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Monday, March 13, 2006

Man, I tell ya

No more naming of the tell you the truth it was getting kind of hard to find words that matched up with the first letter of the day that made sense ah well. The weekend was cool, I def got lots of sleep which was great since I've been doing OT for two weeks and will continue to do it for another two weeks....great.

Friday: Finally got off work on time (5:30) got home chilled out and dosed off on the couch, constant decided to surprise me and drive 2 hours to spend the night with me. I love when he does that..granted this is the second time..but I love that he does it right when I least expect it and seems to know when I need to see him. We watched He got Game since he had never seen it and he left to go back to Norfolk sat morning.

Saturday: Was up kinda early since Constant had to go back watched a lil TV. It was so nice here in NOVA that I wanted to go outside but between not having money till payday (we all know how that is) and the tank being a lil close to E (lol, we all know how that is as wel) travel plans were kind of limited. Until I got a call from Wise and Young ( and we decided to hit up DC since a roadtrip was out of the question (I didn't want to go on a roadtrip with no money, that's no fun plus I was raised with some kind of manners and would like to contribute to gas expenses and what not). We ended up at Eastern Market..which is quite interesting to say the least. I loved it! I will definately be going back so I can get some fruit and what not...I loved the jewlery they had and they even had some of these colorful dish things that would look great on my new bedroom furniture..once I get it (lol). We walked around there chatting and what not, taking in the sights. He joked about how my black card needed to be recinded (taken away) because I like bike riding and chex mix (lol, I mean what can I say) He said that must be the light skin in me..I tell ya he is a trip. He was laughing at home I said that I actually liked trail mix as well..I mean I only eat the raisins and some of the fruit, then I said that I liked fried chicken as well and other "ethinically black food", LOL...ah well take me as I am or don't take me at all. After that went home and chilled out.

Sunday: Caught up on some movies..and surprisingly all the movies I watched (HBO onDemand) were pretty good and I recommed that when you have nothing to do and if you have onDemand that you watch them lol. First I watched Hearts on Atlantis with Anthony Hopkins...he's a great actor so I knew this would be I was tearing up when lil girl got beat with that Next up was the Ring Two..this was actually better than I thought it was gonna be...but all I could think about was the scenes in Scary Movie 3 that joked on this movie..that came on as well but I didn't watch it. Last but not least was Assault on Precinct 13. Man this movie was sooo good. The action kind of reminded me of Ladder 49..yep I love action movies cause they keep you involved in the movie and they are somewhat supenseful. Laurence was good in this it got me to thinking about how you should never, never, ever trust a criminal. Cause even when they help you they are just putting what business you and them on have "on pause" and after you all are safe and sound they will turn on you.

Me and Constant got into a lil "discussion" (I don't like to call them arguments cause we weren't yelling it was just annoying me). He's most of what he said and my thoughts/words are in parenthesis: I mean do we have to do this now (when else are we gonna do it), I mean I like you alot, I care about you (umm great...but I mean i'm more vocal about how I feel about you) You know I ain't no mushy type dude (yea I know and that's cool, but I like to know that you think of me as much as I think of you) Well you know I do, I do miss you..but I don't like to think about the future and get my hopes up (so I mean are you expecting this to fail is that why you do that, I'm not asking you to be a psychic but tell me something, anything) you know that I'm laid back. By this time I got annoyed and was just like nevermind and then he was like well I gotta get up in the morning so I'm going to bed....I need to not talk to him for a while. It's not that I'm asking him to be like yea we can get married in a couple of years. But dang tell me that you can at least see this lasting to the end of this year...WOW. Then again I can totally understand not wanting to be too happy for fear that things will crash and burn but I mean we've known each other 2.5 almost 3 years (known not dated) and I never pushed him or talked to him about being with me so he knows I'm not gonna push him to commit to something like marriage especially since we just got together..who does that (that's not my that I've matured lol, plus that's for the birds) he can take him time and decide that he wants to finally let go and care a lil bit more but till then I might have to chill on letting him know how I feel..not that I will love him any less, I just get tired of being so mushy mush and he's just like umm thanks or ok. LOL

