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Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday and to say the least I'm ready to go home already and it's only 10am...great

HH tonight with the girls which should be grand.....actually anyplace is grand other than being at work

I think I say Bush yesterday since they closed down the street while I was trying to get to work and if that was him boy does he look goofy in person and if that's not him then that was a great decoy.

Ok we all know that the DC/VA/MD primaries are Tuesday please stop shoving flyers in my face before I slap you..dang

Yea I'm in a mood...I mean my pants are tight, i'm full but hungry and I'm on birth control on top of that my period is here.....leave me the piss alone

I love Tostitos especially with cheese dip emmmmm i want some right now even though I've just had a bagel.....

I keep trying to tell myself your not hungry your not hungry it's just the hormones playing with your mind.....good thing I dont have any food near by...oh yea a banana I could eat that.....hmmm I'll save it

Fam is good, I talked to my nephews last night...Toot said he was coming over my house on Sat lol he says that everytime he talks to me and we were both screamin whoohoo in the fat fat was clapping his hands while I was talking to him lol great

My god daughter will be 3 this month and my bestest will be 26. She also found out she's preg with a lil boy who is she will be naming Omar probably...hmm I like the sound of the grand total will be I have 3 nephews and 2 nieces I wont need kids for a while LOL

Man I was sick sat and sun and between all that I was toasted celebrating a friends bday so this weekend was full of a vast array of emotions.

I can't wait for presidents day....only cause I have it off LOL
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Why did I think President's Day was the upcoming Monday? I just knew I was about to have a three day weekend. Oh well.

February 08, 2008  

Man so did I when I looked at the calender I was upset LOL a lil more caunt Auntie Red was here so you would have thought I was dying slowly from a spider bite at my desk LOL

February 08, 2008  

is it bad that i don't ever make it to happy hours? like i tell people, by the time i leave the office on friday, once i hit the couch and the shoes come off, it's a WRAP!!!!

mmmm tostitos! have you had the "hint of lime" ones? they are the BEST for salsa and pico de gallo!!!! ;-)

February 10, 2008  

BARACK THE VOTE!! HH is the bomb. wish i could go sometimes!! (on a fri/sat)

February 11, 2008  

i am totally in a mood too!
awwww da babies...
*me clappin*
i luv da kids...glad to hear from you

February 11, 2008  

Damn...I'm sorry to hear that the stars aligned against you on that. I'm mad about President's Day though, cause I don't have that ish off. Its only a real holiday if I can observer that with a requisite day of not working and or school. But, it is what it is. I'm glad some people are still blogging since I left though, cause I've noticed all the blogs I go to are so out of date or the profile doesn't even exist anymore. Nice to see some friendly people...

February 11, 2008  

OK that sucks that you have President's day off!! We get NOTHING off here. LOL

Man! I haven't been to a HH in AGES!

February 12, 2008  

With the meds I'm on, I damn near don't have a period and soon wont have one at all...loving that!

LOL@ the not needing kids for a while ref. I have twin niece/nehpew almost 2 and an almost year old godson in addition to my almost 16 y/o kid. I need a break!


February 19, 2008  

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