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Monday, March 20, 2006

Madd Random

Today is the 1st day of spring..why is it 50 degrees

I want to wear sandals so bad, I'm tired of stockings

I found out yesterday that my room mate of almost 4 years is moving in with her boyfriend come August.

She didn't even think to give up a heads up that it was an option till we said something to her last night....dang

I hope I get this puppy that I want...don't want to talk about it too much cause I might not get it (sad face)

Working on a Sat in DC is not have to fight with tourist for a parking spot.

Walking 2 miles after parking in DC just to get to work....helped me get my exercise for the day

My hair is getting a lil long...but it bunches up after a day or you can't tell (smile)

This weight thing is ok but why does your weight fluctuate so much during the day (lol)

My blueberry (my car) is sooo dirty

I wonder if crate training Gizmo is gonna be hard (dang, stop thinking about him just in case you don't get him)

Are we gonna get a new room mate or just move to a smaller place

I need a vacation

I'm registering for class next week to begin my paralegal certification classes

Why does Powder (what some of the people in my office call my boss) act like I'm somewhat slow, if I'm that slow why did you hire me...are you having a power trip boo?

Out of my closest high school friends am I really the next one that's gonna end up pregnant.....there were four of us who ate lunch together and I just found out that the third member of our group is pregnant and due in Aug (I'm number four....ekkkk)

Is Christina Milian really bad mouthing Nick Cannon cause she needs the I even care?

What am I gonna do for my bday this year?

Me and the girls are going to Miami for Labor Day......looking forward to it

Kev (young one that I use to talk to) really surprised me by asking me to walk around DC with him last night just to talk.....too bad I was already in bed.

Why do people pretend to cough when they fart in the bathroom......

I had oatmeal for breakfast should I eat it again for lunch or eat a slice of pizza.....

Nothing is 100% foul proof.....not even getting your tubes tied.

I miss my family....can't wait till they come to bring my new furniture

Why is my biological womb donor such a loser....

I wonder what Constant in doing right now, what's he thinking about........

I need to spring clean..........

Should I get my own spot.....I would really miss my other roomie, not to mention the free hair appointments (smile)

I have to pee......

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Hey!!!!!Roommates suck!!!!!!

March 20, 2006  

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March 20, 2006  

Dont complain...its about 30 degrees here......:( and it wont get WARM til almost end of June

March 20, 2006  

its 48 here, damn stockings, i stay in pants all winter....

Well March aint bad for a August move notice, at least she didnt wait till July

March 20, 2006  

@ms new..yea ah well what can I say

@no1....yea but I hate that we had to ask her lol, she didn't tell us, we had to bring it out of her..what's done is done though

March 20, 2006  

I think you'll enjoy living by yourself.

We have crazy weather down south. Yesterday it was cold and flooding and today it is sunny and 70 degrees.

I hate stockings too!

March 20, 2006  

Nothing like free hair do's!!!!
Best friend braids ,y hair for free and that is the SHIT!!!!!!

Good luck on the roomie situation!!!! I have never had 2 have one except my ex husband and thats cause i married soooooooooooo young!!!!!

I love spring time!!!!! It's not pretty here in san diego's not 50 though..........sorry don't throw anything at me...........

I HATE stockings!!!!!

March 20, 2006  

I hate Stocking and I can't wait to show my toes! LOL Hope you get your puppy :-)

March 20, 2006  

Why do people pretend to cough when they fart in the bathroom......

Ha! That is so funny and I'm 100% GUILTY!! Haha! I think it's a reflex! :)


March 20, 2006  

I really dig these random posts. I did one on Friday and its just strange to see some of the things you are thinking about all day.

March 20, 2006  

I've never had the opportunity to live alone. I think I'd jump at the chance if it was an option. When I travel for work I love being alone.

March 20, 2006  

Live aloooone. Can fart when ya want, F#ck without the pillow over your face to muffle the noise, and tell your deep darkest secrets over the phone without having to look over your shoulder to see who's listening.

March 21, 2006  

to Everyone: Isn't it funny how so not random your thoughts can be

March 21, 2006  

i learn so much about folk just from the random thoughts post. i've gotta do one of those these days.

sorry to hear about your roommate leaving. it's like the ending of an era, isn't it?

March 21, 2006  

it's freezing outside! what a way to start spring! w/ a roommate.. you save $$$.. w/o 1, you have privacy.. me? i was never too fond of having a roommate.. good luck w/ the puppy!

March 21, 2006  

I ddidn't like having a room mate, but yours seem cool.
Are you scared to get pregger's?

March 21, 2006  

I wish it was 50 degrees here. they're always messing up a good thing.

March 21, 2006  

good post...your thoughts are unique but anybody could relate...and i hate wearing stockings, even during the winter.

hope you get the dog!!

March 21, 2006  

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