Man I watched Flavor of Love as well....I was cracking up at how NY "bowed out" gracefully. Then got in the car and cried the heck out of her eyes LOL. Talking about did he just do that, why did he just do that. I can't believe he just did that. And all the time she was doing that Hoops was like I hope she crys her eyes out (she was) I hope she is drinking herself into a coma (she drank a whole bottle of whatever was in the car) then Hoops was like that's my man Biatch LOL..I was cracking up. I still have yet to see what they see in Flav, but hey there is someone for everyone. I also watched past clips from the show and they showed a clip where Goldie was asking Hottie if that was her real hair and she said yea (SILENCE) that's her real what life time cause it sure aint' this one....they were like even at the top (where it was stickin up and knotty)..she was like yea and Goldie was like she be lying and keepin that poker face on (man I was crackin up, LOL) then they showed the clips where Flav gave the girls 5 tests' (his words not mine, LOL) and NY fell off the stage and almost fell through the screen AHHHH HAHAHA, man I was dying. Then of course the episode when their parents came and they episode where Pumkin spit on NY. I saw that when it came on so I didn't want to watch it again....on VH1 they did a show containing that clip and one guy said that spit came out punchin LOL....and when they did slow it down it really did look like a fist that was punching LOL

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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Girl u gonna hafta check out my was very interesting...aint nothing wrong with u...I luvs me some Chex Mex i got my bag with me at work

March 13, 2006  

My weekend was good. I just relaxed with some friends and all an Saturday night. I did a lil bit of studying Sunday.

Those movies you mentioned were great!! If you get a chance, read Hearts in Atlantis. It makes a great story.

I understand where your constant is coming from. I am sort of like that. I dont want to jinx anything so I take it day by day. But I see your point of view. You want to be reassured that you two can have a future. Just keep working with him.

March 13, 2006  

@missy..yea your weekend was more than interesting was somewhat comical....

@epsilonicus....that's good it's always nice to relax, I'm def gonna have to check the book out cause they are always better than the movie. I totally get him and what he is saying it just frustrates me sometimes to wonder if he's expecting us to fail..I mean dang

March 13, 2006  

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. relaxed - saw dave chapelles block party and watched the first season of 24. I miss my indemand!

March 13, 2006  

i'm glad u saw constant. check my page my weekend is in detail.

March 13, 2006  

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. dont let the discussion with Constant get you down, I think we have all felt like that at some point.

March 13, 2006  

@slow..I loved your blog. I miss mine too good thing this weekend was a freebie that the cable company was giving out on channel 1 lol

@sweetness..yea me too, but I need some time to think

@msnhm..I know, I know but I mean dang..we've known each other for this long and all he can say is I like he has yet to tell him mom about me..he said it doesn't matter to her..then again I told my mom and it doesn't matter to her either (err sometimes being an emotional female is nonsense lol)

March 13, 2006  

My weekend was boring as all hell. Glad to see that some people from the blogosphere were out having a good time though.

March 13, 2006  

Sounds like you had a very nice, relaxing weekend! Glad you got some QT. I just worked. Nothin' special.

March 13, 2006  

Neighbor had a toy/stripper birthday party. The woman who sells the toys never showed up, but the strippers did. You can read all about 'Bishop' and 'Nino' on my blog March 12th, LOL

March 13, 2006  

You guys have been dating for three years and he hasn't told his mom about you? Are you sure dude isn't married or in a long term relationship already? There are definitely a lot of signs.

March 13, 2006  

I had a crazy weekend, and I am glad that it is over! I just love cable!

March 14, 2006  

@shawn..noooo we haven't been dating for 3 years WOW..I aint' that crazy WOW..from reading my blog I might seem a lil crazy but momma aint raise no fool LOL

March 14, 2006  

i dig chex mix and trail mix too! in fact, i used to make the trail mix at home.

your weekends are always so busy! i don't get out like you do, but i will soon enough!

as for the situation with your constant, for deserve more than the rather indifferent act. i know he came to visit you and all, but to not want to talk about the future because he's 'afraid to be happy'? come on, libra. you know that's jacked up.

March 14, 2006  

Isn't Eastern Market the shizznet! I love that place. I used to live within walking distance from there a few years ago and went almost every other weekend. Just walking around chillin'.

Other then volunteering and almost breaking my back tending to a dry patch of dirt I chilled for most of the weekend.

March 14, 2006  

@nikki..yea I know don't I know it. That's why I'm chilling right now trying to get my thoughts together and make sure I'm not overthinking what's goin on in my head

@honest..I had so much fun, I will def be back there in the coming weeks especially since it's nice outside

March 14, 2006  

Honey, your a party animal!!!!..rofl. Just playing. How are you today?

March 14, 2006  

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