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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You scared him....

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Aight so I work at this law firm in DC and have been here for almost 2 years. I started here about 5 days before I graduated from college which was great cause I didnt' think I was going to find a job and would have to move back to the tidewater area till I did....thank God I found a job. So anyway I work at this law firm and just like any other law firm we have people come deliver mail to the secretary's desk for their attorneys. They also deliver travel information and what there have been numerous times that I have spoken to the men that deliver mail but nothing too serious other than hey, what's up and I also happened to see a guy that delievers mail at a local club here in DC. Anyway there is this guy who delivers mail who comes by my desk and makes conversation and at first I was like aight cool....and I would converse with him.

Now this has been going on and on since I've been working here and of course I've come to recognize that he's flirting with me. Making comments about what i've done for the holiday and when I had a man what we did and what not. No it's not sexual harassment at least it hasn't gotten there after all of this talking and laughing and making comments after walking by my desk it all came down to a couple of days ago when as he calls it I clowned him.

He takes it upon himself while he is with someone else delievering mail to say "Don't even look, dont' even talk this is mine all mine" so I turn around to see what he is referring to and yes he's talking about me. Then he says you know whatever you think your future is this is mine right here all mine. So I'm like aight since he want's to embarass himself in front of this man I'm gonna make it do what it do (lol) So I say what in the world are you talking about I am not yours so stop coming by my desk trying to be funny and playing games like we in HS if you want to talk to me then talk dont' keep saying stuff. So he goes on his way and delivers mail to a lady that I walk to the metro with and asks her to talk to me for him. Now how elementary is of course she was like aww that's so scared him that's why he hasn't asked you for your number. So I was like dang am I that mean that I scared him off..then again no...I only got salty with him when he tried to play himself. That was his fault.

So he came by again the next day and said what he said again this time I was like why would you ask someone to talk to me for you. Can't you speak for yourself. How about you ask her for my number as well..then again how about not since she doesn't have while this is going on I know I'm kinda being mean but I'm smiling so that's a good thing lol. The man that is with him (he's in training) is laughing cause he was like dang I thought you had it already and what not. So he was like why you gotta play me like that I said boo you played yourself when you came by here acting like you had things under control when you don't. This has been a sea saw with you for that last year or so either put up or shut up. So he says I'm gonna come by on my own time. I was like yea aight. But low and behold here he comes a bout an hour later and asks for my number. I gave it to him...never really knowing if he would call or not.

So on the way home I tell Ms. D (the lady I work with) what happened and she was like aww that's so cute wouldn't it be funny if the two of you ended up together after all that flirting he's been doing. I've never seen him talk or flirt with anyone as much as he has with you. I was like hmm ok. She said that he's was probably scared of me and how I might reject him and what not. I was like I just blogged about this. It's funny how you know you're aight (meaning I'm cute cause everyone thinks they are lol) but you never really imagine making someone scared that you might reject them. Funny. Anyway this guy is aight I guess I've never really looked at him like dang i'm trying to get with him. I just say hey and converse when he stops by my desk and what not.

Well last night he called and we talked for about 30 min cause he was on his way home from his second job and I was getting ready to watch law and order of my favorite shows by the way. We had a nice lil convo...he asked if he could take me out and I thought that was cute and then I found out that he has 2 kids (4 & 1) I love kids but not sure if I'm trying to deal with baby momma he's 30 which is not too old cause i'm 23. So he said he liked my style and what not. I asked him about that cause I know sometimes at work I be lookign a lil bit torn a lil raggedy and clothes a lil in dissaray and he said it's not really about cause I saw you one time when you were leaving work to go somewhere else (leaving for Bike Week in SC and I had on this one piece lil J-Lo suit) and i liked what i saw.

Then he said plus I like how you interact with me and I'm like you mean how I'm mean to you. He said yea and I was like why is that and he said cause I dont' think you're mean at all. I think you are putting up a front so you don't get close too fast. Once I get to know you're I'm sure you'll be fine. I was like thank you mr. knowitall (but he's somewhat correct, although I once again will say that I haven't really been lookin at him like that I guess it comes out even though I dont' notice that I'm doing it). So he's an aight dude talking about when I come by tomorrow you aitn' gonna scream on me are you..since you know what' going on. I was like aight I'll be nice then he was like so you're gonna give me a hug and what not. I said no you can have a smile he said why no hug and I said cause you might try to grop me up at work lol then he said nah it's not like and I informed him that I knew it wasn't and I was just joking. But that he would get a smile and perhaps a handshake and that's it.

Hmmm....funny I think I'm an aight looking girl but dang I can cause someone to be scared to approach me I thought it was only the other way around. I guess I need to boost up that self confidence

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he probably saw you as a professional woman, and some women don't like the blue collar type, so maybe that intimidated him a little. what ever you did, it worked because you got him intrigued!

January 11, 2006  

I hate to echo your co-worker but... Awwwww ;)

January 12, 2006  

Keep up the good work
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October 03, 2006  

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