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Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm ready to EAT

Yes I know I sound like a 1,000 pd woman but I dont care, I dont plan on over doing it but I do plan on grubbin and since me and Hun are going to two dinners I have to keep it to a minimum anyway LOL.

This weekend was chill as I expected it to be...other than getting lost going to Bethesda and being passed out Sat night but still making it to church on time..I think I did pretty well LOL

I must add that Raheem DeVaughn is a cutie in person LOL and he wanted some of my cake but he couldnt have any lol...not that kind of cake ya nasties!!!

So yea Friday I get off work about an hour early to head home to somewhat find something to wear. Of course I had something in mind but when I was hit by the 100 mph wind while walking to the metro I decided that wearing a skirt would not be a good idea LOL. So after ransacking my closet and my clothes room (since I dont have a dresser all my crap is in boxes) I finally found something and still ended up late. I was suppose to leave my house at 840. I didn't leave till 930 LOL and then once I picked my two riders up we got lost using those dang on yahoo directions...they have now been officially banned from my usage has my homie been banned from the front seat LOL. She was eekkin and making noises talking about I was gonna hit a bus and what I know your from N.C. (the part where you kill your own turkey the week before thanksgiving) but dang LOL this is DC and when in DC you do as the DCins do LOL yes I made that word up....and on top of that I'm on the phone with roomie trying to get directions to the place and she's on the phone asking her friend how to get there with the phone on I'm only one person get off the phone and let me talk to who I wanna talk to LOL..I told her she can no longer sit in the front she fell asleep...that is a no no LOL. So we finally get there.....have a blast cause we got into VIP cause the bouncer thought me and my friend were cute..she ended up getting his number come to find out he is 48!!! WOW and she's only 24 so he can literally be her dad matter fact her dad is 47 LOL. So anywho we got in VIP and some African man harassed us all and bought us some MOET...I dont like that too much but hey I drank it LOL and gave him a lil dance for his trouble AAHAHAHAH. Too funny, we went to IHOP afterwards...then got lost heading back to the highway...once again cause I listened to the person who should have not been sitting in the front seat LOL and finally made it home after dropping everyone off around 6am.

Yep I was passed out till about 1pm, layed around most of the day..matter fact all of the day. Me and Hun headed to dinner to get our fat person on at the closet buffet place and it was sooo good. I dont eat too much at the buffet but I love going there cause you can eat more for the price of less..I guess thats the logic I dont know anywho it was good. Got home layed around again and got dressed to go meet some homies in MD to bowl and hang out. That turned into me being loose off the goose and woke up one part of the night half in the bathroom half in the hall LOL. I was told that they tried to put a rag over my head and I was like NOOOO leave me alone LOL...sounding just like a little kid...great. Ah well....woke up a lil woosy in the head and headed to church. After that headed to the movies to see Lions for Lambs, which I thought was good since I dont like Tom Cruise too much I wasn't disappointed in his acting..he is weird to me...even before he jumped on the couch LOL so I thought it was good and of course I will be telling folks to go see it and that movie that is coming out on Christmas with Denzel called the Great Debators...gotta love Denzie :)

So this weekend will be filled with food, family and friends....I didn't take wed off like I usually do cause for the first time in forever my fam is coming near me instead of me having to drive to SC. We're having thanksgiving in MD and so is Hun's family which is great....I wonder what everyone is gonna say when they meet him.....especially when they hear that we live together LOL...yep you read it right we now live the emails LOL.....

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Hold up! How long ya'll been living together? (Just being nosey?

November 19, 2007  

J...LOL I plead the fifth LOL

November 19, 2007  

you aren't fat, hell i am TOTALLY ready to eat, not now but RIGHT now! After Thursday, its time for the diet and exercise routine until Christmas...then its on again...i have a new year goal in mind that i think i can reach if i am disciplined so here we go...

glad you had a good weekend

November 19, 2007  

lol @ getting your fat person on
that was funny.

um, yeah,I use google for my directions. And I asked for a map for Christmas. My boyfriend has GPS in his car and won't leave home without it.

November 19, 2007 I'm craving some stuffing and fried turkey

GC...Hey I can't lie I'm ready to eat with my pants undone lol...umm asking for a man why not a GPS LOL your working backwards

November 19, 2007  

Just snuck in the living part, huh? I was thinking "why are her clothes in boxes?"

November 19, 2007  

TSG....LOL hey I figured it was gonna come out soon figured I'd sneak it in LOL

November 19, 2007  

I met Raheem DeVaughn before he made it big. He was with a group called Urban Ave 31. He was such a cool dude. Really humble and just fun to be around.

November 19, 2007  

I HEARD THAT! unfortunately (but fortunately too) i won't be able to take part in th traditional holiday meal... me and my best friend are spending thanksgiving in jamaica! :-)

November 19, 2007  

Enjoy the holiday and all the food, chica. I can't be mad at sneakin' the living together thing in there. I'll be sneaking some stuff in my blog to in about 3 weeks, lol.

November 20, 2007  

Ok see you just bum rushed me with that "we now live togehter" statement. You know we want details miss missy! lol

November 20, 2007  

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