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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Tantics

It's a nice brisk Tuesday outside, so far I dont have any work to do so I'm blogging LOL. Today's questions come from a blogger that I can finally say I've had the opportunity to meet face to face and he is a cutie if I do say so myself..when he gave me a hug I was like dang LOL...I was about to be like can you pick me up hahha..can I get on your back :) Organized Noise....I love reading his blog and his questions were rather interesting as well.

1. In your first ever post, you said you "hope to try to create some of balance within my life inunderstanding the daily trials and tribulations that I go through being a 22 (almost 23) year old professional, intelligent, attractive black woman in the DC/VA area". Here we are two years later. Have you? No that's the short answer LOL. The long answer would be no however I've learned so much more about myself by writing and getting it all out that sometimes the confusion makes sense...I mean it means I'm living life versus not doing anything at all. I enjoyed dating while I was doing it, had some great stories and not that I dont have great stories now but being with someone in a relationship is a whole nother aspect lol. I am not saying that I tell all my business on here....I'm sure some of that have talked to me voice to voice know that and some of you dont but I get the gist of my feelings out and that helps create a little bit of balance.

2. What has been your best/worst blogging experiences? Who is the best blogger you've met?Which blogger do you most want to meet (and I won't be mad if it isn't me)? I've never had a bad blogger experience and I'm thankful for that. So far I think that all the bloggers I've met would be great ones your all my favorites :) Some of you are closer to me in distance than others are farther but I love ya just the same. The blogger I wanna meet (if I had to pick one and you know that's so hard to do sometimes LOL cause I love you all and would love to go on a blogger tour) would have to be my Libra Twin Mis Understood....she seems like she's be loads of fun to hang out with...we have sooo much in common and I think we'd have a blast together :) HEYYY GURL!!! I'm coming to visit sooner or later.

3. You're turning 25 this month. What's your five year plan?
Finish paralegal school in the next year or so. Get a new job, move out of VA, maybe get married if that's in the cards at the end of the 5 year period. Apply to law school around year 4...I think that sounds like a pretty good 5 year plan.

4. From your TMI Tuesday responses, I get the impression that you are very comfortable with your inner freak and or a closet exhibitionist, and you've even admitted yourself that you are very liberal when it comes to sex, but what is one thing that NO man will ever be able to get you to do sexually? I've learned to never say never so honestly I dont know HOWEVER...I will not I repeat WILL NOT be sexing any animals LOL or peeing on you, that's just nasty!!!

5. What are your relationship non-negotiables (things you can't/won't compromise on)? You have to have lips I can't stand someone who has no lips and on top of that can't kiss EWWWWWW!!!! You have to like to talk, which is weird cause Hun don't talk much..he says I talk too much haha and on top of that I love talking about how I feel I want to know that you care about aint got to say it everyday but at least once a month is nice LOL. I can't compromise on someone making me feel like they support me....dont tear me down, dont make me feel like I'm might not like what I do but dang on it dont degrade me.

6. I am one that no longer believes in regrets. Things happen for a reason and everyone that comes into your life does so for a reason. That being said, what have you learned from your last 3 boyfriends? I've learned that I can be very stubborn, I've learned that I can be anal about some stuff, I've learned that I am beautiful, I've learned that I can very emotional which is a blessing and a curse. I've learned that I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeves, I've learned that sometimes I get into things and when they dont go my way I run not a good look. I've learned that I can never stop learning about me :) I mean I'm the bomb who wouldn't love me hahah

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i really liked this set of questions...very introspective i think

October 16, 2007  

TC...Organized had some good ones :)

October 16, 2007  

I'm going to meet Honey, I'm going to meet Honey...LOL..I can't wait. Things happen for a reason and for me to start blogging so late in the game and come across your blog (via Missy's), has it's purpose, I truly believe that. Luv Ya.

October 16, 2007  

MisUnderstood..Heyyyyy sistaaa :) Very true we have so much in common not to have the bomb time :) Have a great day!!

October 16, 2007  

A very nice set of questions and answers. It's great that you were able to pull so many positive things out of failed/ended relationships. Thanks for sharing.


October 16, 2007  

Nic...Gotta live and learn if I didnt' I'd be under my desk LOL

October 16, 2007  

You are the bomb. And why you-on wanna meet me? Humph... *LOL*

October 16, 2007  

I like your five year plan. I forgot how young you are!

October 16, 2007  

1. All you had to do was ask. You could have gotten a piggy-back ride. (you like making me blush for some reason)

2. Your pictures don't do you justice.

Now, as far as your questions go, I love the answers. I paid special attention to #5 . . . you know . . . just in case "Hun" slips up.

E-mail me. I gotta secret to tell you.

October 16, 2007  

i'm totally with you on your answers to question #5!!!!!

October 16, 2007  

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