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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"This day, this day you feel helpless. This day makes all those other days when you fight to save a life and lose. This day makes you grateful you have a chance to do anything at all. You take it in." - Grey's Anatomy

I'm thankful for....

being able to have life, health and strength and not even in that order

my sister being ok, she is bruised but alive, hardheaded but still breathing and for that I'm thankful

her being able to spend time with me and understand that she has value...if not to herself to me and I dont wanna live life without her

the time that I spent with my family, it was so needed yet draining lol

the wonderful food that I got to eat all weekend and boy did I eat from Thurs to Sun and I have one more plate of leftovers that will get devoured tonight for dinner lol

God and his helping me understand that he's always there even when we think he isn't

the drive to get this weight lost thing going again...I am soo gonna look good at my parents wedding in May that its gonna be insane LOL

developing a new view of Beyonce that chic is on her grind lol I'm gonna be on the Beyonce grind as of....NOW LOL

seeing my mommie become ordained as a Bishop....she is an amazing woman..she might not approve of everything my sisters and I do but she lets us live our lives and make our decisions and loves us just the same

my sisters wanting to spend new years with me...hmmm I dont know if that's a good idea LOL..I might have them chicks knocked out for days

seeing my fat fat he's getting so big and still not trying to even walk lol

being able to beat Hun and his team mates in Taboo.....I'm a beast...he says I was cheating LOL

Greys Anatomy....I love that show and it seems like I always find the best quotes when I'm watching that show

each of you...your thoughts, prayers, texts and phone calls helped me more than you know

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to life and for life

for the ability to reflect and grow as a person, as a woman

for love

for the fact that i have a wonderful family and beautiful sister friends...

for im

for your sister being alright and your strength and wisdom to help her through..

for today being the 3rd day of the work week...almost over...yes!

November 28, 2007  

Glad your sister is ok. Car accidents are scary, I've been in enough of them!

November 28, 2007  

Very glad to hear your sister is okay and you are too.

November 28, 2007  

TC...gotta love just being able to be thankful for whatever goes on..the good and the bad

BB...yea that's my baby sis and I was sooo torn up

GC...thanks chica!!

November 28, 2007  

so happy to hear your sister is doing well. i was worried for you and her.

being thankful is such a wonderful experience and we ALL need to realize and recognize that each day is a blessing and something to be thankful for.

glad to hear you've been doing well and doing your thang!

November 28, 2007  

Move ov'a and make some room for me in that "grind" lane. Bey ain't the only one who 'bout puttin' in that work!

November 29, 2007  

grey's gets me thoughtful, too. so glad your sis is ok. hurray for yummy food!!

November 29, 2007  

Beyonce is a beast...I been said it but cats aint tryna hear me doe!!!

Just dropping by to see how your doing and say HI!

November 29, 2007  

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