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Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Fun

1. Early bird or night owl?
Funny when I was in college I could stay up till 3 and still make it to class (in my pj's but I was still there), now if I have the day off I can stay up but I sleep half the day away usually I'm in bed by 11, so I guess it all depends (see how I can never give one answer lol)

2. If you could only be one, would you rather be smart or good looking?
I'd rather be smart..I can have surgery lol but you cant buy smartness..many folks have college degrees and are just as dumb as a ummmm hmmm I can't think of nothing LOL ah well you fill it in.

3. Do you gossip?
I use to when I was younger, I'd be like girl I saw so and so..and she was like yea um it's more like yea uh yea...ok. I tend not to go there with folks cause me caring about that other person's business aint gonna pay my if it's one of my fam or girls and their hurt and me telling someone will help then it's not gossip so speak on.

4. On a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest)
I'd have to say 8.5, there are some things I dont think I will ever do but I want skydive. The funny thing is I'd probably have to just do it and not think about it...thinking about it makes me not do alot of things.

5. On a scale of 1-10, how good a kisser do you think you are?
Hmm I've heard that I'm rather good..I have nice lips so I'm gonna give myself a 9..cause there is always room for improvement :)

Bonus (as in optional):What do you consider the biggest turn on out of the following? a) lingerie b) movies c) toys d) role playing e) leather f) none of this does anything for me
Well a man wearing lingerie is just plain weird unless its a stripper and i dont want my man wearing nothing of the sort lol (funny cause I'll go see a stripper wearing that stuff but dont want my babe wearing it lol i'm weird) So if I had topick one of these choices and I couldn't pick anything else I'd have to say role playing....then again if you dont do it right I will be laughing so then it would be toys...something about a man helping me get to that point em em em lol

Bonus 2 (taken from Organized lol): What is the most OFF THE WALL thing you've done to your partner OR, had them do to you during sex?? Off the Wall...hmm other than me showing up with nothing on under my trench I'd have to say as of recently (since me and babe are just getting use to one another). I'd have to say right now nothing with babe...give us some time...but with someone else head in a car while he was driving lol or having sex in a umm yea Honey has her side..doesn't everyone
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I did these on Tuesday! Your answers were great as usual.

Have a good weekend.

October 05, 2007  

Gurl..I'm on my way to read your answers I think I did already but oh well I'll read them again..Have a great weekend.

October 05, 2007  

That pic is too cute.

1.I cna stay up late anymore to save my life. I yearned to be a morning person and that's what I am now.

2. Ditto

3. Feel you.

Bonus 1 & 2: You baaaaad girl you. LOL

Don't you sleep the weekend away!

October 05, 2007  

1.Oops meant to type CAN'T. I tell ya. lol

October 05, 2007  

MisUnderstood...LOL everyone has a lil bad in em :) Have a good weekend

October 05, 2007  

1.Early bird or night owl: Umm both-I get up @ 5a.m. every morning,and I love to see what's happenin' in the evening hours..

2.If you could be one, would you rather be smart or good looking: I would rather be smart, unless we're talking grotesque here, I mean I don't want to limp around like the elephant woman or anything, but if I was not easy on the eyes, I would be so damn smart that hopefully no one would even notice..

3.Do you gossip: Ha! I wouldn't say gossip, I have allof my facts, can back them up, and spit them out if need be.. It's not gossip, it's a plethora of information, some of which is extremely useful.

4.On a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you?:8.0 Pretty adventurous when it comes to not risking my entire life, like bungie jumping or diving into a body of water full of rocks..

5.On a scale of 1-10 how good of a kisser do you think you are?:I will give myselp a 9.5 I have luscious lips, soft supple, let me stop, I'm actually turning myself on..

6.Bonus #2 On top of an apartment building, on the hood of a car, in broad daylight *ahem* my mother won't be reading this will she?..

October 05, 2007  

Trenting...You are too crazy!!!

October 05, 2007  

Ok so i think I'll do what trenting did...

1. definitely an early bird in the bed early and up early, and even if I can't get to bed when i want to i am still up hella early, i can't sleep in anymore

2. smart definitely, like you said their is ALWAYS "extreme makeover" but you can't make over NOT being smart...HA!

3. i tend to keep to myself and keep things to myself

4. i'd like to say between an 8 & 8.5, HOWEVER its hard to be adventurous when those around you are scared to death

5. i'd say a 8 or 9...haven't had any complaints...

bonus-f none of it does anything for

October 05, 2007  

I'm game:

1. I used to be an early bird until I started working fulltime, now the later the better!!!

2. I'd rather be smart. Oprah ain't no Halle, but she sure knows how to make money and men still want her.

3. I'll tell something I've heard about celebrities with my girls during girltalk, but if it's someone I know, that's they business.

4. I'll go with a 7, I don't like to do anything that can vastly accelerate death, i.e. sky diving, bungy jumping.

5. I'll give myself an 8.5. I've been out of practice for awhile, lol.

Bonus: The role playing may be hot?!

October 05, 2007  

I love the picture! And have a good weekend!

October 05, 2007  

TC..have a great weekend

Magnolia...It might be if you do it right lol too it was too cute!

October 05, 2007  

um...have a great weekend. i can't answer on the grounds that im recently married.



October 05, 2007  

I totally agree with your answer for #5, and your bonus answers are . . . interesting to say the least. But, next week, get your own Union of Anonymous Bloggers. ;-) Have a good weekend.

October 05, 2007  

Love the pic, so so cute...can't wait for Friday to come back again

October 10, 2007  

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