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Monday, December 03, 2007


As of lately it seems that my posting has been hit or miss...with the end of the semester here and just being plain bored out of my mind I haven't had the energy to really write a real post or even stop by my favorite spots..perhaps it's also because it's holiday time and I'm consumed with looking at websites trying to decide what I'm getting the few people that will be getting gifts.

However after talking to a friend of mine...well an associate I need to hang out with her to call her my friend a little more right now she's my girl but I use that term loosely and I dont mean that offensively I just guard myself when it comes to anyway we were conversing at my house after I had treated her to a bday lunch since I had missed her bday due to the fam emergency with my sister. So we're at my house chatting it up when Hun comes down the stairs. I had gone up there to his music room when we got home to harass him as I normally do and he's on the phone with one of his best friends named C (has been changed to "protect" the innocent. So anyway he's on the phone with her and I'm not saying they weren't talking about something important and I know how I am with my best friend....but I harass him thinking that he's gonna get off or what not but he continues to talk which I dont care about so I mosey on downstairs to chat it up with my homie before she heads back home.

He comes downstairs and informs me that he is going over her house...I'm like didn't you just talk to her on the phone and hes like yea but I'm going over there and I'm like well can she come over here. He gives me a strange look and is like do you want her to come over here and I'm like I mean she moved back here and I haven't met her yet..shes your best friend.....but aight go ahead. We were suppose to go to walmart so i'm like are you coming back so we can go and he's like yea I aint gonna be gone that I'm like aight....I continue to talk to my homie, she leaves and i do some laundry, pop in a movie, clean a little. To make a long story short..I finally went to bed and he walks in after 6...yes 6 a.m.

I'm like aight whatever..he has a hangover and I say how come you didnt call me and he's like my phone at first i'm thinkin yea aight but he does have a horrible thing about charging his phone......I say I was worried he says I shouldn't have been he was fine. Then he says remember the times you've stayed out and not called and I said yes that was when we first moved in together if I know I'm not coming home I call you so your not worried and if I stay out you know that I'm not coming back home..correct he replies that I'm right and I go on back to sleep.

Yesterday I cook dinner, call him downstairs and he's on IM talking to her..I'm thinkin dang should I be offended or nonchalant like he is when I leave and dont come home. I mean if you meet Hun you would know that he is not an emotional type dude he's just there sometimes...he isnt' all emotional..i mean he says I love you and I miss you sometimes but I mean its like 2-3 times a month LOL compared to me who is alll emotional all the time LOL

Now I'm not jealous...but can you see my frustration....I dont snoop and I aint gonna start. So I'm forced to just let this play out...if this even is something it might not be...I mean she is his friend he says they have never slept together and she does know about my hands are tied......great

They are just friends...they are just friends...they are just friends...


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Saying it with you: "they are just friends..they are just friends" LOL

Anyway, the question is why haven't you met her yet?

December 03, 2007 sentiments exactly

December 03, 2007  

I see red flags and dead people alike. Not making light, I'm just saying.

December 03, 2007  

I don't think I've ever left a comment before but I read your blog alllllll the time and I surely don't want to leave a message just because of this posting but ummm, like you I am not jealous woman but my radar is a buzzing. The good thing is he's honest with you, he tells you where he's going, that he's chatting with her...

December 03, 2007  

dont ignore your spidey sense, chica! it could be nothing, but it could be something!!

i'm in finals week right now!! Can NOT wait!!

December 03, 2007  

He say she just a friend..he say she just a friend...oh baby youuuuu....

Anywhoo, you know we are blessed with a sixth sense that only we woman him along with your gut feeling..but I do have a question...if he left to go over her house...why did he come in at 6am? Excuse me but I didnt read anything about him going "out out." Just askin.

love ya twin

December 03, 2007  

You definitely should be concerned. I introduce my significent others to my female friends. It keeps things moving along pretty well. It also eliminates tension. That does not mean you two should be friends, but you should have at least met her.

Keep your eyes open.

December 03, 2007  

The last commenter stated what I was...just keep yours eyes open.

Sheesh, I didn't know yall moved in together. I'm so late!

P.S. Check your yahoo email account :-)

December 04, 2007  

Trust that spidey sense girl! If it doesn't feel right in your heart, there's a reason and you need to trust that. At least he is upfront about who he's talking to. Just keep your eyes wide open.

December 04, 2007  

i agree with the trusting yourself thing, there is a special instinct that is a gift to woman, but sometimes the mind can play tricks on you too, so its a thin personal opinion, which is like an a whole we all have one, is that it seems like he is trying to "prove a point" hence with the whole comment when he came in the seems like although he may have been nonchaluant about somethings, he was simply keeping stuff bottled up and now its on some "see how it feels" type of stuff...that's what it seems like to me...

i don't know, maybe you two should talk about about "house rules" and having common courtsey type of thing going on...maybe you all shouldn't be staying out all night long, come home to your home no matter what is up...

pay attention and see what happens next...

December 04, 2007  

I don't know what you should do! All I know is that after reading this post I'm super anxious.


December 04, 2007  

hello new to your blog and COULD NOT leave w/o a comment on this post...i TOTALLY agree with the "spidey sense" cuz mine is tingling...ima libra as well and we are the type that dont want to believe wrong is being done to us..but we are also women and if your senses werent tingling you wouldnt have posted this...listen to your instinct and DONT play it off like everything is cool cuz its not sounding like it is.

one of my best is a male and i know his girl..she knows im not a threat in any way shape or form..think about it and once again LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!!! IT DONT LIE!!

December 04, 2007  

i say meet her, too. his best female friend should be doing what she can to make you comfortable w/their relationship, not encouraging to be out until 6 am w/o calling. be aware.

December 06, 2007  

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