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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Four Day Weekend......

Since this past monday was a holiday I kinda figured that me and the roomies would get into some trouble especially since we wouldn't have to work. For the record I have 2 roomie and they are a set of twins. We've been living together since we were juniors in college so let's just say we know each other pretty well (yea weird how females can live together this long and not kill one another) anywho....we each had respective dates that we were set up to go on but we knew we would eventually hang out with one another it was all just a matter of determing what we were gonna do, where it would occur and what day.

So Friday after work we all decided to go to this spot in Alexandria called Mango's like a bar/club on the right day lol. They have good drinks pretty good fries and aight music. So we're at home in my room talking about what we want to do and one of the roomies says she wants to get drunk that's where mango mike's comes in at. By this time I'm hungry and bout ready to eat since I hadn't eaten since lunch that day (1pm). Finally we are all dressed and ready to go....and to make a very long irritating story short we couldn't get a table or a seat at the bar and when we did sit down we finally decided that we didn't want to stay(I hate when that happens) so we eat at this lil diner down the street...I didn't end up eating till 10:30pm...not good cause when I laid down my stomach was torn the heck up..never again I tell ya.

So after I came back from eyes decided that he wanted to come over cause he was working late and didn't feel like driving home. So he came over (yea I know I'm setting myself up to be angry again but hey what can I say) we talked about a few things and then I was passed the heck out. So the next morning he gets this vision that he wants to spend the whole day together I was like umm great. He decided that we would do dinner and watch the Redskins game...I thought that was nice cause very rarely will a man ask you to watch the game with him knowing how us females can be about talking in between plays lol. So he left to shower, change and run errands and came back to get me so that we could be seated to watch the kick off. We ended up at Applebees because the Champs at Pentagon City was too croweded and said the wait would probably be about 1 or 2 hours or even the whole game. So great. We stayed at Applebees till half time then went to Fast Eddies to play a lil pool till the game was over. Yes I got my tail whopped..but it is what it is. I had fun and that's all I can say. Next time I'm gonna be on point though so I can spank some tail LOL.

After we left Fast Eddies we went to the house and since he was going to play pool with the boys I was going out with my girl Tasha we decided to go to: Man I was so heated after leaving pearl cause that DJ was too corny I mean he kept saying my name is so and so and I'm from ATL..but he was playing some slow jams I mean come on playing that for about 30 min is aight but not for 2 hours on end and then on top of that he only played the good stuff for about an hour. I was so heated we ended up leaving at like 1:30 and they close at like 330 I think. Plus I was like if they play that kind of music in the A then I ain't tryin to go and trust me I know they don't so I don't know what part of the A he was from. I told my roomie (who was on a date) that the only thing I remembered him playing was Lean with it, rock with it and Kryptonite (that's my jam!!!) that's how bad he was. Then we get outside and the wind is blowing so hard I almost got knocked over along with my jazzy lil hat I had on. I was about to freeze to death. I tell ya them people at coat check thrive on it being cold outside cause 2 weeks ago coat check was $3 now this week it was $5 about inflation due to weather change. After we leave Pearl I get a call from Green Eyes asking me if I was at home...and yep you guessed it he comes over again (yea I had to pinch myself to see if I was sleep, not dreaming just sleep lol) we watched the longest yard and proceeded to dose off again.

Sunday comes and the four day weekend is winding down so the roomies and I along with their Dad(who decided to pop down for a visit, he lives in Mass) hung around the house and chilled. Earlier that weekend one of the roomies had taken Dad to Fast Eddies for drinks and pool with her boyfriend who hadn't met him yet and so on Sunday after I came back from a dinner date (another post) we all decided that we would hit the city up for some drinks. We were going to H2O but ended up at the I should have asked someone first cause I didn't know that it was 18 and over on Sun. On top of that you know it was packed with Howard people cause there was no school on Monday...great. Invasion of the underclassmen who are sexually deprived and know every single song on the radio. I found out that I missed the vibe that I get from a 21 and older club. I mean the bathroom attendant is just a minor missing factor..but to see lil boys with their shirts up while some chic is dancing on his lap and he's grinning at all his buddies is might I say soooo lame!!! and I know that sounded white but what can I say lol I got a quick feeling of bouginess (i think I spelled that wrong). On top of that it seemed like all of them had a dance routine..I mean what is that about (wow) and if they didn't have a dance routine made up they did the routine from the video..and yes I mean the whole routine....I was like dang did I watch this much TV when I was suppose to be in class and then the whole song line up was kinda weird cause they didn't play any of the music that was out when I was in HS and what not so I kinda missed New Edition, no Micheal I was like dang....and some of the songs I hadn't even heard of (like this one called I was gettin some head...yea it speaks for itself lol) But they had drink specials...$1 drinks till 11 so I had 3 cause you know they hold the line...I'll remember that next time.

