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Friday, March 17, 2006

Remain Calm

So as you can see from my last post I was a bit hyped cause I got bills paid and still had some money left over to get my furniture out of lay-a-way (blacks and lay-a-way, I tell ya lol). Anyway I still probably wont' get that for a couple of weeks cause my parents have to bring it up here to the meantime I'm sooo excited about finally being able to decorate my room like I want to.

The last couple of days have been hectic and I know the devil is trying to ruin my high and he almost got me! LOL...cause man my boss was in my ear about nonsense cause the day that I was all happy he was soo stressed out and my other boss came to me and asked me could I calm it down a bit (of course I was like umm ok), but I don't bother you all when you are yelling curse words into the phone, or complaining about a client or when they are talking about their Jewish holidays....ah well. Needlesstosay if he thought he could upset me that day then he had another thought coming I think I pretty much made it sickening cause I was so happy LOL

On top of that he asked me yesterday to come in over the weekend. He said I'm gonna give you the option of Sat or Sun and I said well I don't work on Sunday (it's the Lords day and a day of rest, which is what I was taught) and I said I go to church and don't get home till about 1pm, he said well you can come in after one I said no thanks I don't work on sunday period. He was like ok I can respect that (umm why wouldnt' you) then he was like well plan on it being a long night I was thinking I'm not staying on a Sat from 1 to midnight...ohhhh NO. You got me during the week but the weekend is my time. So I said what time on Sat and he said can you come in at 12 and I said is 12 definate or can I come in earlier and he said well I don't know if I'll be in earlier and then my other boss told me that she would be in so I'm gonna come in at like 10 so I can leave by like 3 or 4 and get home cause I have friends from Richmond coming to visit and I need to be at home or at least in the area in case they get lost. So I was like awww come on, then I said aight Honey you asked for help in paying bills and not that you are getting all this overtime, you're I had to stop and thank God for just allowing me to even have a job to even come to, cause homeless people are prevelant..especially in DC and anyone of them can tell you that they were right where you were and then things I'm good.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and left some encouragment and words of thanks as far as God being good. Sometimes we get kind of shy about thanking God cause we don't know how people will take it...but ah well I figured even if no one cared to hear...God was glad that I was saying it.

I have to meet with a lawyer today so I get to get off work on time. I'm meeting him to talk about a ticket that I got for driving on a suspended license which I didn't even know it was suspended..I tell ya, those people at the DMV. They could care less if you get the letter or not how am I suppose to know that it was suspended, I mean I'm Ms. Warwick. But in spite of all of that, I'm still smiling. Cause it's just so good to be alive.

Being at work last night till 11pm made me oohhh so tired this morning when I got up and of course following my morning ritual of weighing myself I found that I have lost a pound or two....and it's coming off ever so slowly which hopefully means that it will stay off for a lil longer (smile) Oh yea I bought this nice pedometer and everything spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to work it and why I put it on yesterday morning walked and did what I had to do, got to work to see how many calories I burned and the dang on thing was gone! I lost it, man was I mad I have to go get another one..this time one that doesn't talk cause I couldnt' figure out how to turn the dang on thing off.

Today will be spent trying to get a To-Do list together for tomorrow so I won't be here all day and if they try to converse with me I will let them know I'm doing my work and I need to get time for fun and games...give me my work so I can be gone. I'm also going to look at the summer class schedule so I can start trying to determine what classes I'm going to take for my paralegal certificate this summer.....what fun. I'm actually looking forward to going back to school......that must be the nerd in me lol

So have a great weekend, I know it's not going to be as beautiful outside as it was last weekend, but hey at least you have your facilites about you (my grandmother use to say that) and you may be ugly but you're here (Ceily from the color purple, lol)....till MONDAY...I'm OUT!!!!

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Dont let dem devils take your joy, aint nothing like a smile to aggravate a pissed person, its more stress to be mad anyway, they need to learn how to shake that ish know my part time told me i was on call tomorrow until 5 pm, if she think im sitting around my house awaiting her call she gotta another thing coming.....if you wanted me to work, you shouldnt have given me the day off,

March 17, 2006  

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March 17, 2006  

I hope everything works out with the lawyer and the DMV and you have a nice weekend!

March 17, 2006  

Have a great weekend....

March 17, 2006  

have a good weekend... you may have to work but at least you got more $$$$ coming to you!

March 17, 2006  

Hey Honey!

Work is work, is work, is work, is work... Thank God that you're able to clock O.T. for those hours. Not that it helps, but I remember working in a field where we received absolutely NO O.T. Non whatsoever!

BTW, congrats for putting your foot down on Sundays! Gotta let them know;-)

Have a blessed and safe weekend!

March 17, 2006  

it's all good! hopefully you'll be able to spend some of your weekend relaxing.

congrats on the weight loss! it's a hard thing to accomplish, but it's worth it. i don't have a pedometer, though. i had one, but basically threw the thing away cuz i didn't know how to work the damn thing, so i know what you're talking about.

stay blessed, sista!

March 17, 2006  

Dont let anyone steal your sunshine!!!! Have a good weekend.

March 17, 2006  

I ain't laughing at you about losing the pedometer, but man that was so funny the way you put it! lolol

March 21, 2006  

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