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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ordinary Me

I love listening to pandora radio right now it's on the Toni Braxton commercial

I watched Juno, that movie was actually quite good and see my tastes cover a wide variety I'm not just into Denzel movies

Hun is good, we're getting better. I guess talking helps more than not talking does...however it's still a lil weird at home sometimes

My sis is coming this weekend along with the rest of the gang..her birthday is monday so she's hanging out up here with me. I will probably make dinner on Fri night and then hang out bowling or something...I wanted to go ice skating I dont think she's ever done that before that would be fun...Hun probably wouldn't go LOL then again he told me to stop assuming...he would hate it but he'd go

I love Grey's last week's episode was THE BOMB and so was ER I'm mad chic was grillin Abby though like she aint' slept with every male that's walked in the hospital except for Frank at the front desk and Pratt and she might do them if she was too drunk to make a decision.

Medium my other favorite show started back up and I must say that I'm happy it's back on...I dont believe in that stuff too much but I love the crime aspect of it more so than the psychic part of it

Law and Order is another favorite and last week was great, this week will be even better

I saw that all the bloggers who work in DC should all meet up for lunch LOL......great on a friday so we can all be late or dont even go back to work...better yet we could do happy me if your down...great :)

Ok so I have 3 days to go till I get my new Treo and I am tooooooo excited when I say I will be at that store right after 9am I'm serious I'm gonna come to work, check email them walk 2 blocks to get my phone LOL

I got to spend the day on Sat with one of my homies from college who moved back to her home town. It's funny cause whenever she comes in town I have crap to do but something always seems to move out the way or get mysteriously cancelled so I can hang out with was her bday on fri night

Went to a Sigma party for their founders day celebration in MD it was cool mad that I didn't read the email and print out the flyer cause I ended up paying $20..they better be glad I love them lol

Asked Hun for $20 the next day to go to lunch with my homie and he gave me some whole speech......talking about I need a credit card and what no I dont not right now Im just learning to do better about my money I still got crap to pay off...thanks but I feel him....but sometimes I think he treats me like a damn lil kid...give me the money or leave me alone LOL I can get it from someone else without all that lip LOL

Watched Lonely Hearts on Sun with Bruce Willis and Salma was good. If you haven't heard of the Lonely Heart killers look it up...very interesting. I'm a blockbuster girl in case you can't tell LOL I'm in there if not every weekend every other weekend.

Ready for Friday...enough said

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I like Pandora too.

Good to hear you and Hun are doing better. Yes communication is the key.

I love Grey's and Law & Order:SVU.

If I was in DC, I would be down.

January 15, 2008  

Communication is the key to any relationship...ok and lots of hot sex too :)

I liked Juno as well. it was funny not to mention thoughtful.

Have fun with your sis and happy *early* birthday to her!!

girl if fridays wasnt my busiest days and they didnt lock on the homing device..i would sooo be down :)

January 15, 2008  

so glad you and dude are working it out. it's hard but hopefully it's worth it.

the only one i watch on your tv list is law & order. i haven't been into television as much as i used to. i tried to get into grey, but can't see how two women are fighting over that dude. he's SO unappealing!

January 15, 2008  

I am SO mad I missed last week's Grey's and will be missing this weeks too because of my STOOPIT part time job!!!

I want to see Juno it looks funny.

Law and Order is THE TRUTH!!! Love em...especially SVU

OOOO, I don't work in DC, but I work in Rockville...a happy hour would be RIGHT though!!!

MANNN, I want a new phone...soon!!

Enjoy your day!!!

January 16, 2008  

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