So I'll only be going there for the drinks not the people LOL plus I feel so siddity cause I got a bracelet LOL...I can only remember how it feels to be 18 in the club and not be able to get a drink lol.....and guess what green eyes was in DC so he came and got me and took me home (no I didn't leave the girls they were leaving with me as well, so we followed one another).. yep 3 nights in a row he's been at my house and he says he will have to be ghost for a week cause he saw me too much this weekend, that's it's not like him to spend so much time with one person in a weeks time..yea aight....hmmm sure LOL he said I will get tired of him. I asked him why we be beefin like once a month and he said I'm glad we don't beef once a week and I said we should beef at all but whose perfect so ah well.

On Monday we all decided to go see Hostel. I tell ya man that movie is gruesome..I mean eye balls poppin out with puss following and then toes being cut off....ewww but it was aight once you got past all the tits and what not in the beginning. What is it about breasts that men love lol. We took Dad to the diner(yea.. again, I'm beginning to love that place) And I decided to go finally visit KK(the guy i met through my room mates co-worker) He lives in NW in a part of DC that I hadn't been to before so of course I was getting frustrated with being able to find his house and what not but I finally ended up finding it (after his room mate got on the phone). We watched Ray and the ending of Malcolm X. He is a cool person to chill with and I had fun but I guess time will tell if it goes further cause he gets an A for effort in trying to make things happen but umm nope nothing occured and that's how I like to keep it. On top of that he asked me for a kiss....I mean I don't know maybe it's just me but I don't like for guys to ask me for a's all about the looking into each other's eyes and leaning in or him sneaking one in when I'm talking to him. It makes me self conscience when they ask for one and that's what he did so I laughed not mean like but I just chuckled and he was like what I said you're making me feel weird by asking and then he says what did you want me to do...just dive in and I'm kinda thinking yes...but hey that's just how I think. It's just funny that I have a lip fetish and he doesn't really have juicy kissable lips. I love me some nice juicy kissable soft lips (Will has suga buga lol..I miss him. He's out to sea right now) I mean they are nice but I'm a big kisser and I just wasn't feeling it. I think that's why I was like umm ok time for me to go home LOL. He kept asking me stay and I was like umm nope gotta go to work lol....I think he got the picture after I said it about 5 times but once again he kept asking me to stay and I kept saying nope LOL. I mean what do you do when you can't really see yourself dating a particular person. He kept trying I tell ya that though poor thing and I kept acting like I was sleep and what not then he was like oh I put you to sleep I was like umm probably not lol....he thought he did by giving me a lil massage...talking about you like how I gave you a massage I was like oh you did lol...hmm great.

I think this is like the second time that I've dealt with or someone has wanted to deal with me and I haven't been physically attacted to them..I mean of course you have to be attacted to them in some manner but you know what I mean. He has a nice personality and nice conversation and we vibe well but I just don't know what it is......I'll give it time cause you can't fall in love with everyone you date now can you LOL...he might be one of the greatest friends that I've ever had and I don't want to stomp it before it gets the chance to grow and flourish. Once I told roomie about my lil makeshift date I noticed that skinny guys are attracted to me..I mean what is nice junk in the trunk or my thick thighs LOL I have no clue....I mean some of the dudes that try to talk to me look as if they weigh about 100 pounds LOL...then again I've heard that for a thick girl I'm in I? That's a question only the mirror can answer LOL....and right now it's saying "Girl run for the gym" LOL

So this four day weekend was pretty cool...I also talked to my biological aunt....I'm adopted so I've just begun to keep up with the biological part of my family. She was talking to me about the woman who gave birth to me..yea that's another post as well....can't say I want to go there right now....hope your weekend was just as enjoyable as mine.....can't wait for this one to come....

p.s. Thanks for the advice everyone about my dating with no focus LOL...I'mma make it do what it do...whatever that means. But seriously I do need to have somewhat of a focus so wish me luck (or rather pray for me lol)

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Girl I have to read all of this after finish working..:).

January 17, 2006  

Damn, you've been busy! Last time I went to an 18+ club was b/c my little brother begged me to go with him and his friends for his 18th b-day. Never again. But it was free for me to get in and drinks were cheap as hell and that is never a bad thing.

January 18, 2006  

i hated hostel.. the 1st 45 min was a porno! and then once it got to the gruesome stuff, you blinked and then it was over.. very disappointing =(

January 18, 2006  

@peach yea sorry it's alot.

@brea what can I say I have to keep busy to stay out of trouble.

@ttd....I know right, I forgot to mention that part. I was like dang if I wanted to see T&A I could rent a porn at

January 19, 2006  

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March 15, 2007  

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