

August 13, 2007  

MsLee..You know I was jazzy I'm gonna post a pic tomorrow :) Girl I wish I was brave enough to take a pic of that but i was laughing too hard LOL and yes you may indeed borrow JAZZY

August 13, 2007  

So there were fashion tragedies. I am so sorry. But at least you were fly.

August 13, 2007  

LMAO @ you!!! glad you had fun and damn the site was down.. too many of ya'll were going in for the hotties LOL or tryin to vote for the best sold food!!! LOL

August 13, 2007  

Boot sandal..WTH? That's like a dude I saw in ATL with some short leather shorts on. I know he was hot. But when do you wear leather shorts..cause it's too hot in the summer for leather and it's too cold for shorts in the winter.

August 13, 2007  

Deep...MAN were there..too many of them to name those were just a few LOL

BK..mannnnn all I could do was bust out laughing and on top of that I voted LOL..I kept refreshing my screen LOL

TSG..yea that's what I said, what the heck LOL like all that around the ankle would annoy me..WOW leather shorts on..yea that's too weird I can see him now in the winter wearing them with some dress socks LOL...let me stop

August 13, 2007  

and I thought I was bad in already looking forward to Friday. Glad someone else can feel my pain :-(

Girl...I too went to an all white affair this weekend. The one I went to was in Connecticut though!!

LMAO @ the boot sandals. [Yeah...ummm...somebody should have told ole' girl that those are NOT ATTRACTIVE lol]

August 13, 2007  

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn Friday!

ROFL@what you saw at the club.

Never seen astroglide before? Where you been? I have had more than one guy tell me that it works better than KY.

You know it's like some kinda natural law that once you get with someone, folks from the past wanna show up and holla again. WTH is that about?

August 13, 2007  

MsBehaving...YES gotta love all white parties as long as no one spills their drink on me LOL. MAN I should have taken a pic..matter fact the next time I'm in a store and I see some I'm gonna take some pics

Lady..GIRL I was tooo through. I've been around just not in the CVS apparently LOL....great yea right you should just say you know its better than KY LOL..let me stop. yea but the best friend wow who does that LOL..apparently he does

August 13, 2007  

i saw an old black dude at the gym... with fingerwaves. WHAT?!?! pause.

August 13, 2007  

"just dont keep them in too long so that they look like finger prints"

d.e.a.d LMAO!!

Those boot sandals things are so not cute to me!

August 13, 2007  

LMAO @ the pigtails. And why the boot sandals?? Too many chicks at my job wear those things like they're really cute or something. How is that business casual.

Astroglide is the truth. Umm, ok...moving on *blushing*

@Jameil...I'm dying about the dude in fingerwaves.

August 13, 2007  

I can relate. It's tough to be in a relationship and have a best friend of the opposite. I've been there before. At the same time, I have also had a dream about my best friend too. I can relate to that as well.

August 13, 2007  

Honey, you are straight killing me today LOL

Not the fingerwaves, oh my god this girl came in my job with fingerwaves....with glitter and a weave down her back.

no one could understand why I died laughing.

How about if you're going to wear a bra under your blazer make sure it's one of the good bras and not one of the busted joints that shouldnt even see the light of day?

Or better yet a bra that actually compliment the outfit?

Oooh and a bra that fits. I've never had the experience but doesnt a too small bra on big tits hurt like shit? I mean I wore a pair of super tight panties the other day and I had to take them bad boys off, my stomach was hurting too bad and I lost feelings in my legs and stuff

And the boots/sandals thing...just why?

I'm glad u had a great weekend though!!

August 13, 2007  

@ Honey

You know I'm the biggest klutz known to man. You're talking about a person who trips up the escalator.

I would die laughing too! I'm the 1st person to laugh when someone trips *lol*

LMAO @ llamas. Yeah you needed sleep :)

August 13, 2007  

Black people not fighting when you go out... time for a celebration!!!

I never spend too much on shoes. They are an item that receives too much wear and tear to spend money on.

August 13, 2007  

hONEY, YOU ARE TOO FUNNY AND REAL, that's why i so dig this blog!

August 13, 2007  


August 13, 2007  


K.i.l.l.i.n me...

August 14, 2007  

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