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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Catchin the FEVA!!!!

Man oh man. First let me say I for one am glad that today in the great Nation's Capitol it's suppose to hit 70 degrees. So yea I know there will be those out there that will be wearing tank tops or those cheerleader shorts with the elastic rolled down like they got a booty (lol)..anywho. The morning has started off pretty good. I talked to my older brother who has been in jail for the last year or so and he got out about a week ago. Trying to talk him out of getting into trouble. Funny how I feel older than him at times and other times I just want him to be my big brother..I love him dearly though no matter what and that's how it should be.

Yesterday I got to work a little after 1pm..yea you read that right LOL....1pm. I was in court alllll morning for a ticket that I disputed which said that I was driving on a suspended license..what is it with blacks and police. I mean dang I wasn't doing anything in the first place for him to run my tags, but I've come to learn that everything happens for a reason and perhaps I wasn't suppose to be out and about in dc with the roomie that night..but anyway I never got a letter from the DMV or anything so I didn't know that it was suspended...for point violations. Why is it that VA cops are crazy..and everyone kept saying this in court yesterday..well not in court but outside of the courtroom. They kept comparing VA cops to MD cops and what not. I was like dang I have become so paranoid now when I see a cop cause you don't have to be breaking the law to get pulled over. And yep they can run your tags, it what they do....I was like dang I been driving in VA out of VA and all about town not knowing that I'm a criminal LOL. So the last month or so that's been on my mind cause you never know what could happen in court so I was like I'm going to jail. I don't want Bertha (why do we always call big women in jail that lol) watchin me go to the bathroom. My heart was pounding and what not, I was saying good bye to Gizmo lol.....saying that maybe I could do my jail time on the weekends...then I wouldn't be able to go home for easter or go to Kings Dominion. My roomie said I was exaggerating and over reacting, but I mean hey you never know. I was like please Lord don't let me go to jail....I think I'm too pretty to go to jail, then again there are some fine men in jail so we all know looks have nothing to do with it yea Honey was a lil bit apprehensive yesterday.

We got to court and my attorney informed me that he got the case passed which means that I plead not guilty and had to put into another pile of cases and would be called later on. I'm thinking aight we'll be outta here by 11:30 at the latest....I had the roomie with me since she was in the car when I got pulled over. She had to be to work and what not so of course I didn't want her to be there all day cause she took time to help me out. Man to make a long story short I didn't get into the court room till noon and right before we went in my attorney was like he's dropping the case, since they can't prove that you knew it was suspended (I got a speeding ticket like 2 weeks after they said it was suspended and the officer never said anything...yes I have a speeding problem...sad I know and I dont' even have a sports car lol)...I'm glad I got that ticket though cause that showed that I didn't know and wouldn't have the week after I got the ticket I got it reinstated.....had to take a driving class (8 hours..dang on it) and pay a fee....many I was heated. So I get in the court room, the attorney was like he didn't know how long it was gonna be cause I might be on the bottom of the cases called (ahhh, come on) so he goes up there to talk to the prosecutor and tells him that I have a witness and she's been here all day and has to go to work and puts me on the top......the judge calls my name and I go up there and he says dismissed and I walk out.....I was like umm ok, then it hit's over, I'm not in jail, I'm not going to jail, I don't have to pay a fine or court costs (first thing I did was pee cause I had been holding it lol)...the first thing that popped into my head was that song Jesus dropped the charges LOL....they use to sing that at my grandmothers church and in other country churches I would go to when I was small.....I felt like a criminal for real, even though I'm not. But I mean dang I could have been in jail or at least paid a fine cause the prosecutor could have still said I didn't have a valid license but he dropped everything and I was free to drive my blueberry. Needlesstosay, I am paranoid now when I see cops or when I'm driving period..not paranoid where I'm not paying attention but I pay attention too much now (lol)..I be looking for no turn on red signs and what not...looking for undercover cops, cause it's just that serious. I mean it's become border line harassment.

So as I figured Constant started sending me emails now that he's out to sea. Talking about he missed me and would be thinking of us while he was out to sea, did I miss him and he would be home when they got back or the weekend after so he would be able to see me. I told roomie see me for what a couple of hours. I'm gonna need a day or something I mean dang I'm tired of seeing you when you're tired after you've spent all your time with the many other people you find important (not saying he can't chill with his friends) but I mean come on everytime you come home to DC you chill with them and give me the after you......I'm tired of that. So I'll mention it to him and leave it at more saying things over and over. He's an intelligent brother so he can listen and comprehend I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. So I'll say it and move on. I was even gonna suggest that we go somewhere on a weekend that he's home...perhaps Ocean City now that it's nice or NY for the day...just to have that time one on one before he leaves for 6 months in July. Who knows I don't even know if I want to mention it.

I have caught the MASON FEVA!!!! To be honest I've always had it but now of course it's with good reason lol...not that it wasn't before. So I've had a Mason jersey for a couple of years now and I do wear it..especially during the summer. But I might wear my Mason Final Four t-shirt when I watch the game on Sat instead of my jersey. Havent' determined where I'll be watching the game of my girls from college is coming in town so might meet up with her somewhere in DC...dont' know yet. I'll be at happy hour tomorrow for a friends bday at this place in DC called Ozio' they have some of the best martinis. I went there when roomies job had a happy hour there and we tried everyone on the menu....I think there were like 10-15 (I can't remember) needlesstosay....her boss paid for our cab ride home. I was too through, good thing the next day was sat so I got to sleep late lol, cause I wouldn't have been no good. Yes I've been to work with a hang-over and trust me sitting at the comp with a hangover is not something that you want to do.

