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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Interview with a Vampire

Not really LOL..I've just always wanted to say that. So I started this whole interview thing yesterday and today is the first day. If you got a question email it to me ( and I'll answer it on the last day :)

So the first person up to the plate is my SISSYYYYY (well one of them) DeepNThought (at least that's what you guys know her as)

1. when was the moment that you knew that hun was the one?

Hmm I'd have to say it was a combination of two moments. The first was when we got into a deep discussion (known to some as an argument lol) and he said to know your stubborn and you think you can have your way in everything, well I'm not gonna let you have your way so you might as well stop all that yappin. Yep he told me to pretty much stop acting spoiled and stop being so selfish. I mean I know I'm selfish but I sorta think that I hide it well, I guess I dont lol. I can't walk all over him, he doesn't let me have my way but at the same time he doesn't make me think I have my way. That's refreshing...on top of that after that I could have easily cut him off but something about how he handles me calms me. I mean most folks argue and argue..he says what he has to say and that's it. He makes me think outside the box..he doesn't sugar coat things with me which could be a blessing and a curse lol. The next moment would be during one of our together moments (showering lol) and he said I was gonna tell you something but I'm not I said what is he looks me into my eyes and says I love you....he smiles and from that moment and before that moment he's kept me smiling even when he's not around. He doesn't throw that word around so when he said it I wasn't expecting it and that made it even more special. He still says it at moments when I least expect it.

2. what would you like your legacy to be?

My legacy. Dang that's deep. Ok I think I'd want people that knew me to know me as somone who did what she could to help the greater good. Donating billions of dollars are good but if you dont have billions of dollars what can walks and community events for things like AIDS research, breast cancer and heart disease. Take the time out to remember the small things in life cause when it all boils down to it that's what counts. So when I die I want to leave behind the value of time. You can't get it enjoy life to the fullest, help those when you can and take it all in.

3. what is your mantra for your life?

I do what I can. I say that so much that folks be like yea we know you do what you can. Seriously though, I can only do what I CAN DO. I can't do what you do, I can't do what the Joneses do I can only do what Honey can do and if that's more or less than you aight but you know that I put forth the effort and did what I could do.

4. what is the one thing you would change about the world if you could?

All the children in the world that are in orphanages and abusive homes. They can't protect themselves they dont have a voice and if I could I'd take them all in.

5. what is the one thing that you want your child to get from you that you pray they don't get from their dad? (i.e. his head or like your nose)

Hmmm a physical feature, I'd have to hope that they dont get his hmmm LOL funny cause I would hope they get his smile, the shape of his head cause I have a bigger one LOL I hope they get his height lol so pretty much I'd want them to have my complexion with my eyes, his smile and height lol....weird. Now if we were talking about not physical I'd have to say his foul mouth LOL...I tell that man all that time to think of other words ah well old habits die hard.

6. what is the worst date you have ever been on?

BWAH. This date that I went on with this guy who worked at UHAUL. Ok so I met him at H2O and he was aight..we talked on the phone and he seemed cool. So one night he calls me up and we make plans to go to the movies...he mentioned picking me up in the UHAUL truck..umm no LOL. I should have taken that as strike two. Strike one would have been him being on the phone one night while talkin to me and all of a sudden we get disconnected..he calls back and says that he had to get off the phone cause his step mother was coming..UMM what the piss. Who does that but I was like oh aight...then she starts yellin in the backround that he needs to clean the dishes..LOL wow man you almost 25 and they still gotta do that to you LOL. So anyway I convince him to let me meet him at the movies. He asks me had I eaten I say no so we agree to go to Ruby Tuesday's first. I get there before him and I have to wait, a no no in my book. I get the table and I get some water..I dont believe in ordering my food until my party arrives so I wait...and wait...and wait...about 30 min later after I have gotten up to call him twice he finally arrives. He takes forever to order a drink..first askin if they have remy red and patron LOL (WOW I say to myself can you just order a drink dang) then he looks at the menu..anyone who knows me knows I love Ruby Tuesdays their salad bar is off the chain so I knew what I wanted already. He was like hmm should I get the steak..nah I had steak last week..hmm should I get this..nah hmmm so finally he orders. We eat and we chat a little..the bill comes and he's like oh dang I should have told her to split it...BLANK STARE. Are you kidding me? Split it, you're the one that asked me to dinner you asked me on a I dont have a problem on paying for my food or yours if that's what I so choose to do....and I always carry money just in case I need to (my parents taught me that) so I took the check and said it one and seat two..they are already split...I pull my card out, pay for my food and we make moves to the theater. I'm thinkin I'm bout to roll out cause I can see this is going downhill...we get inline to see I forgot what movie and the person tell him that it's $19. Do you know this fool (I had already walked off to the side) looks at her and says $19 are you serious, are you serious $19, and he turns around behind him. He was like I haven't been to the movies in a while when did it get that expensive. I'm like boo you paid for your own food if he had asked me to pay for my own ticket it would have been over. He buys the tickets and we get in the movie where he trys to put his arm around me and what not..I'm like umm no are you serious so I sit up in my chair and what not and he is still trying to hold me close. The movie is over, we leave he walks me to my car trys to kiss me on the lips I move so it hits my cheek and that's that. Fast forward a couple of months later and I see him at H2O again when Lil Wayne was suppose to be there..he dang on near spills my drink on me trying to say hello. I saw him like 2 months ago at Love and he asked for my number I quickly informed him that I have a man now LOL....if you can't even take me to dinner and a movie without complaining about how much it costs we have nothing to talk about (cause we all know things are expensive now..where have you been under a rock)

Of course tomorrow is Thankful Wednesday so I'll be taking a break from the questions but I'll be back to it on Thursday...I kinda like this keep em coming :)

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You and Hun make me sick . . . I mean, that is so special. I love your answer to #1.

Getting picked up in the UHAUL. that could have been fun. Remember "Poetic Justice"? They went all the way across the bay in a delivery truck.

October 09, 2007  

great answers. I have to admit, sometimes, I feel a degree of hating when you talk about hun. lol.

that date had me cracking up over here. I mean tooo funny.

October 09, 2007  

Organized...LOL you are hating what LOL not you haha..yea but I didn't wanna be like that with him plus he's a tad shorter than me so ummm eww lol

Deep...LOL..that date was the worst..I'll try not to talk about Hun too much lol

October 09, 2007  

very interesting

October 09, 2007  

That date story was hilarious. Dude was trippin :)

October 09, 2007  

TC..hmm is that good or bad lol I was soo blown I never called him back again lol

October 09, 2007  

LOL. I love your responses.

October 09, 2007  

The date was too funny.

October 09, 2007  

Aww, your answer to number 1 is so cute!! D calls me out all the time. I like the interview theme!

October 09, 2007  

That date was hilarious!!! I love a good date from hell story!

October 09, 2007  

Diva..I do what I can :)

Gurl...Man it was horrible at the time now I crack up

Tasha..LOL at first it kinda threw me off now I expect it lol

Opinionated...Man I think that would be my number one horror story

October 09, 2007  

Love your mantra!
Dying laughing at your date! LOL

October 09, 2007  

here's my question. If you could knife one person to death and go scot free, wh would you kill? Think about it.

October 10, 2007  

LMAO @ that date story. are too much LOLOLOLOLOLOL

And by the way, I happen to love hearing you talk about Hun.

Believe it or not, I could just see the love all up in your posts whenver you talk about him. :-)

October 10, 2007  

Great answer to my question. And hee at your date. That was a good laugh.

October 10, 2007  

remy red and patron? you do not mix drug store liquor w/patron. appalled. APPALLED!!!!!

October 11, 2007  

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