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Thursday, February 16, 2006


As promised here is a pic of what my hair currently looks like. The lighting on the pic isn't the best since it was taken on my camera phone so you can't see the color but pics will be takin this weekend (mostly of my ja-ja so you might see a glimpse of it in those lol) will last about 2 weeks after they fall. So I'll have my hands out of my head allowing my locs to grow some more. My babies (that's what they are to me lol) will be 4 months old on the 19th and I haven't had a perm since about April 2005. My hair was wayyy short then so once I started to let the perm all grow out it didn't take long for me to be all natural so I've been natural for almost a year...yeaaaaa! Never knew how soft my hair was and how fast it grew when it was left alone.

On to bigger and more pressing matters. Lately I've been thinking about the situation going on in my house (with my room mate). In case you don't know...let me fill you in. Now first let me say that I don't gossip unless it's about celebrities. I only tell my friends business when I'm afraid that they are going insane in the membrane and might need more than my assistance when they come to their senses. I'm afraid something will happen to hear, even if it's just emotionally and I might not be strong enough to deal with it alone if it comes to head.

So my roomie who will be now referred to as T use to date this guy who will be known as Crazy (hindsight is 20/20, if you know what I mean) well she was always at his house, never spending time alone and at first her sis and I were kinda sad that she wasn't with us anymore and if she did go out with us she would either fall asleep (yes, she's fallen asleep at the club) or she would leave early therefore having him pick her up. Then it got to the point where she just wasn't the person she use to be (not saying that a person bettering themselves for love is bad) but she just got weird. He had a lil girl, but then we found out he had 3 more kids and none of them were by the same woman. She didn't tell us this at first and to be honest I could care less, who she dates is her business she is a grown woman. However one day she was talking and then it came up....we made her backtrack and she tried to make it seem like she had told us this before and that we were going crazy. Mind you..she had lied to us before and tried to make it seem like we were dillusional and had gone insane. It's one thing if you lie but please don't make me try to think I've lost my mind when I know I'm not that amnesic. So we started really listening to what she had to say and we would compare what she told us to what she told our other friends and home girl won't even keepin up with her own lies. To make a long story short and I do mean a long story...her and the guy parted ways after everyone and I mean everyone (including her momma and half of her friends) let her see on her own that things were in disarray.

However, right before she broke up with him she met this guy we will call Crazy Jr. She talked to him on the phone and what not...when she got back from the cruise her and Crazy went on (they decided to still go but only as friends since the trip was planned before they decided to part ways) she began to talk more to Crazy Jr. Mind you Crazy had gone so far as to give her a promise ring at Christmas and got down on his knees and what not so yea it was serious. So after Crazy and her split she began a full fledge "love" affair with Crazy Jr. She had told us that after Crazy she just wanted to chill and be young and hang so we were like we're here for you and what not (never saying once that we told you so, what kind of friend would we be if we did say..not saying I wasn't thinking it..i know bad friend) but not even a month later she was wearing a promise ring from Crazy Jr and saying the same things that she said about Crazy..they were in love, this was her future husband and what not. Talking about buying a house together and what not. I'm like great if that's how it should be who am I to be mad at my friend for finding love. Then I noticed that she was getting weird again...yes I know love can make you weird and somewhat blinds you but come on. She started lying again. First she said his daughters mother was dead...then we find out (cause she can't remember her lies) that he was fighting her for custody and they even dropped her off to visit her mother during Christmas (which he told her mom that she was spending with him, they slept in a hotel although he has fam in that area and she paid for most of the trip...she also finds out that he is living with an older woman who is not related to him or his family) so afterwards we say to one another what are they fighting the dead (cause she told us the lady was dead or that's what he told her) she then says lies about how his momma bought him a 2006 Cadillac and she ordered her one too. We have yet to see it and 2006 has more than been here longer than a day. Of course she also tells us that his momma is a relator in like 6 states. Ok, if she is then why you askin all our friends to help you look for information on houses from other friends we know who are realtors.

Come she just be blowing me. Recently we overheard a convo between him and her (only cause she be talking so dang on loud) that he got kicked out of school and he has apparently lost one of his jobs..she said I can't keep on paying for have to find some source of everything. Now it's one thing to be there for your man and support him when he's down...I'm all for that. But when you've been payin for stuff and treating (as she calls it) ever since you've known him there is a problem. She lets him borrow his car in which he got two tickets then when her mom asked her about it (they got mailed to her moms house) she lied and her momma knew she lied...why lie if it's your car and you make the payments (just be like yea ma so and so borrowed my car, he's taken care of the tickets) you tend to lie when you think you've done least I do or did (lol). All of a sudden she has no money now. It annoys me that everytime she sits down to talk to us I can't even bring myself to look at her that's how much it bothers me. I can't even be too long in the same room with her, I pity her and that hurts. She's my friend and I will always be here for her but sometimes it just irks me that she can't see the correlation between what happened with Crazy and what is occuring between Crazy Jr.

