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Monday, October 01, 2007


I got into the office at 648am..yea I had some work to do but I had to commute a lil farther and I didn't want to get stuck in traffic.

This weekend was nice....hung out with Hun on Friday....I was passed out and missed the party so I'm gonna have to come up to BMORE one weekend. Saturday me and Hun went on the boat cruise with the coworkers. Why we thought that we were gonna get left if we got there later than 12 ohhh no this boat didn't pull off till 1pm...and by that time I was soo hungry I could have jumped in the water and caught my own food :)

The boat tour was nice it would have been great if there was real alcohol lol sike let me stop I drank some wine and that was was too funny cause Hun drank some wine and was like this mess is nasty how do you drink I drank his too :) We got off the boat we home and got some groceries it's funny how much stuff he doesn't eat that I do...I like tuna he doesn't, I like alfredo sauce he doesn't LOL..ah well...I'm still gonna eat what I want.

After that we just chilled out and what up Sunday and ran some errands, I cooked some dinner and watched a lil TV...

So as you can see it was pretty chill..however my cell phone got ran over so umm if I have your number you might wanna send it to me again LOL...and if I dont have your number now is the time to send it to me so I can call and harass you LOL...

I was coming out of Bed Bath & Beyond...and I dropped it with my shopping bag (I love that store by the way..I almost got carried away in there). Instead of me picking it up and putting it in my purse I kinda like held it between my leg and the it kinda fell between the door meaning it was hanging I didn't notice this and it fell out the door...I saw it in my out and someone ran over it..great....

Hope you had a good weekend....hopefully this day passes a lil quicker since I've been in here since quarter to 7.

In other news: The countdown for my BDAY begins.....19 more days to gooooooo!!!!

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Lol, girl how did your phone get ran over?!

October 01, 2007  

Sorry to hear about your phone.

I still say you need to come up to Baltimore on the 13th so we can finally meet.

October 01, 2007  

pajnstl....Umm I'll update my blog to explain :)

Organized...Mannn I was soo upset LOL, I'll see what I can do.

October 01, 2007  

Glad you had a good weekend. So sorry to hear about your phone!

October 01, 2007  

Just wanted to say Hi to my fellow Libra. Today is my bday, been celebrating all weekend.

October 01, 2007  

A run over cell phone...that's jacked up. See what happens when we're lazy!! j/k

Why do couples like opposite foods? It would seem that someone would get attached to someone that has the same interests. My girl hates pork and beef, while I love it. She loves fish and I hate it. Go figure.

First time through, but I mos def will be back

October 01, 2007  

Glad to hear you had a great weekend. I had a great weekend myself.

October 01, 2007  

Ummm you got into the office @ 6:48 a.m.???


Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend with Hun. LOL @ "I was sooo hungry I could have jumped in the water and caught my own food"

Sucks what happened with your phone...sorry to hear it.

October 01, 2007  

Don't you feel lost without your celly and not knowing anyone's number. Because if I lose my phone there are only 2 people I could call b/c I don't know everyone else's number by heart.

October 01, 2007  

bless your lil heart. I ran over my cell and I have washed one before too.

October 01, 2007  

oh no! Your phone!
And what kind of work are you doing so early in the morning? At that time of day I'm still working on my attitude--trying to wake up on the right side of the bed.

October 01, 2007  

Tasha..yea mann I am hurt hopefully it gets here tomorrow morning.

Fergie..Happy BDAY!!

Maddy..yea it's funny what he doesnt eat ah well more for me lol

Nitty..glad you had a wonderful weekend :)

Ms.B...umm yea LOL I had some stuff on my desk so I did a little of that..ate some breakfast and did some HW

TSG...yes! especially since it was off for a week and I had just gotten use to it being back on lol

Deep...umm wow remind me not to let you use my phone lol

GC...girl I was at my desk doing a little of this and a little of that.

October 01, 2007  

you should make that person pay for you a new damn phone.

then again, if you've got insurance you can upgrade to a better phone.

October 01, 2007  

Sorry about your phone, But glad you had nice EASY weekend.

Have a good weekend

October 01, 2007  

what's up with all these people doing boat cruises? tell me honey, are they really the new "new?"

October 01, 2007  

nikki...yea if I could have chased them down highway LOL ah well and nah I can't upgrade just yet then again I could but it would cost more cause I want a palm treo.

Gurl...yea man it was insane ah well..hope you had a nice one too

Fallen..I have no idea lol, it was free so we went maybe it is the new new and I didn't know I do :)

October 02, 2007  

That sucks about your phone. Girl I would loose my mind if I lost my phone. LOL

October 02, 2007  

Diva...I did loose my mind and I'm soo happy that I got it back :)

October 03, 2007  

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