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Monday, October 08, 2007

Thoughts Anyone...

So this week I've decided to give my lips a break and give you the opportunity to learn a little more about Honey.

Good thing is some of my fellow bloggers have been letting others interview them...this is a great idea so I'm gonna do the same :) Yes I like to copy off of others...only if it's a good idea though each day I'll have a new set of questions....and for those that don't interview me I'll give you the opportunity to ask me something and I'll post all those questions on the last day.

Here we go.......
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Heeyyy lady...

I have a question..

Have you read your email lately?

October 08, 2007  

Trenting..LOL yes I did mayum just now..was working on my homework LOL..yes I'm doing homework at work..I mean how else am I suppose to get it done :)

October 08, 2007  

Ok so my question is.. WHY ARE YOU AT WORK TODAY..AIN'T IT A HOLIDAY? lol!

October 08, 2007  

Durty..I thought the same thing...I dont work for the gov't so boo to me I'm at work while others are home..needlesstoday next year I will have the day off on my own accord LOL

October 08, 2007  

What makes you create in word?

October 08, 2007  

Hey Honey,

Q: What new thing have you learned about yourself lately?

October 08, 2007  

So you're "giving your lips a break" . . . hmmmm . . . what have you been doing with them lately, that they require a break. ;-)

Seriously, I look forward to your answers throughout the week.

October 08, 2007  

oh wow we get to learn MORE MORE MORE about Honey

October 08, 2007  

I am looking forward to this!! I cant wait to see what people ask. I want to be interviewed!!!

October 08, 2007  

This is neat, and might I add you are BRAVE!!!

Hope you had a good weekend.

October 08, 2007  

Yey I can ask a question!

What side of the bed do you sleep on?

What's your favorite candy?

What are your thoughts on jewelry?

Can you do a cartwheel?

Ever been on a motorcycle?

Dream car?

What did you have for lunch?

October 10, 2007  

why did you start locing your hair?

October 10, 2007  

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