Gizmo is still Gizmo. I have to find something to put in his crate cause he likes playing in his water and he wets up the newspaper. He stayed in his crate last night and didn't even pee in it. I got up at like quarter to 6 to take him out and he immediately went to his favorite tree and peed then walked and played some more and proceeded to do the rest of his business LOL....I'm glad he is getting use to using the bathroom outside makes it easier when I let him out of his crate. I don't have to be worried about him peeing all over the place or steppin in his brown stones LOL.

I've decided to set little goals for the month as far as weight lose. So this month is 5 pounds. I have 4 more to go. I have some great Apple Danish yogurt this morning, it was great I think that's gonna be one of my favorites from now on. I'm making a habit unknowingly of eating yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. I've found that I feel fuller longer especially if I drink water with it. If I eat when I first get home I can go to bed still feeling full, which is good, cause before I wasn't eating till like 9 or I would eat when I got home and eat again before I went to bed which was not cool. So I'm glad I'm maintaining self control.

I think the BC (birth control) has somehow created weird eating habits cause last night I wasn't even real hungry when I hate my turkey sandwich and pringles...I started to feel sick once I knew I was getting full and plus I was knocked out at like 930. Why is it that we (ladies of course) take BC to get regulated and sometimes it still never regulates (I know not all of us have this problem lol maybe it's just me...yea it might be just be me lol) My cramps are almost nonexistent though which is great yea that's what's been going on with me.....


Why did Gizmo bark at my other roomies boyfriend this morning..he never barks at anyone...I'm thinking it's cause he's really as bad as we think he is (that's not gonna stop her from moving in with him though, not the dog barking lol him being not good for her)

When I talk to my nephew and say uh huh, yea what else he goes on and on (It's so cute)

Do I become obsessed with shoes in the summer time?

The metro parking lot smells like stale pee..not a good look

MASON is really in the FINAL FOUR!!! I still can't believe it (let me pinch myself)

On Desperate Housewives Gabriel said "I've read the Constitution and it doesn't say anything about protecting ugly people" (they are trying to get adopt) LOL

Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary are coming to DC, so is New Edition and KC & Jo-Jo....hmmm lots going on.

Can't wait to go to Kings Dominion..haven't been in a while (Rod laughed when I said I had to buy some cute comfortable shoes....just another reason to go shopping lol)

What am I gonna wear tomorrow to Happy Hour..we might go out afterwards...hmmm

I still don't get Jamie Foxx's new video..there is no DJ so how can he play this girl a song LOL

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I would have been pissed waiting that long in court only to have the judge say dismiss after 30 seconds of him calling my name. What a waste of time. Glad you didn't go to jail! LOL

March 30, 2006  

I hate going to court for ANYTHING!

March 30, 2006  

@thoughts..girl I am glad too...I would have written about my week in jail LOL

@luvin...girl it was crazy in many people dont' even know how to dress when they go to court it was too funny

March 30, 2006  

WHat kinda BC you on? Cuz i hate this damn PIll.........GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Hey ms lady :)
I gotta go to court April 27th for when that girl stole my car..can't wait...

March 30, 2006, have fun with that. Once again I detest court which is funny cause I work at a law firm lol I guess I just detest traffic court. I'm on Ortho-Lo, which is aight

March 30, 2006  

Court Let me finish reading.

March 30, 2006  


my oldest got his 1st ticket and going 2 court with him made me want 2 throw da hell up!!!!! What a rip off......ticket prices are outta control;!!!!! i made his ass pay me back 2!!!! LOL

Two words.....DEPO PROVERA!!!!! I LOVE THAT SHIT...NO PRIODS....NO PMS...........BEE.YOU.TEE.FUL!!!!


March 31, 2006  

OK - So Sunday's DH was hilarious! I think Gabby and Carlos are going to get into more than they are bargaining for with the stripper-baby-mama. And on JF new video, I was thinking the same thing. WHERE'S THE DANG DJ! LOL

March 31, 2006  

hey, thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear you got out of that ticket. Those things are a plague on womankind.

March 31, 2006  

I wish I would have had a blog the last time I got I had to go to traffic court. Hearing how people tried to argue their way out of tickets was hilarious. Not to mention the assorted strange looking characters in the court room. It was like a comedy buffet.

March 31, 2006  

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON"T LET ME GET STARTED ON MD AND VA COPS!! THE TRAFFIC COPS ARE FUCKING CRAZY AND BORED I THINK!! My hubs got pulled over (same reason as you they just randomely chose HIM (wonder why HIM...cough..) and we hadn't gotten the emmisions done on it and it was passed due..So the tags were suspended. The truck he was driving is in my name they made him call me to say the truck wasn't stolen..Yea he just coincidenlty stole a Truck from a woman who has the same last name as him WTF ever!

March 31, 2006  

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March 31, 2006  

GMU lost!!! I thought they would beat Florida!!!

April 02, 2006  

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