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Friday, March 24, 2006

Preserve the Sexiness

Well it's Friday and since I don't have much to talk about I decided to do a MEME (what msnhim call's them lol) Have a great weekend

I was tagged by and lets see if I can tell the truth LOL

Sex Chronicles (has been edited since this morning after I recieved clarification lol, edits are in light blue)
1. How old were you the first time? 19

2. Name of your first- Ahmed

3. Good or Bad? Great!! LOL

4. Name of the worst and why- Woody...he thought just cause he was a "dawg" he could put it down LOL..ehhh wrong

5. Name of the Best and why- My Constant..he makes me feel bad and oh sooo good at the same time

6. Weirdest place you ever had sex? In a club (long story lol) um um um memories

7. Favorite position? Back...I got the booty why not LOL

8. Ever fake and Orgasm? Yes

9. Would you admit it if the person asked? NO

10. Favorite time of day to have sex? Depends

11. Most times you have had sex in one day? hmm I used a whole box so however many was in there lol (what can I say he was puttin it down)

12. Same person? YES

13. Ever fantasize about someone other than the one your with? Yes

14. Restrictions during sex? Not many but I don't do cum in the face and that nasty porn crap lol I ain't no white chic

15. Accessories? Still haven't ventured there yet (I'm shy LOL) other than music, incense the normal stuff lol

16. What? I'll let ya know when I start LOL

17. Done it in the rain? I wish. That’s one I’ve always wanted to do

18. Done it in a car? Yes, man was that crazy lol

19. Had a Threesome? No, but why the heck have I been asked by dudes like 50 times LOL..not literally, but I mean dang what is it with them and that...I know what it is..just an open question

20. Want to have sex now? Umm not really, I'm at work so that would be a tad bit weird and gross

10 Attributes of my Perfect Lover

1. Honesty- In the words of my mother I would rather hear you tell the truth than to lie to my face and me find about it later. I want him to be able to understant that telling the truth can only help not destroy what we have.

2. Confidence- There is something about a man that believes so much in himself that he causes you to love him even the more. He knows that ok times are hard but he can and will make things work while all the while making me feel ever so taken care of.

3. Understand Me- At times I can be cranky, when I'm sick I become a baby, sometimes I'm stubborn and can run my mouth...he should understand that's just who I am and make me think I have my way when I really don''s a mind thing LOL

4. Challenge Me- I want to be able to go beyond what my mind can comprehend when I am around him and when we converse. I want to know that after talking to or interacting with him, I am ever the more prepared for anything that comes.

5. Like things I don't like- Ok having things in common is great but what about him liking boxing and me not being able to stand it.....he has his time, I have mine, yet we can still be one.

6. Communicate- Being with someone you love challenges you to say things that you might not want to say and do things that you dont' want to as a man or as a couple we would have to be able to speak our minds without taking offense and understanding that it's for the betterment of what we are striving for. Communication is also nonverbal of course so just one look from him from across the room should tell me exactly what he's thinking (and how fast we should leave LOL)

7. Sincerity- Goes back to being honest. Even though it might hurt my feelings save me the trouble of wondering if you are trying to save my feelings by just being real.

8. Beauty-Inside that projects outward. He of course would not be Denzel but he's mine and that's what counts

9. Attentiveness- We all have hard days at work, I would love for him to enjoy helping me unwind although he might be tired as well. It's the little things that count, for example if he knows I have a favorite CD and I play it so much that it's scratched into a billion pieces..when I get in my car I see a new one with no's the thought that he puts into making my heart smile.

10. Love- Unconditional..I shouldn't have to ask why he loves me (that puts limits on it)....ride or die in every aspect of life come what may....enough said

Dang that was hard..m.uch harder than the first list, then again I can do about 5 but 10 was crucial...does that say something about me LOL

Feel free to post in my comment section or on your own page so I can read what you wrote....dont' be scurredd embrace your sexiness LOL

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I think some of that information falls under a "confession" category for me! Ha! Some stuff I MUST take to my grave, if hubby ever found out...well he probably wouldn't care, but you never know.

March 24, 2006  

I wont even attempt to answer these questions cause yall know im a freek already ! HAHA

Happy Friday

March 24, 2006  

Very Interesting .... thanks for playing along

March 24, 2006  

Happy WEekend...

March 24, 2006  

I haven't seen this meme or memes if they're two different ones. The things you learn about people with these...LOL Enjoy your weekend.

March 24, 2006  

NOPE!! my husband makes his way over here sometimes.. thats ok.. we keeps ours private :o)

but i like ur 2nd list!

March 24, 2006  

happy friday

March 24, 2006  

Cum is a no no!

March 24, 2006  

Nikki tagged me too (the second one), I was trying to avoid this one, but I guess I'll do it this weekend.

March 24, 2006  

My restriction is no up the butt activity. I dumped a guy once because he kept begging to pork me in my butt. To me that's just so gay.

March 25, 2006  

I did both of these MEMEs too yesterday. I called it "Full Disclosure Weekend" 'cause now yall know all my business!LOL

March 25, 2006  

Ya'll are crazy LOL....hope everyone had a wonderful weekend

March 27, 2006  

my no-no sex act would be licking, touching & smelling anyone's asshole. i would like the same respect as well. no rectal action for me.

March 27, 2006  

I like your lists....
I agree with Me, as far as those questions are concerned...*lol*

14. Restrictions during sex? Not many but I don't do cum in the face and that nasty porn crap lol I ain't no white chic.

He'll say they are less inhibited sexually........

Im going to read ChezNiki, cause I'm nosey...*lol*

March 27, 2006  

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