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Friday, May 02, 2008

Bust it Baby

So I like that song but not Plies part ( but I do like him)...I know I'm weird...I hate when he says he calls her "wet wet" it just sounds so nasty coming out lol like his breath stinks. On top of that what is a bust it baby...and do I even want someone callin me that

So the homeless man beat me to work this morning. He had his coffee in had and was placing his milk crate down while I'm still walking up the sidewalk to head into my building. Funny cause he was like he what's happening....morning and all that...I guess everybody gotta grind..need I remind you...we are in RECESSION LOL

Complaints of gas (and not the kind you pass) are ever present. I was watching a clip the other night on how folks are breaking folks gas tanks on their gas just to get the gas..WOW...and folks are taking gas through hoses...siphing I think that's the word..well that's the word I just dont know how to spell it

This summer will be the summer of babies...I tell ya. My bestest is having her boy at the end of this month, my roommates sister is due in July and my lil sis (this is boy number 3) is due in August.

I tell ya I can only shake my head when I think about my lil sister being on baby number three. I dont know who she is in a race with LOL..cause it sure as heck aint me. Jaylin will be his she's keeping with the J theme which I like cause I'll end up callin him J3 maybe LOL of just J. I have a lil time to come with with a nickname then again when I see him it will probably change. When my Toot was born I called him Cotton cause he was so soft then I just started callin him toot....I always called Jeremiah Fat fat...cause he's soooo fat we'll see where J3 fits in.

I'm ready for a vacation. I think we're going to the beach on memorial day not too sure....I was going to SC but with us being on the cusp of living in a box (we're in RECESSION) I think I need to save my lil funds for gas LOL and food hahah

I am in LOVE with BJ's wholesale store...we went in there and shopped came out with like $200 worth of stuff and I cant' wait to go back LOL..I get carried away between the numerous bars of soap you can get and how many samples they give away LOL....stuff I dont even eat on the regular I might eat just cause it's a free sample.

This weekend will be rather busy I guess. Tonight HH with some of the gang, tomorrow morning chapter meeting and hair appointment. Might hit up a step show not too sure yet and between all that study for step practice on sunday at 2. And we have to work on the front yard cause it's starting to look like a jungle. I'm embarassed to walk in the door. I'm just waiting on someone from the home owners association to leave somethin on our door lol

I will admit that I listen to the country station on pandora LOL...What can I say I love me some shania and the dixi chicks are pretty aight

Is it just me or has R. Kelly season begun....the dream, mariah and now my boo raheem have all fallen under his spell...but I will admit the remixes are HOTTTTT. I have been jammin to I gots to migrate for a min lol

Have a great weekend!!!

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YES we ARE in a recession...and i'll definitely be joining you in the wholesale bulk store front, me and Sam's gotta date next weekend (at some point)

its a summer of weddings for me...just had one in April, one in June, one in July...and in between all the kids birthday i feel you...

well have fun and make sure you study!

May 02, 2008  

I love me some bulk buying LOL

Weddings and babies I guess we all know what folks are doing when its cold outside LOL

I know I gotta print out my paper so I can study in between all that :)

Have a great weekend...lunch soon homie!

May 02, 2008  

It was on the news this morning, some fool was breaking into people cars at an apartment complex trying to steal gas at 3am in the morning. Whe npolice arrived they found the gas canisters but not the person. Too dumb! LOL

May 02, 2008  

I don't think I'm in denial when I say things aren't that bad. It's bad for truck drivers but for those of us who can take public transportation, it's not that bad.
What really hurts me though is that the interest rate on my savings account keeps going down.

May 02, 2008  

Girl you are speakin the TRUF about the bulk shopping. I always end up spending at least 3x more than what I planned on.

I saw the story last night about people stealing gas. But they don't usually get that much, so it doesn't end up being worth the effort. Things are getting tooo ugly with this economy

May 02, 2008  

" A girl that is good in all aspects. For example, she walks like a model, great kisser, attitude on point, from the hood but she speaks proper, "sex game" is described as amazing, she's not nagging and respects a guy and give him space when necessary, eases a dude's mind." definition of bust it baby from

I am so glad I do not drive. I would not be able to afford it with the gas.

May 04, 2008  

I think I like that bust it baby song because it has an old school beat and Ne Yo is on the hook. "I have a nickname for lil mama I call her wet wet...cause when we finish she mess up my whole bed set" Hahahaha...

I haven't been to your blog in a while...but I'll def be making return visits...

May 05, 2008  

See I have this love hate thing with Pliers, but he do look like his breath stinks! LOL

May 05, 2008  

i don't do r and won't listen JIC I like something he produces. ugh. but plies lmao @ like his breath stinks!! FOOLISHNESS!! i'm not really familiar w/him b/c i don't listen to the radio like that. stepshows! they make me weary!! i've been to and in enought that i don't need to see another one EVER! (until my kids get in them-- yes that many.)

May 05, 2008  

Gas Prices *Yuck*

Whats funny is presidential candidates promising a relief on gas taxes for the summer and um when is the presidential election?

Won't the summer be over?

May 06, 2008  

though i should be used to it by now, i'm always astounded when the price of gas goes up. remember the times when ppl were up in arms over $3/gallon gas?

a part of me likes "Bust It Baby," but i'm also turned off (and mildly amused) by the "wet wet" part.

May 10, 2008  

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