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Friday, January 20, 2006

My plan of Action

So today is Friday (which means I'm either sippin on some krytonite or shakin my laffy taffy). It would be safe to assume that I love Fridays..then again it could be said that I love anyday that proceeds a day in which I don't have to go to work..too bad I need money to have a place to live and a car to drive (lol) I wouldn't be a happy bum LOL but I digress.

I guess this post will be a way to serve as a way to daily remind myself that I'm focusing more on health this year than I have done in the past. So starting monday I'm hitting the gym. Yea you've read it correct. I love sleeping somewhat later than others get to do during a work week, but i can sacrifice an hour of sleeping in order to be healthier...what do you think? Plus coming to this decision was not an easy one. Cause I could easily stay after work but it's a mind thing with me and I know I'm not gonna want to stay at work late just to go to the gym so I might as well get up earlier. Now I get up at 730, I'm thinkin I can get up at 645 so I can be at the gym by 745 and work out till 845 and be at my desk by me time to shower and what not.

I'd rather spend time now getting healthier than be like my "other" as put it (I was just callin her my birth canal donor) who had to get gastric bypass surgery cause she was on the verge of dying because of her weight. And my mommy was diagnosed with diabetes and she has controlled it because of her diet and weight with that being said I'm not trying to get down to a size 5 or anything but I would like to be a couple of sizes smaller and tone up the boota cause I kinda like the junk in my trunk lol. All the women in my family have a nice coca-cola bottle shape and that makes me feel wonderful to be built like them but I don't want to be battling obesity and other numerous things (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) because I couldn't push myself away from the last slice of pizza. Many of these diseases can be eliminated if you maintain the right diet and exercise even if it's a lil bit.

So I'll start off small..working out for an hour and for 3 days a week and then "kick it up a notch" (got this phrase off of an episode of my wife and kids LOL). All I have to say is I don't need to run into no Euro-trainer (meaning a person who overdoes it) have me in the hospital cause I can't walk because I been working out too much the words of my friend I dont' need to loose so much weight that I look like a crack head LOL. But once again I would think that's not possible since I'm built to be a lil thick..I'd just like to have the thickness under more control LOL..feel me. So for all you out there in blog world...keep me in your prayers LOL cause I know come Friday morning I'm gonna be like I aint' doing this crap. What's the point. I'll take all the help I can get. I've been blessed to have people offer tips of advice that I will try and see if they work but I know everyone's body is different so I'll stick with works for me.

On to a healthier, more energetic, slimmer, Honey!!!! I'll keep you updated as I see change (smile)

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I need to work out. Not necessarily to lose weight but to be toned. I also need to eat healthier b/c I love me some junk food.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back.

January 20, 2006  

Girl how bout i said the same thing. That i would start my "lifestyle" change monday.I'm going to the gym in the evening starting Monday. Good Luck mama.

The man Harvey Wladen on Celeb fit club, i used to babysit for him and his ex wife when i was 15. I need to hit him

Take Care, thanks for coming by my spot! *wink*

January 20, 2006  

We'll be watching....Good luck!

January 20, 2006  

Peep out my postin' on Monday.

It's a program called Master Cleanser that might assist you in your work out plan.

January 20, 2006  

I hate working out. I don't need to lose any weight, but I do believe in staying healty, so my new work-out strategy has become roller-blading. I'm not an expert and only started this past summer, but it's a lot of fun!

Thanks for visiting!

January 20, 2006  

good luck w/ the gym

January 22, 2006  

Best of luck with your new resolve!!

January 22, 2006  

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