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Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is the Remix Killa

..and I think he wants me to feel em lol (Gotta love Kells boy)

Today is Thursday tomorrow is Fri and if I get my stimulus money I'll have a great weekend.

Graduation gathering tomorrow for one of my frat and they are having crabs so I gots to be in the building....Hun might tag along...not too sure

Saturday brunch at the Carlyle with the girls celebrating the twins 26th was really on the 7th but since one of them is with child her 757 baby shower was that weekend...her baby shower for those folks up here is in June (I have a chapter meeting that day and a baby shower good thing both of them are in MD or I would be hurt lol)

Wearing blue today..I feel kinda jazzy :)

I realized my hair was getting long this morning while I was eating my cereal and I had the tip of my loc in my mouth soaked in milk lol

Had my turkey sausage and cereal..sounds like a lot but I ate before I left the house...Hun likes to cook breakfast sometimes and then when I got to work I ate a cup of Special K. So I'm set till lunch

I need some new sneakers.......

We're going to VA Beach for Memorial Day...perhaps learn to like one another again LOL sike let me stop but for real we both need some time away from the norm..

Not buying another bathing suit this year at least not until I've been confirmed to go to Cancun in November (one of my girls bday is gonna be there)

We're going to Kings Dominion on Sunday....should be fun it's not suppose to rain so it should be aight

My sis ex who is now her man again is going into the Air Force..I think it will be good for him...he's still young, needs to decide what he wants to do and that's a good place to start, plus he will gain some weight. Just dont want him to go down there and loose his mind like so many guys do with all the free women available lol you know some women could care less about the man they love those military benefits LOL

So I like Cherish's new cd I've been bumpin it since hmm Monday ish

What do you do when your LS annoys you LOL...I love her dearly but dang on it girl leave me be woman

So I like the remix of Lollipop better....Kanyezy is a BEAST Fritos I'm trying to Lay BWAHHHHHH ok enough of that and yes I really am laughing that hard (on the inside of course since I'm at work)

Hmmm I think that's about it...I wanna go to ATL before the summer is over so I'm looking into doing a lil weekend thing....plane tickets are a beast though...need I say it.....LOL no you already know what I'm gonna say

Wait for it......Wait for it...

WE'RE IN A RECESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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oh wow
a whole lot is going on

maybe you're gonna have to drive to Atlanta--you're a lot closer to it than I am.

May 15, 2008  

What do you when your LS annoys the hell out of you? Tell her azz! LOL my LS gets on my doggone nerves ALL THE TIME but i love her and tell her repeatedlly to stop aggravating the shyt out of me. She just laughs, gives me a hug, says she's back off and all is forgiven.

May 15, 2008  

Plane tickets haven't gotten out of order. I thought I was doing something booking a flight 2.5 months in advance. The ticket was $200 more than what I paid last year and I got that ticket only 1 month in advance.

I don't care how self-centered Kanye is, the boy is bad! I love his verse on Lollipop.

May 15, 2008  

You know I meant have not haven't.

May 15, 2008  

Girl you seem busy. Hope you have a good weekend.

May 16, 2008  

I was wondering what was up with you and hun but I didn't want to ask. BTW, my old cell died awhile ago and lost all the numbers I had in it, including yours. :-(

Never heard the lollipop remix.

Cereal and turkey sausage sounds good for some reason right about now and I am not hungry.

YAY for the locs getting long. Can't wait till I can put all mine in a pony tail on top of my head! You won't be able to tell me nothing then! LOL!

May 17, 2008  

lil lady wants to go to Kings Dominion this summer.

Check out Air Tran, they have some good deals on their website.


May 19, 2008  

hey you!! it's me!!

you know that already tho'. LOL

miss you! love you! forgot how funny it is reading you!! you're a silly chile; but alas, you're mine and i wouldn't have it any other way! :)

give hun a hug for me! if you DO make it to Atl this summer, you KNOW the deal!! (LOL)


May 20, 2008  

okay why are you SO totally off the hook! me luv it though LOL...
i don't know just ignore the LS...HA! that's not really the sisterly thing to do though now is it...i just heard the remix today...i am so behind in thangs...

May 20, 2008  

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