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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Focus less on asking the universe for this or that and more on just being grateful for whatever comes"

I'm thankful for:

being able to wake up this morning and enjoy this beautiful day.

being able to hold my composure cause I might have to fuss at the folks in the leasing office talking about I owe them money...UMM NOOOO boo boo

the anticiaption of having lunch on the boat cruise this weekend with my coworkers and my babe

being able to do my homework at work LOL that helps alot :)

being able to talk to my mom yesterday, that chic don't be answering her cell phone, I mean what's the point of having a cell phone lol

cracking up in the car at Russ Parr this morning mannnn I tell ya where do they come up with this stuff

tomorrow being my FRIDAY!

each of you and the fact that you stopped by my lil spot on the planet today :)

I kept it short and sweet today didn't I? Cause you know I can get carried away LOL

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When it comes to things you're thankful for, you can get as carried away as you want. Hope you continue to have a good day.

September 26, 2007  

Organized...I know that's right :) Hope you have a wonderful day as well.

September 26, 2007  

There is never to much to read when your showing appreciation!

Have a good one girlie. I don't work Fridays either! Yippyyyy!

September 26, 2007  

Short and sweet, but still great to read. Have a good day!

September 26, 2007  

I love Russ Parr too!!! He is too funny.

September 26, 2007  

Gurl....I know I just dont like to talk too much LOL...YES we will both be sleeping late on Friday!!

Tasha..sometimes it's just that easy :)

Diva...Man they were cracking me up this morning

September 26, 2007 definitely kept it short and sweet!

I used to get a kick outta doing homework at work too!

September 26, 2007  

My coworker next to me is doing homework as I type.

While you were cracking up to Russ Parr I was cracking up at Steve Harvey show while Jamie Foxx was on. I love that man(Jamie).

September 26, 2007  

I'm late but um ..what you know about doing your homework at work?! I did 2 online class exams at work yesterday.. and felt great!

lol BTW.. I'm not used to these short posts Honey.

September 26, 2007  

Opinionated...I know so unlike me LOL I need to work on my HW now but I got tooo much work to do :(

TSG..DANG I missed it ahhhhh I wish I could listen to more than one radio station in the car lol

Thee...umm where you been or are my eyes playing tricks on me LOL..I know I was gonna write some more but I was gonna do HW and got cuaght up and haven't even started it yet lol

September 26, 2007  

short but sweet. loved your list as always.

September 26, 2007  

My moms the same way...sometimes i call her a week straight before I get through. SHe told me to leave her a message next time, I even called her job then she said she was gonna scream on the chick that answered the phone at her job, cuz they didnt give her the message...Yo My moms is a "G" .....U suck. We dont get Russ Parr no mo. :-( Is HUN coming with u on Friday?

September 26, 2007  

This is a LOVELY sentiment.

I have learned that I need to start giving thanks for the so-called little things instead of always being focused on the negative.

Great post!

September 26, 2007  

today is MY friday!! yay!! i am thankful you kept it short for once, b/c yes you do get carred away!! lololol :) when my mom leaves her celly or its not on, she emails me so she doesn't get angry messages! so funny.

September 26, 2007  

I am amazed at the brevity today

I too am thankful for being able to talk with my mom. Some people's Moms are not a phone call away (picking up or not) and I am grateful to still have my Mom in my life. She is a BLESSSSSING

September 26, 2007  

Love the blog...I discovered it while browsing. I'm new to blogging so i'm trying to get in the habit of putting my thoughts on the screen lol. Glad you are having a good day!

September 26, 2007  

Wow. Glad to see it was not just me who woke up being thankful...I wrote a thankful post today as well. God Bless..

September 26, 2007  

YOU? get carried away? NAAAAH...

you've got alot to be thankful for. that's always a good thing.

September 26, 2007  

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