Her relationship with him has affected her relationship with her family as well. She and her sister share a car until her sister gets one..I mean their twins very rarely do they go anywhere without the other one..unless it's a date. An agreement was worked out on using the car and what not (I live with them which is how I know all this lol..have lived with them since I was a junior in college...going on 3 years) so before him this was all working. Now her sister has to ask like a month in advance to use the car and even then she sometimes leaves her hanging..I of course have no problem letting her use my car if I'm not using it. But how can she be so inconsiderate and on top of that she asks her sister what she thinks of her "love" now and her sister told her that she depended on him to much and all this other stuff..well T told her sis that she couldn't talk to her about it cause she was always so unapproachable (umm boo I just told you what I think, it's not what you wanted to hear so now I'm unapproabable..WOW) now her sis and I say nothing...we just either ignore her when she is raving about him or we let her say what she point in telling someone they have on two diff socks if they don't see it or don't care or know and still don't care.

He comes over and they head straight up to her room, I'm not saying you have to socialize with her man not ours but dang..we know nothing about it not even where he lives what if something happens to her....we won't be able to do anything. Maybe it's just me and how I like to have people there to look out for me...but my roomies know enough about who I'm dating to be able to show up and save me if things get a lil shady(they even have my sister's cell number and know where my parents live at as do I). He smokes and has our house smelling like weed so much that we had to tell her to ask him to do it outside. He had her car so full of weed that I never wanted to ride in it. I have no problem with people who do that but respect that I don't want it in my clothes or hair. I hated the fact that he disrespected her momma (hung up on her and told her that her daughter was spending that holiday with him and his family even though he knew her momma had just had surgery) and she asked her momma what did she say to make Crazy Jr mad...I mean I would not go for that if someone did that to my may get a chance at having two mommas but technically you only get one real one....I'll go to war for my momma and I figured she would do that same..guess I know better. I have noticed other things about her. For example her dad came to chill with us for MLK night her boo was over..why was her boo sleepin in her bed, she was in the bed with her sister and her dad was on the couch...first I wouldn't have my boo over unless he was from out of town or I couldn't take him home and if he was there when my fam came to visit he would be sleeping on the couch (that's just me and how I was brought up...I can't help it..I know it's old fashion) and I know that if her mom was over she would have made him sleep on the couch as well....

My new annoyance with them is that he has been at our house about every other night within a weeks time and he stomps so freaking loud that it wakes me up. She thinks she is slick cause she will bring him over after she thinks we are sleep.....we had a discussion about her bring Crazy over so much..that we felt he should pay rent. I mean we all grown I don't care who you bring over but we pay rent here not him and if is gonna "move" in then he needs to pay up. I'm at the point now where if she even says something remotely weird to me I might get diarrhea of the mouth...and I don't want to say something that will harm our relationship...cause I know how it is when you are blinded by love and people try to tell you that you are going crazy. I have to let her see it on her own and who knows this might be her "love" But if it was would your love really take advantage of you and would love make you rub your relationship in your friends face would love cause you only to hang with your friends when your boo isn't wouldn't to me..but I could be insane


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I wish I had the guts to cut my hair. Maybe when I'm older....

February 16, 2006 yea it was really short I'm looking forward to when they get down to my shoulders.

February 16, 2006  

I chopped mine completely off twice, myself...I was doing good until they sent me on a book tour and I went back to old habits. One day soon I'm gonna have a head full of brown, shiny, spirally hair...

February 16, 2006  

This summer I'm chopping off my hair again

February 16, 2006  

your hair looks phenomenal! i wish mine looked that good when i first started loc'ing.

meanwhile, mine was jacked up for about a year! what's your secret???

February 16, 2006  

the locks are cute!

i think what people thinks is love does make them do silly things, and you are right, trying to bring it to her attention will cause stress in you all's relationship. you can tell her that his azz walks too hard though.

February 16, 2006  

your friend is so eager to be loved, she just jumps on the first thing smoking (so to speak) and rather than admit it was the wrong thing she tries to make it right (with her lies) all you can do is hope and pray from the backround that she really gets it together...
it's not the men, it's her own neediness.

February 16, 2006  

btw ur hair does look cute, i was natural for 5 yrs, but recently scrapped it..but I know u'll look beautiful with locs

February 16, 2006  

@princess...I keep trying to get my friends to cut theirs lol it, do it, do it lol

@nikki...I love your locs...I can't wait till mine get longer and I can do more with them. I have no secret lol I should probably stay out of them more LOL

@accomplice..yea next time I see her I'm gonna tell her..meant to do it yesterday but had to pack..most of the time I ignore her anyway..sad but true.

@diamonds...that's it and it confuses me that my wonderful attractive, smart friend is being so "stupid"..I just keep the mouth shut but let her know I'm here for her regardless. Thanks for the compliment I've had bad days (lots of them lol) but my room mate who does my locs said we put in too much work so I have to keep them lol

February 17, 2006  

Your hair looks nice!

February 17, 2006  

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February 17, 2006  

@luvin me..thanks girlie

February 17, 2006  

I say keep being there for your friend. I know she is trippin but stay supporting her. When ole boy leaves, maybe she will see the light. It is hard when you have a friend blinded by love. My friend was like that. He let his girlfriend cuss out his mom for no reason!! I would have been wildin out if my girlfriend cusses out my mother for any reason!!

February 17, 2006  

I like the new "doo". I read in your last post that you are visiting the 757(my hood). What city did you go to??

February 19, 2006  

Excellent, love it! » »

April 23, 2007  

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