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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Growing Pains (Listening to it and def feeling it...go get it!!)

I'm thankful for...

People loving people when they don't need to or would rather not... but they do so anyway.

The ability to see colors and the on-going ability to see things I never realized or comprehended previously.

Fighting that ends -- whether it's between countries, in marriages, or between little friends or big kids who should no better in the first place.

The beauty, simplicity and healing power of laughs of all kinds...

Weird ones, Louder than you'd like ones, Barely above the sound threshold ones, And ones that make your stomach ache despite any feeble attempts to stop the process.

Dreams that create ways to help, heal, motivate, inspire, and conceive dreamers who repeat the process.

Teachers who give more than they receive and know more than they share because they they'd rather build up than tear down, see eyes brighten with every new discovery, and design for others ways to enjoy and improve the one life they've been given.

Soldiers who defend for all the right reasons instead of maiming and destroying for every wrong one in the book.

Moms who love their kids, kids who love their moms, and dads who love them both.

Butterfly Kisses that mean so much more than the song ever could because of lyrics played during the ever changing rhythms of daily life.

Those who really do help little old ladies across the street, and little old ladies and gentlemen who preserve the art of caring by living and loving in ways that leave legacies of hope for each of their watching worlds.

Dogs at the neighbors that don't bark and barking neighbors who don't live near me.

Cars that run, Empty bathrooms during times of ultimate crisis, Spyware that works, And cats that quickly leave my back door.

Minds that remember what they should while forgetting what is brought to mind because they love people more than they do grudges that don't matter anyway.

Addicts who win, And athletes who know and show the difference between winning at life and simply taking a win to the next game.

In short, I'm grateful for my life................and the God who entrusted me with the same.

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Beautiful post as always.

December 19, 2007  

Well homie I do what I can :)

December 19, 2007  

i am truly feeling this post...truly i am...

December 20, 2007  

Girl, MJB is straight grown folks music and nothin' but the truth so. help. me.

December 20, 2007  

Empty restrooms in times of need...YES LAWWWWWWD! :-)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

December 21, 2007  

nice post luv
Have a Wonderful Christmas!! hope you get all you desire!!!!!!!!!

December 21, 2007  

Oh and glad to see you playing that GROWING MJB--hell yeh...

oooooh aint nuthin like
1. til the morning
2. Hurt Again
3. talk to me
4. Smoke

December 21, 2007  

"And athletes who know and show the difference between winning at life and simply taking a win to the next game."

I think of the Buffalo Bills Everett who was told he would not walk when hurt 2 motnhs ago. This Sunday he walked midfield just before the Bills played

December 24, 2007  

Oh my! What a wonderful list. I wish I could even pick a favorite thing, but that would take away from the others. Girl, you hit the nail on the head with the points you raised.

I wish you the very best for 08!


December 27, 2007  

be blessed. I hope 2008 is a year of Joy and happiness for you. Be safe, and keep trusting in GOD, I love your post. Keep them coming in '08. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

December 27, 2007  

Honey!!!! I missed's been far far too long...lemme play catch up :)

Hope all is well :)

December 29, 2007  


January 01, 2008  

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