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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just realized how much I love singing along to music's taking everything in me not to sing to Tamia's So into you...and I mean I would be gettin into it now if I wasn't at work LOL

I got my new phone..WOOHOOO and I love it. I have to get use to the keyboard cause it's a lil diff from the V that I had but I love that I have the internet right at my fingertips literally and the text messages I send look like IM convo's...GO TREO 755p

Man I had a blast this past weekend. Although we didn't get into the avenue cause the line was too long the guys got to go to H2O while my sis, hun and I went to a bday party so it was all good.

I took my sis to get her nails done for her bday cause she's never had them done. Now my sis tends to be very quiet when it comes to what she wants and what not. So we're in the nail place and I told the lady just give her a manicure...I was getting a fill and a cut down which is $16 and hers would have been $12. The lady is like oh what about d'sign and you know they talk like that with that foreign accent lol and I'm like aight she like on 4 fingers I was like umm no bookie and my sis is just sittin there LOL. I said dont let that chinese or asian lady bully you (I still can't tell the difference lol) so my sis walks out with a french manicure with a design on two fingers (one on each hand) instead of $12 it was $22 LOL...i was like girl you better be glad it's your bday or you would have been short.

We headed to the mall and I got some earring...3 pair for $7 from clairs and you know that's unheard of LOL...I think the only reason they were so cheap was cause 2 of them were on sale and the girl assumed that last pair was too although it had no sticker on it I aint mad i got me some earrings....she gets a hoodie from papaya and we head home so me and hun can get some groceries.

Now me and hun have been doing weird min it's aight the next it's kinda I was going home to head to a bday party and he was going to a fight party....somethign was going on with my car so he was gonna drop me off but then he was like I dont know how long I'm gonna be at the fight party...his boy wasn't going so he couldn't ride with we compromised....we both went to the bday party and we were going to leave when the main event came on.....well folks didnt answer their phone when we were trying to come through so we both went home and passed out....great.

I enjoyed my monday off did some laundry, cooked dinner and watched The Wire. I have no clue what the heck is going on with Marlo this season he is straight hood killin folks and what not that help him get him money right. I mean I get tryin to cut out the middle man but dang. I'm not gonna spoil it for folks who dont want the episode early on On you'll just have to wait till Sunday to watch it.

Today is Tuesday and I actually feel rather hopefully today will be a good day. The boss that's been on vacation is back and while he was away I along with another attorney cleaned his office...ekkk I hate cleaning other folks stuff but oh well that's how the cookie crumbles when you work for someone else LOL....all I got to say is this wont be goin on for too long...time to move up and move out...great

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hey lady - 12 bucks for a manicure ? its 6 bucks in harlem lol

how you been

January 22, 2008  

Asians can't tell each other apart either until they open their mouths--some claim to but puhleeze
it's like trying to say which Caribbean island a black person is from.

January 22, 2008  

JustMe...Yea please dont tell me that LOL...too bad we are no where near NY

GC...LOL you too hilarious

January 22, 2008  

glad you had a GREAT weekend, and that you feel rested...i am also VERY glad to hear that you and hun are working together...that's always a plus

January 22, 2008  

i love to sing along too! and it makes me laugh to be singing along in the car and roll past someone and they are smiling and/or laughing at me! hahahah

go ahead and get your "american idol" on boo! ain't nothing wrong with it! who knows? simon, paula, and randy might be sending you a golden ticket in the mail that says "you're going to hollywood baby!" hahahah

January 22, 2008  

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