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Friday, November 30, 2007

Uhhh ok

...people are gonna cough and sneeze but you need to cover your mouth homie

..if your gonna stare then speak

...yes you are a cutie....damn damn damn LOL

....I miss my fat fat and my toot can't wait to see them for Christmas

...Monday starts my new physical training I didn't hire anyone I have decided to be my own worst enemy...the scale will be my enforcer lol

....I was never really in to Jay Z before but for some odd reason I like his latest cd....hmmm would it be because HUN plays it all the time lol (I love I know what you like)

....I want another Tequila Sunrise emmmm that is sooo good

....I wanna dance so hard that my feet hurt even in flats

....I wanna be able to love you so much that you feel it when you hold me

.......nice ring, a black diamond is very different for a engagement ring

.....I was passed out on the train glad I didnt miss my stop like I did before

.....there is no need to fight over whose corner this is...well CVS entryway...I mean there are enough CVS' in dc for each of you to have one....come on now mr homeless man do you consider this a real job, I guess you do cause you're killin me with fussin homelady out for taking your spot LOL

....I'm ready for the weekend...matter fact I'm ready for every more work days LOL

....You will never get me back, even if you lost the weight and got Bill Gates just dont appeal to me any more

...I am not your love and stop callin me sexy coming from you it just sounds gross.....ehhhhhh

.....I love my new headphones...they are called skullcandy or somethin like that....the sound is great and they're even a jazzy blue color

.....I love my new handbag....I use to be into big bags but around junior year I stopped now I'm back to em LOL

....I can't wait to go shopping for my HUN I already know what I'm gettin him...although he only asked for 2 things I'm gonna get him those 2 things and 3 other things.... toot is getting so smart I talked to him yesterday and he says I'm eatin and watchin TV...I love you more wuv you he knows how to pronounce words now...aww I'm gonna cry..I still have my fat fat though :)

....ready to go home aint even the word.....I been ready since I was on my way into the office..

...yahhhh RESSIE will be working near me now!!! WOOHOOO we can do lunch now..have your people call my people and we'll talk :)

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lmao@that last one!

I'm in to big bags too. Although, I find that the bigger they are the more junk I find to fill the bag with! LOL!

Enjoy your weekend girl!

November 30, 2007  

OD..yes I know but at least now I know that I have everything in my bag LOL

November 30, 2007  

your words make me smile...they really really do!
have a good weekend

November 30, 2007  

who got engaged?

Okay I am so nosy.
I like the part about the Tequila sunrise. You might wanna try a mocha madness at appleb.ees one day if you like coffee and feel a little cold. Good stuff.

maybe you should bring lysol spray on the public transportation and spray it in the direction of coughers. Might get you arrested though. Bioterrorism.

November 30, 2007  

T.C...writing these random things always makes me smile one I know just some lady I saw on the metro..what I really need to be spraying is my office space LOL

November 30, 2007  

Miss Huni Libra, how have you been for starters, I see there is a him, that's great. I hope you get to see the babies, and I hope there are more precious than you can handle, I am shooting for water works when you see them. All in all its always a pleasure, and ps he is homeless or pretending, either way he has nothing better to do.

December 01, 2007  

I'm with you about the people covering mouths. I ended up sick as all get out because of that mess!! Booooo.

December 02, 2007  

I can't get over you calling the baby fat fat! ROFL Too cute!

December 03, 2007  

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