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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Out with the with the NEW

New Years was great

I wasn't Hun....we got into it

Am I I care...nope....I'm content

He's beginning to remind me of someone I dont like and dont talk to anymore hmmm not a good sign

He made some valid points but he still has not apologized

I dont care if you think I am drunk you dont do that

Living is a lesson in itself

Living with someone is a lesson in itself

Just when I think things are ok....BAMN I get blindsided

I'm fine though

New thoughts

That's all I can say

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Happy New Year! Let the old thinking go :-)

January 02, 2008  

As long as you fine!!! But I will come to the east coast if I have too.

Happy New Year!

January 02, 2008  

Happy New Year

January 02, 2008  

happy new year!

January 02, 2008 are usually upbeat and positive, so I don't like the vibe I get from this, but I understand it.

Living is definitely a lesson in itself!

Happy New Year girlie!

January 02, 2008  

Happy New Year Honey!
life is a leasson, live, laugh, love and longa s you are alright and learning from life, looking at yourself and growing things will work out...just take it one day at a time...

January 02, 2008  

Happy New Year Honey!!!!'ll be fine Honey too :) *E hug*

and yes this will be the year we get together for lunch or drinks or something :)

January 02, 2008  

Happy New Year!

January 02, 2008  

Happy New Year!

My phone was stuck on stupid :-( We gon' get it together one day! LOL

January 03, 2008  

Open your eyes wide in 2008. See the forest amongst the trees. The number 8 represents new beginnings according to numerology.

January 03, 2008  

I just hope all is well. I will keep checking on you.

January 04, 2008  

I heard someone had lunch with someone to day. im begining to not like yall.

January 04, 2008  

i don't like drunk excuses either. you just said what you'd been wanting to. cheers to life lessons!

January 05, 2008  

Happy New Year...

January 08, 2008  

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