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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I will admit that I love answering your questions. I was going to do TMI questions today but I'll do that tomorrow and get back to the interview questions Monday.

So today's set of questions come from a chic that I've talked to once (and that will change mayum LOL) offline (on IM). She is as funny on her blog as she is not in her blog. I look forward to reading her blog and I love stopping by to see her pics :) Her name is Pro

1) How tall are you?
The last time I checked (junior year of college) I was 5'2 and a half. Yes I want my half it's mine and I earned it.

2) What's the longest relationship you've been in?
OK, so the longest relationship that I've been in lasted from elementary school to freshmen year of and on of course I think the longest we were together once we realized what boyfriend and girlfriend really were would have been about 3-4 years...but even when we weren't together during our off times we still were kinda together LOL. Funny thing is he's like my brother now and we're both in relationships. If someone couldn't understand how we are then clearly I wouldn't be with them. He's one of my best friends :)

3) What is your birth order?
I'm the first girl and the oldest girl. I have an older brother and two younger case you couldnt' figure it out :)

4) Are you a daddy's girl or momma's baby?
Hmm I'd have to say hands down I'm a momma's baby. I love her to death, she's my roll dog, I can't go a week without talking to her, if I do it's cause something is wrong with my phone or I just can't keep up with her busy schedule. However I have gotten close to my dad since I've moved away from home..he's not as bad as I thought he was :)

5) If you could have one extreme makeover done on you or about you what would it be (i.e. like change your profession, college major, boob job)?
I'd have to say I would change my major to social work and minor in legal studies and i would have gone to another school..maybe not another school but I would have tried harder to move out of state after graduation from college. I'd also get some liposuction on these thighs LOL

6) Are you a salt or sweet 'aholic?
I love sweet drinks. I like my stuff to sneak up on me..dont bring me nothing hard unless you know I've had a big meal cause one and a half drinks will have me laughing at you and your momma lol. Now if we're not talking about drinks and we're talking about foods..I love salty stuff..pretzels, chips, doritos and sometimes I mix the sweet and salty stuff like raisinets and popcorn emmmm...m and m's and pretzels delicious!!

There's still time to send me questions...I'll probaby ride this out till next Thursday when my bday weekend begins. So if you got a question shoot me an email and read next Thursday when I answer all the non interview questions :)

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Nice interview!
Shhhhh....I thought I was the only one who mixes their m&m's with other stuff. I also like frenchfries with ice

October 11, 2007  

Just when I thought I was first...Mis Understood snatched the title away from me! lol

I completely agree with #5. I would have went to a different school and having slimmer thighs wouldn't hurt either!

October 11, 2007  

MisUnderstood...LOL a lady at my job mixes her fries in her frosty I'm gonna have to try that

Opinionated..Darn see you gotta be fast LOL. Slimmer thighs is something I dream about lol

October 11, 2007  

The fries and frosty mix is the best snack ever!!! I love that stuff and it's only $2!!!! LOL

October 11, 2007  

it's always cool to learn these li'l tidbits about you. i hope, trust and pray that you are well.

October 11, 2007  

Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, shawty. I always wanted to call someone my height that. I'm 5'2" also. Lately I've been feeling the 5'3" thing so that's the story I've been sticking with. That extra inch alots me five pounds. *Looking round* Only you would be able to look at the salt/sweet question from both perspectives. I'm so glad you put all of it in there. I was talking food because a sist'a is PMSing right now. Can I offer a BONUS since I'm on the subject?

BONUS: Do you prefer to drink your calories or eat them?

On a roll (and thanks for the mad love;),

October 11, 2007  

Love the answers.

I do the fries and hot fudge sundae from mc donalds.

October 11, 2007  

y'all makin me hungry!

October 11, 2007  

i'm the salty girl, too. you don't need thigh lipo. i'm 5'1 & 1/4. i love my 1/4! lol.

October 11, 2007  

i really like your answers...

October 11, 2007  

I was going to pursue my Masters in social work, but got talked out of it by someone who was doing it already. She said don't do it if I was in it for the money. Do it for the love of the kids.

October 11, 2007  

I have a 3/4s that I worked hard for too. You hang on to that 1/2. A lot of people envy it.

October 12, 2007  

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