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Monday, December 17, 2007

When life gives you lemons...thrown them at someone!

I just like that quote nothing that serious going on with me to where I'm throwing produce or veggies at folks...however I do feel that way sometimes.

School is finally over and now I have to register for next semester. Great

My favorite shows are over till next year now I have nothing to watch....Great

I want a new job and I just got a good evaluation....great

I want to go to school full time but I can't.....great

I can't wait for Thursday to get here so I can be off until Jan 2nd.....great

I did nothing this weekend and that was.....great

Constant is moving back to DC, he's out of the navy........ugh.....great

I had some drinks with my Hun this weekend and we played UNO.....wonderful times

I so want this week to be over....NOW

Why the heck is it so cold outside...oh yea it is why are folks still walking around like it's spring then again walking around with a hat, gloves and a coat on with shorts....doesn't really work as spring weather either

What am I going to do with myself for a whole week......NOTHING and I'm looking forward to it, yea I might get bored like one day but I doubt it lol

I can catch up on some reading, clean the house cause I need to do that.....and catch up on some movies I've been wanting to see....have dinner ready for my Hun when he comes home and I'm sure he'll love that.....and catch up on Maury.....who is NOT my baby's daddy LOL

I have done NO christmas shopping yet...I plan to get it all done this weekend..which means I will probably be mad standing in those long tail lines......great

I miss bloggin but I mean hey I dont wanna make up stuff to write so I just dont.....

I wonder did Tenacious finish her wedding planning....I wonder how Luvin me is doing....I really need to go to one of Tiff and James' events coming up. Too bad I can't have a blogger jet fly all over the US to keep up with some of my homies


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congrats on your good evaluation. And way to go with school. Happy reading. I've stocked up on candles. I'll be enjoying some candle light and some "me" time.

December 17, 2007  

i am happy you are doing can always still look it may take longer than you thought...its also good that you and then hun had fun times and a vaca sounds like its just what i need right now, BUT responsiblities call so i can't...glad you are back

December 17, 2007  

No Christmas shopping???!!! Girl you betta hop on it. LOL

December 17, 2007  

watch samantha who and notes from the underbelly. both on this is the 2nd time i've said this today... i'm starting to feel like i should be getting paid. me and the writers are gonna team up to get our due!!! i need to do some co-worker Christmas shopping. sigh. can you have dinner ready for me, too? please? sign me up for the blogger jet, too!!

December 17, 2007  

hysterically LMAO @ "when life give you lemons, throw them at someone" I had an immediate flashback to Mrs. Doubtfire and the "driveby fruiting".

December 17, 2007  

lol... Great quote!

I feel you @ registration and wanting to go full time!

Enjoy your time off from work! :)

December 17, 2007  

you can have lunch with me again!!! :)

what's up chica!

December 18, 2007  

Just great! I want to stop cursing (even though I write it more than I speak the language--if you can call it that); especially when I read someone who carefully writes, "Standing in those long tail lines."

Someone who can control their tongue...GREAT!

December 18, 2007  

LOL @ when life give you lemons, throw them at someone. Glad you're going to have some 'you' time. Get that shopping done girl!

December 18, 2007  

Don't forget to buy me the most expensive gift okay? Great! LOL

Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2007  

hey u how have u been

December 20, 2007  

I can so relate to that train of thought momentarily, My very existence was overwhelmed by decietful lemons recently and now I am wandering thru my days trying to make sense of it all.


December 24, 2007  

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