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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So Blessed

So many times we go about our days never really taking into account that there is a higher power working on behalf of us. Now I'm not overly religious then again what is overly religious....I don't carry my bible everywhere (although I should read it more) and I will not bash you over the head with scriptures when you do something repulsive (who am I to judge, plus I need work myself, lol) Anyway last night something happened and it made me cry and thank God for about 30 min because he is sooo awesome.

I was blessed enough to get a job offer about 3 weeks before I graduated from college 1.5 ago, so while all of my friends were contemplating moving home, I was making plans on getting my first apartment. Needlesstosay I didn't do too much research on the area that I choose and when my roomies from college moved in with me and we decided to get a place together..I decided to break my lease and move. Yep I would be paying rent for two least until someone rented the other apartment. This was a hard lesson in first of all researching and asking around and just general life living...I will definately use it to talk to my children when it comes time for them to live on their own and I'm much more research savy and questionable when it comes to where I live (lol). So lesson learned and I moved on.

It didn't stop there though...since I was paying rent at two places alot of my bills got behind and to make a long story short I was pretty much making good money but living pay check to pay check. I worked out where I could pay on the balance (on my first apt) until I found out that the guy who handled my account got fired because he wasn't suppose to do that. I wound up in court and by only God's mercy they sent me the wrong court information and had to reschedule my court day...but I was prepared to fight. It wasn't my fault that he lead me to believe that I could pay down the balance and if they wanted to do that then that was cool, but there was no way they were gonna get money from me....I don't have money lying around like that. But anway fortunately I'm a pack rat so I had all my receipts and bank statements to show that I had been paying on it and I began to question if they had rented my apartment out because a friend of mine's who also works at a law firm called the apt complex that I use to live at and asked if they had an vacancies in the building that I use to live in and they told her no. Now anyone that knows anything about leasing and what not knows that if you break your lease ok you have to pay rent or pay a portion back until someone moves in or pay a certain amount to be let out of your lease and the leasing company has to do all they can to rent that space out again...well telling someone no there are no vacancies is not doing everything in your power to rent the space out. So they were pretty much taking my money and someone else's.

I've been praying and asking God for clarification on things and he's been real candid in letting me know what's going on with me and even the people around me. Which is why I've cut some folks off..I know they meant me no good. But I kept them around..for what I don't know, perhaps for some sort of excitement (if that's what you want to call stress lol) So while praying I also asked him to bless my finances and he began by giving me overtime. Now you know when you pray you should be careful how you pray. I never said how I wanted the money to come or anything like that, but by his grace I've been working overtime for 2 weeks. I can get my brand new bedroom furniture off of my car note up to date and pay my cell phone bill and finally have a savings accounts (which I had to clean out).

I cried last night because unlike so many of my friends who really don't know what's been going on with me, God knows. He knew that I've been dealing with my relationship with him, wanting to help my parents out, my finances weren't and still aren't great, I wanted to start school in the summer, and just be able to stop living pay check to paycheck. When I got home last night there was a check in the mail from the management company for a refund! I cried, I shouted I thanked God for just being him..because even when I don't recognize who he is and give him the credit....he's still in the wings providing for the right moment and time. You know how you have that friend who always knows the right moment to call, I mean you dont talk to them often but when you do, it's like they were never gone...that's how God is.

So even if you aren't a religious thankful for today. Be thankful that you alive and well, that you have a job and you have somewhere to lay your head and food to put in your stomach. There are so many people who dont' have that and even the little things are blessings.

Have a wonderful day!

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Yes God is GOOD!!!All the time...I try not to question his reasons and just accept things for what they are because you never know what he has in store for u....:)

March 15, 2006  

What a way to start the morning! Yes God is good! Your post was such a blessing this morning!

March 15, 2006  

@missy....he is sooo amazing and it's funny how hard I'm cheesing this morning.

@luvinme...yes! Girl I'm on such a high right now, he is doing it, I tell ya

March 15, 2006  

So very true. Thank you for reminding us, Libra!

March 15, 2006  

God is indeed an awesome God! Girl I had a similar moment when I got an unexpected insurance refund in the mail and it was 4 cents less than a bill I was trying to figure out how to pay!

And indeed, becareful what you ask God, cuz He just may give it to you!

Thanks for sharing your testimony.

March 15, 2006  

Great post!! im like you.. good job but messed some things up early on, so now living paycheck to paycheck when i shouldnt be.. but sloewy but surely.. He is making things better for me! He is an ontime God!

March 15, 2006  

Stay blessed! God is GOOD!

March 15, 2006  

Congrats on getting that money back!

March 15, 2006  

God is good all the time and all the time God is good! Amen!

He may not come when you want him to, but he's always on time!

I have some stories too about how God has change things around me. I always thank him for the little things we don't usually think about like the roof over my head, food on my table, and clothes on my back.

That was such a blessing, I'm going back to read it again!

March 15, 2006  

To everyone thanks so'll never know how much your words have made me smile even more and just continue to thank God for doing what he's been doing and just for being who he is....

March 15, 2006  

"I don't carry my bible everywhere (although I should read it more) and I will not bash you over the head with scriptures when you do something repulsive (who am I to judge, plus I need work myself, lol)"

Now that made me lmao. But I feel what u sayin. Just readin it made me cry because it seems the devil is constantly attacking me(Now more than EVER). And I guess I needed to read this because like u said only God knows what u've been through and go through. And its times like these that he shows u that he's with u. I want 2 thank u for leavin your words of wisdom on my blog. God Bless and congrats. And u too are in my prayers

March 15, 2006  

Good post!!! I wholeheartedly agree!!

March 15, 2006  

Beautiful Post. I think everyone has had one of those He may not be there when you want him but he is right on time moments. Be encourgaed girl b/c as you can see weeping my endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Nice Post.

March 16, 2006  

i think you should give yourself more credit here.

think about it...the only reason the ball was rolling in the first place is because you actually made the decision not to let the management company take advantage of you. also, you were wise enough to have all of your receipts so that you could defend yourself in court. in addition to that, you had the wherewithall to have your friend call the complex, at which point you found out they were cheating you out of your loot.

in other words, your own diligence, strength, and intelligence is threaded throughout this entire episode. you're a beautiful spirit whose empowered behavior led to good things. god might be responsible for the timing of the check, but i hope you recognize your role here. what's the saying? "god helps those who help themselves..."

i do think that god is good though and i appreciate the blessings. :)

March 16, 2006  

all the time GOD is good...good post

March 16, 2006  

god may not come when you call but he's always been right on time. i know this for a fact, cause some how although i dont make quite enough for this new house and all my other bills, i've made it through these past few months without the roommate. Roommate guy finally started paying rent in Jan ( i say paying rent cause he still not completely moved in, but he's paid, so i aint worrying) and i was able to pay off some debt with my tax return..I'm a math person first and foremost, but somehow god has mad 2+2=5, and i aint got nothing but thanks for it.

March 17, 2006  

Girl, that is such a wonderful blessing! I'm so happy things worked out like that for you!!!!

March 21, 2006  

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