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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Almost Midweek Randomness

Aight I'm at work a tad hung over...dont tell anyone lol so if this is not understandable you know why

I realized that I love John Mayer yesterday go get his CD Continuum.....good music to listen to when you're in the zone

I saw Iron Man last night and I wish they had come with that before Transformers but I LOVED it!

I tell ya if I could be a superhero it would be on and poppin!

How come when I drink I think of some of the craziest things...R says that I always say movies would be better in 3d LOL..but I mean hey they would.

On top of that why do I go in the bathroom to use it and just sit there LOL staring into space...maybe I'm not the only one that does that though lol

Robert Downey's body was HAWT or maybe that was just the liquor in my system lol

I'm ready to go home and go to sleep.

Ready for Friday actually.....or anytime that I can go back to sleep..cause I dont even remember going to sleep last night lol

How come when I'm nice I wanna listen to all my favorite songs...last night I was jammin to Marc Dorsey's Crave and the radio was blastin when I got inthe car this morning almost blew my dang on ear drums out never seems that loud when i'm listening to it the night before

I have no clue the next movie I wanna see oh yea Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. That looks good

Nothing else to talk about other than some man harassing me about what time it was boo I'm on the phone and there are a billion and one folks on the sidewalk ask one of them....I was about to say something but I was like maybe if I ignore him he will leave me alone. I had to cross the stree in order for him to stop saying excuse me to and on top of that how do I even know your talkin to

How come the old lady at farragut west metro is always shakin her cup so we see you standing there with your walker you shaking your cup all hard does not make me wanna give you money it just makes you look angry that folks aren't givin you no money....I should be askin you for some change we both trying to eat during this RECESSION!!!!

Nothing else to say I dont think...let me go get some water since Momma BK said I can't drink so sugar water (aka Propel lol)
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Imma need you to drink REAL water.. please and thank you!

May 06, 2008  

Imma need you to not be hungover at work!! Thats hilarious!!

I never heard of Robert Downey Jr as hot. Interesting...

May 06, 2008  

Lol, You know you could have put a few coins in that womans cup. You heard her dang it! lol.

May 07, 2008  

you are truly one of a kind halirious! i feel so bad when i have walk past those who are in need...but dag on it if i ain't got it either...but i still feel ashmed

May 07, 2008  

I'M TELLING!! YOU DRUNK!! *running off to email your boss*

May 07, 2008  

sup babygurl ;-)

May 08, 2008  

Yeah Imma have to go with everyone else and say Imma need you to not be all hung over and drunk bloggin!Hahaha...Well anyway
A) I wanna see Iron man also
B) You could have dropped some money in her cup eventhough we are in a RECESSION and
C) You are not supposed to drink water when your hung over. It makes you drunk all over again.

May 13, 2008  

aint nothin wrong with being hung over at

and I love john mayer too... you have to get his live album... john mayer trio... its the business

just mad he dating that raggedy jennifer aniston...

May 14, 2008  

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