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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You aint' got to lie Craig

Well this isn't for Craig really since I don't know anyone named Craig. This is for all the men out there that think women don't know what they are up to and that they can tell us whatever the hell they want and expect us to listen and believe the bullish that comes out.

For example a guy that I've been dating, conversing with, sexing up whatever you want to call it informed me that he called me this weekend. I said politely oh you did...what day and do you remember around what time. He says Sat and Sun I said oh ok I called you as well both days. Now I'm thinking to myself this negro ain't call but being that I've had a great day I said nothing and let him keep up this facade of acting like he called and I just didn't pick up the phone. So I said oh well you must have called Sat while I was at don't remember what time you called..he said no, I'm thinking yea aight. First of all he's the type of dude who will kirk out if he calls 50 billion times and never talks to you....we ain't bunned up but yes he still feels the need to act like we the fact that he didn't kirk although he said that he called me on Sat and Sun lead me to believe that he was lying. But will I bring this to his attention. Nope. Apparently he thinks I'm stupid enough to believe that he called both days and not one call got put through and on top of that he didn't leave a message...yea ok...he always leaves messages when he calls. That's another reason why I think he's lying.

My problem with this is why lie...I mean what is the point? You have to keep remembering what you said the first time in case it comes up again cause unless someone is stupid sooner or later they are going to know that you are lying. I mean come on I assumed that we were both adults and were done with the games. Guess I was wrong..I mean boo if you didn't call then you didn't call why should I's not like we had things planned..then again we were suppose to go to the movies but I ended up hanging out with two of my favorite people so I was good. I'm quite surprised that even older men..who claim that they are done with games clearly aren't...what's up with that? Oh and don't let me not call within a week span....I'll be left a message talking about I didn't call to see how the person was or I'm playing games or even that I'm messing with billions of men. Ummm.....where are all these men when I need them LOL cause I sure as heck ain't seen em.

I guess by leading to the fact that I'm messing with dozens of men clears him to do what he wants and he won't feel as bad. But you know the funny part...we had a conversation about where we were going and all that jazz and the only thing we established was that we would see where it went and take our time....spend more time together and what not...has that occured nope....through some stroke of weirdness and trust me it's not that weird, he either has to work or something comes up. And believe me Honey aint' stupid he's chilling with someone else and even if he isnt' I find it hard to believe that you can't make 30 min out of your day to call and it's cool. He can play games alone cause as much as I would love to take part in it....I can't then again perhaps I could. But that would be immature..wouldn't it (smile..evil laugh) what would I gain by playing along and making him believe that I believed he called and was into me....when he's just not that into me (I heard that was a pretty good book). He makes plans for us to chill on the weekend and thank God I always seem to do something else when it falls through...but I mean wow do you think I'm that dense and why must you take my kindness for stupidity. You assume that because I won't argue and get all amped up that I'm a pushover well this lil lady is about to get gangsta and let the other side of the Libra come out...cause we hate confrontation but when when confronted we will bite your head off and then politely walk

It's not like I've been lying this whole time either....cause if both of us were lying then I could see how things were in disarray, but what the heck would possess you to think that by lying you are buttering me up and allowing me to "think" that you are into me. Apparently you have underestimated me....and trust me I do not and will not chase a man who shows no interest. What's the point.....there is none cause you end up looking like a fool and thinking less of yourself and on top of that he's sitting there laughing cause he played you....not Honey-Libra no let's just buddy is about to get a rude awakening when I stop calling...which will occur today (I'm so proud that I'm learning how to move on)

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HE sounded like a jerk any ways and stupid to boot! I mean I would be like ok, lets check your outgoing calls to see what time you called. He would have felt real stupid then!
You don't gotta lie to kick it!

January 10, 2006  

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